USA – -( As you can see, PredatorTalk is BRAND NEW, but that’s not going go to stop us from being the best predator hunting site around!

If you enjoy hunting predators, you should join us! For a limited time, we’re offering something special for the first 500 members to join PredatorTalk. We’re going to have weekly drawings starting in April for some amazing gear and only the first 500 members will be eligible!! Sound like reason enough to sign up now? Then do it!

We’re going to be giving away some great stuff, and all you have to do is register, and make 5 initial posts on our forums for a chance to win! See the details below!

Keep in mind, this is not open to everyone. We’re marketing the site to 500 people, and we’re hoping every one of them takes advantage of this. If not, we’ll just keep going until we have 500 members who are interested in growing a new site, and getting some great gear in the process.

THE PRIZES: (some of our favorite gear from across the industry!):

  • 5 – TT Overdose Calls from Custom Predator Calls
  • 3 – MOJO Critter Decoy from MOJO Outdoors
  • 1 – Randy Anderson Signature Predator Vest from Primos Hunting Calls
  • 5 – Coyote Craze Volume 1 on DVD
  • 5 – Subscriptions to PredatorXtreme Magazine
  • 5 – Copies of the “Rulers of the Night – Ultimate Predator” on DVD
  • 1 – $50 Gift Certificate for

And the grand prize!!!!!……………

  • 1 – FoxPro Spitfire Electronic Call

The rules are really simple. All you have to do is sign up, and create 5 RELEVANT posts to our forums before March 31st 2010. This really isn’t too tough. Ask 5 questions, or reply to 5 questions. Even better yet, start 5 new conversations with educational content. Tell us what you know, what you’ve learned, mistakes you’ve made, or just tell a story. We couldn’t make this any easier. We want you to get involved and we’re offering up some great gear in exchange.

Starting in April, we’re going to choose a member at random for one of the prizes above. We’re going to do this every Friday (we’ll call it PrizeDay!) until we’re all out of prizes. Only the first 500 will qualify, and ONLY if they meet the requirements above.

PredatorTalk is run by hunters, and for hunters. Unlike some of the other sites online, this one is not owned by some big corporate entity. You’re becoming part of a community of like-minded hunters and gun enthusiasts, not some corporate structure, or an individual that wants to tell you what to do, or how to do it. Visit: