Urban Shooter Update – February 10th 2010

Urban Shooter Update – February 10th 2010

Urban Shooter Podcast
Urban Shooter Podcast

Upper Marlboro, MD –-(AmmoLand.com)- This week on The Urban Shooter Podcast:

This week began with a immobilizing snow storm in the Nations Capital and a server crash of kennblanchard.com

On Episode 152, Kenn continues his historical look at the racist roots of gun control and how all new legislation against gun owners today is a copy of one of those racist laws.

In celebration of Valentines Day, Kenn provides some romantic tips for guys and gals.

Some thoughts on the 4th Gen Glock?

4th Generation Glock Pistol
4th Generation Glock Pistol

Zombie Strike #20
And the pastor of pistoleros, paladins and patriots prays for the warriors.

Check out the show notes, cool stuff and extras like the members only urban shooter supporter patches on http://urbanshooterpodcast.com/2009/08/19/urban-shooter-supporter-patch

Kenn Blanchard
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Urban Shooter PodCast is a listener supported variety show podcast for all law abiding gun owners, air-soft, air-gun, and paintball enthusiasts of the city hosted by author, instructor and activist, Kenn Blanchard. The weekly shows share grassroots information on what’s going on, mixed with humor, guest interviews, commentary, gun safety, marksmanship and listener feedback. Visit: www.urbanshooterpodcast.com

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