Urban Shooter Update – February 25th 2010

Urban Shooter Update – February 25th 2010

Urban Shooter Podcast
Urban Shooter Podcast

Upper Marlboro, MD –-(AmmoLand.com)- Hey AmmoLand.com family, now that the snow is melting in Washington, DC, things are getting back to chaos.

This week on The Urban Shooter Podcast (USP) I think I am going hold off on my American History segment this week and bring you Episode 21 of Zombie Strike. When the government shut down in Washington during our snow storm I got a chance to put the first twenty chapters and epilogues together, get a cover designed and put together for you on Amazon.com’s Kindle, and in regular e-book form.

The iPhone/iTouch app for the USP is now available on iTunes and its cool because you get all the episodes you want sent to your player there and the latest one just a click away. It also has features that will allow me to give you free stuff and links as I get myself together. I think I will be providing the first twenty episodes of Zombie Strike in audio for those that have the app for free if it fits. It’s a work in progress. “You know I have to take care of my peeps!”

This week we have a cool new interview with the founder of GunPal.com’s Ben Cannon as he shares so good news for those of us that buy stuff online. I’ll also be talking about guns in the national parks, and if I don’t tarry too long will include a thought provoking “Shoot Don’t Shoot- U Decide” episode for you to puzzle.

I am on my quest to find out what firearms you own so I can talk directly about those in the future, so keep the emails coming. If you haven’t sent yours, no worries, I am still here. My email is [email protected]

I thought I had inherited some big money when I received an email from a long lost relative in Nigeria… I’ll tell you how that went.

Listen out for episode 154 of your favorightous podcast, “The Urban Shooter.”

Shalom baby,
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