New Vanguard Camera and Spotting Scope Window Mounts

New Vanguard Camera and Spotting Scope Window Mounts

Vanguard Accessories
Vanguard Accessories

Las Vegas, NV –-( VANGUARD, one of the global leaders in high-quality hunting accessories, today introduced new collections of spotting scopes, binoculars, window mounts, gun rests and gun slings – packed with first-of-its-kind features. They were introduced at the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s SHOT Show 2010.

“These additions to our comprehensive collection reflect our continued dedication to development of truly standout hunting products,” said Dana Barnier, VANGUARD USA National Sales Manager. “Our products are great news for hunters and outdoor observers who want accessories loaded with the most advanced technology and features at industry-changing, better value prices.”

Camera and Spotting Scope Window Mounts
Camera and Spotting Scope Window Mounts

Camera and Spotting Scope Window Mounts
PH Series window mounts enable users to capture the moment no matter the location and eliminate need for a tripod. They have unique bases and non-slip platforms. They easily attach to vehicle windows, tripods, fences, tree branches, tubular structures and others, enabling steady use of cameras, camcorders or spotting scopes for effortless panning.

Hunters will appreciate PH-242 pan head window mount with its industry-leading extra wide base of 1.6 in. (42 mm) that enables mounting to decks, hunting blinds and other structures. It has a bubble level and a large quick release platform with weight balance adjustment. Like the entire PH Series, it has a five-year warranty.




90° Tilt



Max. Loading Weight


Clamp size

Street Price:


5.9 inches/150 mm

+90°to -60°

0°to +90°


21.9 oz./ 622 g

4.4 lbs./2.0 kg

3-way fluid head with quick release platform

0.8 inches/22 mm



6.8 inches/175 mm

+90°to -60°


24.9 oz./ 705 g

6.6 lbs./3.0 kg

2-way fluid head with bubble level and weight balancing adjustment

1.6 inches/42 mm



6 inches/ 152 mm

+90°to -35°


16.2 oz./460 g

11 lbs./ 5 kg

Mini ball head

0.8 inches/22 mm



6.5 inches/

165 mm

+90°to -35°


20.6 oz./585 g.

11 lbs./5 kg.

Compact ball head with two bubble levels

1.25 inches/ 32 mm



4. 4 inches/110 mm

+90°to -60°


13.9 oz./395 g

4.4 lbs./2 kg..

2-way fluid ball head; quick release non-slip platform

0.8 inches/22 mm



5.75 inches/145 mm

+90°to -60°

0°- +90°


25.7 oz. /730 g

8.8 lbs. /4 kg.

3-way fluid ball head; quick release non-slip platform

1.25 inches/

32 mm


Since 1986, VANGUARD has been one of the global leaders in hunting and outdoor accessories, including binoculars, spotting scopes, shooting sticks, tripods, ball heads, and gun and bow cases with first-of-its-kind features and capabilities. VANGUARD’s comprehensive product range meets the needs of a diverse range of all those who enjoy the outdoors, from the hobby birdwatcher to the avid big game hunter.

With ISO 9001 and 14001-certified facilities and hundreds of design patents, VANGUARD has earned a solid reputation that spans the world. VANGUARD products are available through its extensive global dealer and distribution network. For more information about VANGUARD products, visit