Visiting The Grand Folks Isn’t What It Used To Be

Visiting The Grand Folks Isn’t What It Used To Be


Birmingham, AL –-( Over the river and through the woods to granny’s house isn’t quite the same these days. Vacations filled with baking cookies and playing games with grandparents are things of the past.

Grandchildren are more likely to cruise the Caribbean, photograph in the Serengeti, or fish the Yellowstone River on a vacation with granny and grandpa these days. Grandparents are traveling more than ever and quite often, they are taking the grandchildren with them.

According to Helena Koenig, founder and president of GrandTravel, a Maryland-based travel agency that specializes in trips for grandparents and their grandchildren, “They are interested in not only maintaining a close relationship with their grandchildren—which is possible long distance through e-mail and videos—but they want to enrich their grandchildren’s lives. Travel is just the thing for that.”

Passing down the traditions of hunting and fishing is often left to grandparents in today’s world, as parents rarely have the time. It is a special heritage that this older generation can share with their grandchildren. This often entails travel to remote areas whether within the US or abroad.

That is why Medjet created a special membership option to address the unique needs of grandparents traveling with their grandchildren.

Traveling with kids of any age can be worrisome, so Medjet wants to take some of that worry away from grandparents. The company offers an option that allows Medjet members to add their grandchildren to their membership for only $75 per grandchild. This will provide their grandchildren the same benefits of the grandparents Medjet membership whether they are traveling together or separately.

As a Medjet member, should you or your grandchild as a member become ill or injured and become hospitalized and continue to require in-patient hospitalization back home, Medjet will arrange transportation to the hospital of your choice from virtually anywhere in the world at no additional expense.

But that’s not all your membership provides. Medjet can provide you with pre-travel planning information on visa, passport and immunization requirements for your destination as well as travel, health and safety precautions. You’ll also have access to contact information for doctors, hospitals, and attorneys in the areas to which you’re traveling.

Also, members can receive assistance with foreign-language interpretation over the telephone during medical and legal emergencies.

Should you find yourself or your grandchild hospitalized as an inpatient due to illness or injury while traveling 150 miles or more from home, you simply place a collect or toll-free call to Medjet’s medical department, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Medical coordinators will establish communication with your family and with your local attending medical provider to evaluate and begin monitoring your condition. If you or your grandchild still require inpatient hospitalization, Medjet will arrange medical evacuation and make all the arrangements with the medical personnel at the hospital you choose for a smooth bed-to-bed transition.

Medjet is a pre-paid annual membership with no monetary limit to its benefits. Annual membership dues are $250 for an individual, $385 for a family, and $95 for short term international and domestic. For domestic-only annual membership, it is $175 for an individual and $305 for a family. And now, grandparents can add their most precious little ones for only $75 and bring them along on all their trips!

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