Is Wyoming’s Firearms Freedom Act A Shell Game Or Politics As Usual

Is Wyoming’s Firearms Freedom Act A Shell Game Or Politics As Usual

Wyoming Gun Owners
Wyoming Gun Owners

Wyoming –-( The resistance to HB-95, Wyoming’s Firearms Freedom Act, by Representative Keith Gingery shouldn’t come as a surprise since he voted against it on the initial vote. To see the record- click here

But now that the people have overwhelmingly voiced their SUPPORT Of HB-95. (Thanks to your emails) It will be interesting to see if the politicians are willing to do the right thing or continue to make sausage with legislation.

Reality check- we don’t need to reduce good legislation like HB-95 into piece-meal.

Since time is a factor it would be best to move forward with HB-95 instead of playing a “shell game” with it, but just as important it should be noted that the Chairman has the power to move something forward or to kill it.

Representative Keith Gingery openly stated just that in committee- “maybe I can get these bills to committee…I am inclined not to hear either one”. This came after Representative Frank Peasly said- “I don’t know about anyone else but I have been inundated with emails supporting HB-95” and Representative Mary Throne said about emails- “My Blackberry is about to crash”.

HB-95 is “Round Two” legislation meaning that if HB-28 “Montana style legislation” doesn’t pass muster in the recently filed court case, HB-95 could virtually become a different argument so Wyoming can stand its own ground.

In the past few months we heard dozens of politicians saying they “stand for state sovereignty”. But as the saying goes,“talk is cheap and whiskey costs money”.

So ask yourself- Do I want the “very best” when it comes to gun rights legislation in Wyoming or will I continue accept “BREAD CRUMBS” from politicians?

It’s time for Wyoming legislators to put politics aside and do the right thing by moving swiftly to pass HB-95 in it’s entirety.

How do you spell — “Election Season is Coming”???

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To Real Liberty in Wyoming,

Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wygo – Wyoming Gun Owners

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