Firearms Open Carry Litter Cleanup And Friendly Gathering

Firearms Open Carry Litter Cleanup And Friendly Gathering

Beloit, Illinois –-( As you know, we are having an “Open Carry” event in Beloit this Sunday, March 21st!!

This event is for everyone from Illinois and Wisconsin to get a chance to meet one another, exercise their rights, and help the community out by cleaning up trash along Riverside Drive and Armstrong-Eddy Park.

One of our members, Todd, contacted the local media – Beloit Daily News – and they are going to publish a story before the event!! What better way to promote the event than to have a story not only after the event but before as well! The reporter wanted a member in Beloit, so we contacted them all and another member, Mildred, answered the call and will be having her photograph taken tomorrow for the story.

Thanks to everyone getting involved to make this event a huge success. I can’t wait to see everyone there! Even if the weather is not as good as it has been the past few days, we’ll still be out showing our numbers. I hope to see you there with us. There should be a lot of people we can help educate and spread the word.

Event Information:

What: Open Carry litter cleanup and friendly gathering When: Sunday March 21st – starts at 12:30 PM – we’ll wrap up at 4:00 PM

Where: Meeting at Armstrong-Eddy Park in Beloit, Wisconsin (Intersection of South Riverside Drive and Valley Road) —->

Litter cleanup along Riverside Rd (we will stay outside of school zones and mark them off). We will also be picking up litter in the park and depending on time possibly sticks/leaves. If you can bring a rake, you should do so just-in-case. Local police have been very friendly and helpful and have worked with us to ensure a fun and safe event for everyone. The township has also given us the OK on the road/park cleanup and is providing reflective vests/bags/etc.

Bring the whole family and come out for a fun event! Beloit is right on the IL/WI border just north of Rockford and is a very short drive for anyone in northern Illinois!! Don’t miss out on the first major event of Illinois and Wisconsin firearms owners working together to better our communities.

Open carry is highly encouraged but not required of course. If you’ve never open carried, this is a perfect chance to give it a try. It’s a lot of fun!!! Any questions you have can be answered in our forum

Wisconsin Open Carry Info:

1) Open carry is well-established in Wisconsin and we have held many events and no one has ever had legal trouble arise from it. 2) No permit is required, no license, no FOID card even when in Wisconsin!!! 3) Must be 18 years old to OC 4) When in your car, your gun must be unloaded, in a case, and out of reach (or as far as possible) 5) Do not open carry within 1,000 feet of the property of any grades 1-12 school 6) Do not open carry in an establishment that serves alcohol

Dinner after event: We will be having dinner at an open carry friendly establishment in Beloit. The location of the dinner after the event is to-be-announced.

Facebook Link for Event:

Please RSVP on there if you plan on going 🙂

Check-in for March giveaway:

We hope to see you out on Sunday!!!, 1817 18th Avenue, Rockford, IL 61104, USA

Sincerely yours,
1817 18th Avenue
Rockford, IL 61104, USA

About:, a website devoted to to bringing concealed carry to Illinois and Wisconsin – the only two states without it.

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Evert Kooyman
11 years ago

Depending on what article I read, I seem to be getting conflicting info on Wis concealed carry. The above one says they do not have CC, and one earlier in the Ammoland bulletins said Illinois is the only state of 49 which does not haveCC., which, if accurate, would mean Wis. just recently won their battle. Can anyone out there help this misinformed Illini?