Friends of NRA Announces 2010 National Corporate Sponsor MidwayUSA

Friends of NRA Announces 2010 National Corporate Sponsor MidwayUSA

FAIRFAX, Va. –-( MidwayUSA and its CEO, Larry Potterfield, have pledged $50,000 to become a Friends of NRA 2010 National Corporate Sponsor.

The donation will be used to provide funding for NRA Foundation programs dedicated to youth and women’s shooting sports, range development and law enforcement such as the Eddie Eagle GunSafe program, Refuse to be a Victim and Women on Target.

MidwayUSA is a world leader in shooting and reloading supplies which it sells online and through mail-order catalogues. Founded in 1977 and headquartered in Columbia, Missouri, they have maintained their strong commitment to Friends of NRA and the shooting sports over the years. Brenda Potterfield, co-owner and wife of Larry, has previously served as the Vice President of the NRA Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

Friends of NRA is a grassroots fund-raising program that fosters community involvement, raises money, and gives 100% of the net proceeds to qualified local, state, and national programs. Working with the NRA’s field staff, thousands of volunteers nationwide participate in the program by organizing committees and planning events in their communities.

Larry Potterfield was instrumental in the startup of Friends of NRA with the founding of the first chapter in Columbia, Missouri, in 1992. Since then, Friends of NRA has expanded to hold over 12,000 events. The original chapter still holds its monthly meetings at the MidwayUSA building.

“Since the beginning of the program, the shooting and hunting industry has been a key source of financial support in achieving fundraising goals,” said John da Silva, National Manager of Events & Marketing for Friends of NRA. “Both Larry and Brenda Potterfield, along with their business, MidwayUSA, understood the significance of our mission and have generously contributed financial support at the local and national level for the Friends of NRA program.

“This new corporate sponsorship commitment has established a standard [for the program]. We are very grateful for this $50,000 annual contribution and look forward to Midway and other corporations financial support of the Friends of NRA program and The NRA Foundation,” said da Silva.

“Everyone knows that Friends of NRA has been a tremendous financial success for NRA and the shooting sports programs in the states,” said Potterfield. “But often overlooked is the grassroots networking value it brings to NRA members and the NRA organization. At every event you get to see and talk with ‘Friends of NRA’.”

In addition to helping establish Friends of NRA, MidwayUSA has asked customers to round up the total of each order and donate the change to the NRA/ILA since 1992. The Potterfields have also created several educational endowments in the NRA.

Visit the Friends of NRA website at For more information contact Event Services Manager Jeremy Greene at (703) 267-1354 or [email protected]

Visit the MidwayUSA website at For more information you can contact [email protected] or call 1-800-243-3220.