Millennium M-100 Multi-System Hang-On Tree Stand

Millennium M-100 Multi-System Hang-On Tree Stand
Just Sit Down and Shut Up.

Millennium M-100 Multi-System Hang-On Stand
Millennium M-100 Multi-System Hang-On Stand
Millennium Tree Stands
Millennium Tree Stands

Pearl, Mississippi – -( The ultimate platform for chasing down whitetails, the M100 was designed for the serious hunter who knows what he wants and won’t stop ’til he gets it.

The M100 was developed with input from these hardcore hunters. They wanted something sturdy and safe, yet easy to install, and that’s what they got.

The M100’s simple yet effective design ensures that you’ll no longer have to wrestle with your stand while up in the tree. A special cam-lock receiver secures to the tree and a one-piece folding stand slips into the receiver before the hunt making installation a breeze.The Cam-Lock System with the Receiver Chain ensures the stand is always solidly secured to any location without penetrating or damaging the tree.

No bolts here, the stand features all-welded seams for superior strength and construction. The permanently mounted bungee strap keeps the folded stand securely closed during transport, and thanks to the feather-light, all-aluminum construction, the stand weighs only 14 pounds, which makes toting it through the woods a breeze.

Featuring a comfortable one-piece sling seat, which is UV-, moisture-, and scent-resistant and a large 38″L x20″W platform, the M-100 Hang-On Stand is especially designed for all-day hunting.


  • Durable powder-coat finish
  • Comfortable, quiet, easy setup
  • GoLite, all-aluminum construction
  • ComfortTech contoured, tight sling seat
  • Seat folds against tree providing entire platform for standing shots
  • Easily folds flat for backpacking
  • The stand and full-body harness are both TMA certified.
  • Lifetime warranty

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Hunting Solutions was founded in 1999 our mission is to provide hunters with safe, high quality products at a fair price. Hunting Solutions is dedicated to quality design and workmanship that can be seen in all our products. This is how we are able to offer an unlimited lifetime warranty.

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