NJ Fish And Game Council’s Proposed Comprehensive Bear Management Policy Statement

NJ Fish And Game Council's Proposed Comprehensive Bear Management Policy Statement

New Jersey Black Bears
New Jersey Black Bears
New Jersey Fish and Game
New Jersey Fish and Game

TRENTON, NJ –-(AmmoLand.com)- New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Acting Commissioner Bob Martin released the following statement on the New Jersey Fish and Game Council's vote to advance its proposed Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy:

“In recent weeks, I have met with Council members to discuss a range of black bear issues and the need for a multi-faceted management strategy that is based on solid science and the latest research. I intend to scrutinize this proposed policy to make sure it provides the best possible solutions to the considerable challenge of managing this valued wildlife resource in the nation's most densely populated state.”

A New Jersey Superior Court ruling in 2007 requires the DEP Commissioner to approve the Council's policy before it is submitted for adoption in accordance with the New Jersey Administrative Procedure Act.

The Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy's integrated approach to managing black bears includes research and monitoring, non-lethal and lethal control of problem bears, public education on coexisting with bears, law enforcement to reduce conflicts between bears and people, and a controlled

To review the Fish and Game Council's proposed Comprehensive
Black BearManagement Policy, visit: http://www.njfishandwildlife.com/bearpolicy10.htm

  • 4 thoughts on “NJ Fish And Game Council’s Proposed Comprehensive Bear Management Policy Statement

    1. i can't wait for the hunt. we secure our garbage in our bear proof cans in our wood shed. The bear tore off the window and

      almost tore off the locked door. When we put our cans out on garbage day the bear bit a giant hole in the lid. So much for doing everything right. We have seen a increase in the bear population since we moved up here 21 years ago. no one is saying kill all the bears. they need to be managed before someone gets hurt. They are not cute and cuddly they are not scared of humans. if this hunt doesn't happen someone will get hurt. I like animals as much as anyone but human life comes first.

    2. I look forward to hunting bear in NJ, if it helps manage them that is great but I love to hunt big game.

      PS: Removing your bird feeder won't stop population growth…LOL

    3. Please find an alternative to hunting them. If people were responsible about taking down their feeders and securing their garbage they would not have bears visiting them. I enjoy seeing them when if am lucky enough to have one wander by or walking across the road, i live in a wildlife management area where i believe problem bears are brought and released, i have not yet seen one this season.

    4. I totally support the NJ Fish and Game Council's Proposed Comprehensive Bear Management Policy and look forward to an intelligent approch to address the growing bear problem in our state.

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