SafeKeeping PEET Dryer Protects Guns from Damage

SafeKeeping PEET Dryer Protects Guns from Damage

SafeKeeping PEET Dryer Protects Guns from Damage
SafeKeeping PEET Dryer Protects Guns from Damage
PEET Dryer, Inc.
PEET Dryer, Inc.

St. Maries, ID –-( Introducing must-have insurance to protect guns from being damaged while stored in safes and cabinets

Humidity is the enemy and the new SafeKeeping PEET® Dryer is the solution in thwarting the rust and mildew damage humidity can cause.

The age-old problem of unwanted moisture damaging expensive guns while in storage in safes and cabinets has been resolved. Peet Dryer is introducing the SafeKeeping PEET Dryer for spring 2010 that effectively controls the inside air keeping it “gun-friendly.”

The power behind Peet’s effectiveness is its use of the natural convection process. It slightly warms ambient air that then rises through the AirChamber to circulate throughout the confined area. This circulating air keeps the contents free from rust and mildew damage. It’s the same technology used in the Original PEET Dryer that has been reliably drying footwear and gear for decades.

“We had been asked for years to develop a safe dryer because what was out there wasn’t very effective or a somewhat of a hassle to use,” said Andy Kennelly, Vice President Sales, Peet Dryer.

“We developed a prototype and wanted an objective, highly-knowledgeable source to test its effectiveness. What we heard back was even better than we anticipated.”

Peet chose Liberty Safe – the #1 seller of full-size residential safes in the U.S. – to test SafeKeeping PEET.

Liberty Safe had this to say: “We think that your dryer offers a new and better approach to the problem of keeping unwanted moisture from collecting on the valuables placed in our safes.”

Other positive results Liberty mentioned included how quickly the recovery was after the door was opened, and how SafeKeeping PEET starts working immediately.

The patent-pending SafeKeeping PEET is completely safe (ETL approved), maintenance-free, and energy efficient drawing only 18 watts of power. MSRP is $39.99.

Peet Dryer is a family owned company established in 1968 by founder Gene Peet—the “father of the shoe dryer”. Originally targeted at the sportsman, today the Peet Dryer is used and enjoyed by consumers for all types of activities that require active feet. Beyond footwear, Peet also has products that dry and preserve handwear, headwear and personal hydration systems. Peet’s skilled craftsmanship and quality control resides in a highly contemporary and efficient manufacturing facility in St. Maries, ID Visit:

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