Secure Firearm Products Seeking Distributors Throughout The U.S. To Carry Its Line Of Gun Products

Secure Firearm Products Seeking Distributors Throughout The U.S. To Carry Its Line Of Gun Products

Secure Firearm Products Handgun Cases
Secure Firearm Products Handgun Cases
Secure Firearm Products
Secure Firearm Products

CARL JUNCTION, Mo. –-( Secure Firearm Products (SFP), known for manufacturing some of the world’s finest high-security handgun, tactical and rifle security cases as well as an extensive line of target systems for recreational and competition shooters, is looking to expand its distribution.

“For the past few years, we’ve been focused on research and development,” said David Surgi, of Secure Firearm Products.

“We’re very confident that right now we’re offering the best product we can, at the best possible price. So now it’s time to develop and open distribution outlets. We had a tremendous response to our products at the 2010 SHOT Show and a lot of inquiries from buyers to carry the line. Retailers in the shooting industry recognize the quality and uniqueness of our products, and they want to offer them to the customers who visit their stores. So we’re setting up distributors and offering Secure Firearm Products full line of products to them for resale.”

Distributors and retailers interested in carrying any of Secure Firearm Product’s line should contact David or Tammy Surgi toll free at 1 800 257-8744 or e-mail [email protected] for more information.

SFP high-security cases are used and endorsed by professional shooters such as Todd Jarrett as well as gun manufacturers who use SFP cases to transport and protect the firearms they take to shows.

Handgun Cases
The locking system uses a push button locking system along with their exclusive internal locking system and a Medeco high security lock instead of the removable cylinder, making it more secure and easier to use. Plus, the handgun case has been streamlined to fit inside your checked luggage and has a cable side locking system that works in conjunction with the internal locking system so you don’t have to check it separately. Not only does this help prevent theft, travelers also will avoid additional baggage fees*. (* Note: Airlines may have their own additional requirements on the carriage of firearms and the amount of ammunition that you may have in your checked baggage. Therefore, travelers should also contact the airline regarding its firearm and ammunition carriage policies.)

In addition, side locking handgun cases now can be secured or unsecured from the cable or docking system without opening the case*, which is perfect for mounting underneath vehicle seats. (*case does have to be unlocked)

Tactical and Rifle Cases
This heavy duty case was designed for military, law enforcement and Homeland Security personnel, hunters and target shooters who want a case they can secure to a vehicle yet easily remove it when needed. Multiple locking stations are available enabling cases to be mounted vertically or horizontally

The tactical cases include a separate internal locking system that allows the case to be securely locked to the docking station. Options available include keying locks alike and/or a removable core lock for key control systems.

Security Case Construction Features:

  • A variety of sizes
  • Heavy gauge aluminum for strength without weight, rust-proof
  • High quality hardware and welded corners for security and durability
  • Medium density foam interior to secure firearm from movement
  • Comfortable rubber grip handles
  • Heavy duty, plated-steel latches provide reliable closure for carrying, even when case is not locked
  • Steel bail handle swings 180 degrees
  • High density urethane gasket protects from dust and moisture
  • 16 gauge piano hinge
  • Made in the USA (with some of the hardware made in England)

Target Systems
Their No-Cal Pop & Drop, Static Target Systems and Star/Swinger Target Systems will test the most advanced shooters. SFP’s Target Systems allow for a variety of exciting shooting practices in different calibers and disciplines.

No-Cal Pop & Drop is a forward falling target system that can be knocked down with everything from 22LR to 45ACP with no calibration. The system consists of a release system that can be reset by simply setting the plate up and stepping on a lever. You can change from large pepper poppers, mini poppers, Bianchi speed targets, split poppers to “Evil Roy” with simple tools and no adjustments to the system. The SFP Forward Falling Popper System is constructed of heavy gauge welded steel. The system is built around a standard base unit, which permits the user to change plates easily from stage to stage. It consists of a strong base with a changeable trip system and can accommodate any popper or plate. Plus, the system can be set as a static target, or to handle split plates as well.

SFP Static Target System is available in center fire pistol/rifle and 22LR rim fire. The center firestand is constructed of solid steel uprights and tubing legs. Built to withstand up to a 45 ACP cartridge, this stand is perfect for Steel Challenge type shooting. The Static Target System is built around a standard upright unit, which permits the user to add multiple plates or even a cross bar to practice shooting a simulated plate rack. Options include different plate sizes and configurations as well as thickness to cover 22LR caliber or up to 45 ACP.

The SFP Star/Swinger Target System is constructed of heavy gauge welded steel. The system is built around a standard base unit, which permits the user to add options to customize his or her shooting experience. The upper unit consists of a double pillow block system with a large 1-inch shaft for attachment of a Shooting Star option, a Single Swinger option, or a Double Swinger option. Both the Shooting Star and the Double Swinger options can be used in combination with each other or as stand alone targets. The Shooting Star is available in a five-or six-point star with several size plates and either in A-36 or AR-500 steel. The Shooting Star begins to rotate with the first plate hit and rotates randomly, changing direction or speed with each plate hit. The Single and Double Swinger option is configured for either the IPSC Metric or Classic paper target and is activated by a remote popper or other device.

About Secure Firearm Products
Secure Firearm Products is a family owned and operated business. The Surgi family has been in the manufacturing business for over 60 years, and has developed and manufactured a high quality line of products for shooting sports enthusiasts and professionals since 2001. Their product line includes high security firearms cases, wall vaults and shooting target systems.

For more information about Secure Firearms Products you can visit their website at or call (417) 649-7277.