Urban Shooter Update – March 25th 2010

Urban Shooter Update – March 25th 2010
This week on the Urban Shooter Podcast (USP)

Urban Shooter Podcast
Urban Shooter Podcast

Upper Marlboro, MD –-(AmmoLand.com)-  It’s been another amazing week.  Like you, I’ve had some highs and some lows but as long as we avoid that sudden stop this week, we’ll be fine.

I think it is time to “Cowboy Up” and that is going to be the thrust of this week’s episode on The Urban Shooter Podcast.  I’m going to talk about the Old West in this installment of American history and relate it to how we can gird ourselves to protect the Second Amendment in the most un-gunfriendly places of America.

The highest point this week for me was that after my son saw a new video that the Second Amendment March uploaded on YouTube; he “texted” me from college and told me that he “was proud of me.” I just found out there is another now that I did from the same interview explaining why I think you should attend on April 19th.  I doubt if it gets as many eyeballs as a “cat playing the piano” but it is there.  It actually feels weird to see my “mug” online.  These are wild times.

Spring arrived in DC this week and I broke out the motorcycle and my new tacti-cool jacket from Kitanica.net.  I have the Mark IV version in OD green that is as comfortable as the CDI (chicks dig it) factor.  My Chick (spousal unit) digs it.  Last weeks podcast also saw the highest rates of downloads of all time for one episode.  I have you to thank for that.

My lows this week include a visit to the emergency room, loss of a co-worker, and all the bills that were due this week.  I am really fortunate to have a few faithful supporters for the show because I used all the money I had to pay for annual stuff like my post office box and toward my bill on the original music I had made for the show.  Now as I get ready to speak at the Second Amendment March on April 19th I have enlisted the help of a coach to help me do the best I can do.  I am determined to do better than is expected because this opportunity could inspire someone to fight on a little longer, or bring us a new leader to keep our rights for the next generation.  I’ll be soliciting financial help again to pay for expenses so if you are able, it is much appreciated.  I am going to use the new GunPal site to do this.

If you are coming to DC for the march and not afraid you will burst into flames if you enter a church, I invite you to attend mine on April 18th at 10 am at Historic Berean Baptist Church, 1400 Montana Avenue, NE, WDC.  It’s a small storefront church with ample parking on the lot and the nearby streets.  If you are afraid, I will leave the door open for you.  It will be ok.

Shalom baby,
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