Wisconsin Carry Awarded $10,000 Judgment Against City Of Racine WI

Wisconsin Carry Awarded $10,000 Judgment Against 2 Racine Police Officers & City Of Racine WI
U.S. District Court entered a judgment of $10,000 in favor of Wisconsin Carry, Inc. and Frank Hannon-Rock and against the City of Racine and two Racine police officers…

Wisconsin Carry
Wisconsin Carry

Racine, WI –-(AmmoLand.com)- On September 9th, 2009 Wisconsin Carry member Frank Hannan-Rock of Racine was unlawfully arrested while open-carrying on the front porch of his home in Racine.

See www.journaltimes.com .

On January 8th Wisconsin Carry filed a federal lawsuit against the State of Wisconsin, City of Racine, 2 Racine Police officers, The City of Milwaukee and one Milwaukee Police Officer. In this lawsuit we challenge the constitutionality of Wisconsin’s Gun-Free-School-Zone Act. In this lawsuit we also brought on 2 Wisconsin Carry Members as co-plaintiffs. Frank Hannan-Rock of Racine was one of these co-plaintiffs.

A copy of the lawsuit can be viewed here:


Frank was lawfully open-carrying on his own porch when Racine Police, who were summoned to his neighborhood on an unrelated call, observed and questioned Frank because he was open-carrying. After a few minutes of increasingly aggressive questioning Frank exercised his right to remain silent and was subsequently unlawfully arrested for obstruction of justice for refusing to give his name. In the state of Wisconsin no law allows officers to arrest for obstruction on a person’s refusal to give his or her name. “Mere silence is insufficient to constitute obstruction. Henes v. Morrissey, 194 Wis. 2d 339, 533 N.W.2d 802 (1995)”

Details of Frank’s encounter can be viewed by going to our website www.wisconsincarry.org and clicking on the October 16th blog entry.

Frank was unlawfully arrested and his firearm illegally siezed. He was later released without being charged.

Wisconsin Carry filed suit on Frank’s behalf for his unlawful detainment, arrest, and seizure of his firearm.

On behalf of myself, the board of Wisconsin Carry Inc. and all of our members, we are pleased to announce that The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin has entered a judgment in the amount of $10,000 in favor of Wisconsin Carry, Inc. and Frank Hannon-Rock and against the City of Racine and two Racine police officers.

We look forward to the precedent that this case will set for other municipalities who’s police officers operate outside of their legal authority and unlawfully detain, arrest, and seize property of law-abiding open-carriers.

A copy of this judgement can be viewed here:


If you haven’t already done so, please consider joining Wisconsin Carry today and help us advance and protect the right of Wisconsin residents to keep and bear arms!

Online membership application: http://www.wisconsincarry.org/secure/php/application.php

Nik Clark Chairman – Wisconsin Carry, Inc.
P.O. Box 270403
Milwaukee, WI 53227
[email protected]

Wisconsin Carry, Inc is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and reclamation of the basic rights critical to a free society. We believe that “Open-Carry” and “Conceal Carry” are choices to be made by law-abiding citizens based on what suits their needs best. Our mission is to preserve, advance and expand these basic rights which law-abiding citizens are entitled to have a practical ability to exercise. Visit: www.wisconsincarry.org

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William S. Hardesty
William S. Hardesty
11 years ago

Welllllll…… It is about time! It gives me a real good case of diaper rash to know the majority is ruled by the minority in this country im many things! Not to mention the right to bear arms including open carry laws which are afforded U.S. Citizens by the United States Conctitution. The tide against us has gotten away with this because, seemingly, no one has the b_ _ _ s to stand up and say, "Oh, no, not today Tonto"!!!! It is about time the "Good Old Boy" Law Enforcement Mentality and their supporters are given some first grade… Read more »