Armed American Radio – Coming Up On May 2nd 2010

Armed American Radio – Coming Up On May 2nd 2010
The Official Voice of the USCCA
by Mark Walters

Armed American Radio
Armed American Radio

Jackson, WI –-( Can you believe that it’s MAY already? I can’t!

Time is flying right by but I’ll tell you what, this is one summer I’m willing to blow right through to get to November. LIke a lot of you, I can’t wait to get the mid-term elections out of the way and “fundamentally transform” Obama’s radical agenda.

Part of that means that AAR will continue to highlight candidates that REALLY matter when it comes to localizing politics….What I mean by that is that I will continue to bring the “local level” candidates running for offices that REALLY make a difference to our everyday lives…such as the Sheriff, the governor, and the state level politician as well as those running for federal offices.

Keeping with such, THIS week I would like to bring you Mr. Gino DiSimone. Gino is the independent running for Governor of Nevada and he’ll be right here on Armed American Radio this Sunday at 5pm PT, 8 ET. Like every candidate for any office that we’ve given air time, Gino is pro-gun and anti-huge government. I like the combination and we’ll see what else he has to say! Joining me for the discussion will be Mr. Jerry Evans. Jerry holds a special place with AAR, let me explain. When AAR was only a one hour show, airing in one city here in Atlanta…It was Mr. Evans who gave me the opportunity, (along with one other station in Mountain Home, Arkansas) and became our second affiliate station to begin airing Armed American Radio in Reno, Nevada. Jerry is the owner of KKFT 99.1 FM Talk in Reno…Not only is he a highly regarded station owner but he is also a radio host and is very politically active in his home state as well. It will be a lot of fun to have Jerry on for his second appearance on AAR and I’m sure he has a lot of questions for the would-be governor.

Also, joining me this weekend will be Norman LaPierre from Canada Think YOU have issues with right to carry here at home in the US? Wait till you here what our brethren north of our borders have to put up with!

In addition, I will be talking with Dr. Bruce Eimer, a regular contributor to the broadcast as he has a fascinating story of a restaurant altercation he witnessed this week. Together we’ll dissect what happened and give you ALL of the possible angles. Of course, Morgan and George join me for the Roundtable and we’ll be taking your calls and emails LIVE on the air.

Be there this week on AAR, Sunday 5-2-2010 from 8-11pm ET, 5-8 pm PT.

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