Bears It’s Time For You To Have Your Say!

New Jersey Bear Hunt
New Jersey Bear Hunt

Bears It’s time for YOU to have YOUR say!

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

New Jersey, Belmar -( The backlash to a science based decision to manage a burgeoning black bear population in New Jersey by means of hunting is growing. It’s happening in various factions and the world is weighing in.

Sierra Club (North Jersey Group) invited the Director of Bear Education and Resource (BEAR) Group to present to its members. It should be noted that this group in headed by an animal rights activist without any apparent credentials in the filed of biology, wildlife management or conservation. In fact, the underlying motive of the group is to champion for “rights” for animals – not environmental stewardship.

The individuals associated with B.E.A.R. Group work closely with Humane Society of United States and some are officers of the New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance (now Animal Protection League of NJ.) Many of you have seen evidence of the support that Animal Protection League of NJ has given to those who commit domestic acts of terrorism.

It appears there is a blurring of environmentalism and animal extremism taking place in NJ and it is bearing down on the political landscape.

These groups are also turning to the outside world to provide assistance in challenging sound public policy in New Jersey. A petition is being circled world-wide to prevent game management and sound public policy (bear hunt) from occurring. Below you’ll find a sampling from a petition. Please note where the petitioners live.

# 1,498:
5:16 pm PDT, Apr 25, Norma Sandler, California
# 1,497:

3:11 pm PDT, Apr 25, Frwoedqemwk Frwoedqemwk, Mexico
# 1,496:
12:26 pm PDT, Apr 25, Posbczub Posbczub, Cambodia
# 1,495:
12:22 pm PDT, Apr 25, Hrjpsi Hrjpsi, Solomon Islands
# 1,494:
8:02 am PDT, Apr 25, Ggdepddaokp Ggdepddaokp, Angola
# 1,493:
2:41 am PDT, Apr 25, Qydvgq Qydvgq, Iraq
# 1,492:
2:16 pm PDT, Apr 24, Robin Savin, Washington
# 1,491:
11:11 am PDT, Apr 24, MARIA CHORATTA, Cyprus
# 1,490:
7:07 am PDT, Apr 24, Leah VonHauger-DiMaria, Indiana
# 1,489:
3:12 am PDT, Apr 24, Katheryn Lozano, Texas
# 1,488:
6:38 pm PDT, Apr 23, Nadine Blancato, North Carolina
# 1,487:
5:32 pm PDT, Apr 23, Valeska Telford, Illinois

It’s time for US to have OUR say. WE live in New Jersey and are ultimately responsible for ensuring public safety for citizenry, wildlife and our ecology. Join us at a public hearing in support of a bear hunt to be held Tuesday, May 11 at 6pm in the New Jersey State Museum. Located at 205 West Street, Trenton, NJ.

Or, if you are unable to join us, you can either submit written comment to the address listed below or electronically through the Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Larry Herrighty
Division of Fish and Wildlife
Dept. of Environmental Protection
P.O. Box 400
Trenton, NJ 08625-0400

Please show your support and do not let groups like HSUS, NJ Sierra, PETA and the Humane Society of the United States stand in the way of science-based wildlife management and conservation with their unfounded anti-hunting rhetoric!

Remember, April 30 is the last day to get a FREE book about ecosystem health and the history of the NJOA with your new membership!

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