Chaffhaye Introduces Probiotic Forage at Deer Conference

Chaffhaye Introduces Probiotic Forage at Deer Conference


HOUSTON, TX –-( One of the industry leaders in maximizing animal nutrition, Chaffhaye Inc. recently introduced its revolutionary forage to nearly 1,000 deer farmers, industry professionals and deer enthusiasts at the 2010 North American Deer Farmers Association (NADeFA) Conference, held in Toledo, Ohio.

The one-of-a-kind forage created a buzz among the attending deer farmers who understand that maximizing nutrition is a critical factor in growing bigger and better antlers.

The 2010 NADeFA Conference featured more than 250 exhibitors and nearly 1,000 deer farmers, elk breeders and other wildlife professionals from across North America. The annual event hosted exciting fund-raising auctions, antler and photo contests, venison tasting competitions, and educational seminars on such important topics as deer nutrition and herd health and management.

“The NADeFA Conference is one the biggest events of the year in the deer industry, and we are excited to introduce a forage that contains all-natural probiotics to deer farmers from all across the country,” says Kimber Davies, director of sales and marketing for Chaffhaye, who attended the four-day conference.

“Protein is often the preferred choice of deer farmers and wildlife managers who want bigger antlers, but protein alone cannot ensure a big, healthy buck. For a deer’s overall health — and antler growth — it’s critically important to maintain the proper microbial population within the deer’s rumen, and the key to maximizing nutrition is probiotics.”

Chaffhaye is a premium-bagged forage that keeps an animal’s digestive system functioning properly and delivers a large percentage of the animal’s daily nutrient requirements at a lower annual cost. It is ideal for ensuring maximum health for a wide variety of animals, including horses, deer, goats, llamas, alpacas and exotics.

Chaffhaye is made with alfalfa or grass that is carefully selected and harvested at peak leafiness to maximize nutrients, palatability and digestibility. While still fresh, the pasture is chopped, lightly misted with molasses and compressed into air-tight bags in which an all-natural fermentation takes place. The fermentation closely mimics an animal’s digestive process and features active yeast, beneficial enzymes and bacteria to ‘pre-digest’ the feed. The end result is animals receive greater nutrition at a significant cost savings. Chaffhaye is available in 50-pound, weather-resistant bags that can be stored outside.

To learn more about the Chaffhaye products or becoming a Chaffhaye dealer — visit or call 281-888-2917. Also, check out Chaffhaye on Facebook.

With facilities in Houston and Dell City, Texas, Chaffhaye Inc. produces high-quality forage that captures the key qualities of a natural pasture, and sells Chaffhaye through more than 300 dealers in the United States and Japan. For more information on Chaffhaye or Chaffhaye products, call 281.888.2917 or visit

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