Mandatory Registration of All Firearms

Mandatory Registration of All Firearms
All who purchase a firearm will be required to register that firearm by submitting their name, address, place of birth, phone number, occupation, and sex to the California Department of Justice….WTF

California Outdoor Heritage Alliance
California Outdoor Heritage Alliance

Sacramento, CA –-( On April 5, 2010, Assembly Member Feuer (D-Los Angeles) amended AB 1810 to require the Attorney General of California to permanently keep and maintain a firearms registry that includes extensive personal information of all firearms purchasers.

Under AB 1810, all those who purchase a firearm will be required to register that firearm by submitting their name, address, place of birth, phone number, occupation, and sex to the California Department of Justice.

California's Assembly Member Feuer (D-Los Angeles)
Freedom Hating California Assembly Member Feuer (D-Los Angeles)

AB 1810 is little more than an extreme invasion of personal privacy masked as an important crime fighting tool. At this point, it is unclear whether or not California’s existing handgun registration law is helping to fight crime in any meaningful way. Therefore, it is unnecessary to greatly expand the handgun registration law to include all firearms, particularly given that traditional sporting arms make up less than 10% of all firearms related homicides in California each year.

AB 1810 will be heard in the Assembly Committee on Public Safety on April 13, 2010.

  • 2010 Assembly Public Saftey Committee
  • COHA Opposition Letter

To join COHA in opposition to this bill, please go to and click on “AB 1810” under “Urgent Issues” for Public Safety Committee contact information.

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  • 11 thoughts on “Mandatory Registration of All Firearms

    1. California is an example of what will happen to the rest of us if we let the the anti-gun camel get his nose under the tent.

    2. I am so glad I left California. Like many people, I thought that the Governator was going to clean up Sacramento. That SOB makes me want to puke. He got rich glorifying gun violence and very irresponsible use of firearms, now he signs every piece of anti-gun legislation that comes across his desk. I guess he thinks that the average gun owner is one of the morons he portrayed in the movies.

    3. Ross Wolf; You sir, are an idiot. You have no "right to drive". This is only a privelidge offered to you by the state and can be revoked at any time for minor offense.

      There exists no proclaimation in the Constitution guaranteeing you the "right to drive your car"! Wise up!

    4. Sorry to hear about this CA, but I guess you all saw it coming. You could always sell your guns to Oregonians. We loves some guns, you bet.

      Ross Wolf:

      There are laws that deal with citizens that get drunk and commit crimes with guns – and hammers, chain saws, pliers, cars, etc.

      Better register your tool box, or maybe your garage while your at it.

    5. I fail to understand all the uproar. I treasure my right to drive to the max yet have no problem with the state asking that I register, insure and pass a driving test in order to do so.

      I have a weapon to defend myself while inside my home but just the thought of my drunk neighbor packing is not something I would welcome.

      Much of the country is being ruled by successfully implanted unfounded fears…. and the consequences are leading it and us into places which will be catastrophic.

    6. In 1994, the U.S. Justice Department under Attorney General Janet Reno proposed introducing legislation that would allow U.S. Government “summary forfeiture" of unregistered firearms. DOJ intended to eliminate government's high costs of forfeiture proceedings required to confiscate guns (by baring gun owners from being able to prove) their confiscated weapons were legally registered or did not come under the “technical definition” of a gun that must be registered. That 1994 proposed gun legislation would have effectively included the words “premises containing illegal weapons” written similar to drug forfeiture laws. In less than 24-hours gun owners expressed concern those words “premises containing illegal weapons” opened the door for DOJ to criminally and civilly forfeit private homes since most gun owners keep their guns at home. Had such legislation passed, it is foreseeable many Americans would have been afraid to keep a gun in their own house.

      Considering the current occupant in the White House, gun-owners should stay alert to proposed or passed legislation “Federal or State” that mentions Confiscation or Forfeiture of guns or weapons. Also during 1994, some Congressman suggested the idea of forcing gun stores to sell only “biodegradable ammunition” with a shelf-life of 1-year, stating: in case of insurrection, ammunition that had been accumulated by people would become useless after 1-year. Then someone smarter pointed out that forcing biodegradable ammunition on the public would open up the door for foreign black-market ammunition to be sold in the U.S.

      Also note there are sentencing enhancements against persons arrested at homes for illegal drugs when there is a gun in the house: forcing registration of all guns might put those defendants in a position of having to prove there wasn't a firearm in the house even if not found by police.

    7. And once Feur gets his bill passed (and the liberal RINO governor signs it) his next step will be to ban as many firearms as possible and subsequently confiscate them (just like Hitler did). Feur is an unpatriotic far left anti-gun liberal who has no respect for the Second Amendment.

      I hope he can be voted out of office. I also hope all gun owners in California can move to other states.

    8. Oh I see how they want this to work……..register your guns or we'll fine you and if that doesn't work we'll come to arrest you — at gun point of course.

      Gee, nothing like a good ol' fascist heavy-handedness to go with that morning cup of coffee, huh? Or was coffee severely rationed due to its terrible effects on the human body……all in the name of protecting you from your stupid decisions that adversely affect your health of course. Well, no matter…I'm slated for "re-education" camp anyway.

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