RAP4 Field Paint The Lowest Priced High-Quality Paintball

RAP4 Field Paint The Lowest Priced High-Quality Paintball

San Jose, CA –-(AmmoLand.com)- Real Action Paintball is proud to announce a bold rebuke of the economic slowdown: RAP4 Field Paint, the lowest priced high-quality paintball available. New to the market, RAP4 Field Paint is made primarily from soybean oil so that it’s non-staining, environmentally friendly, and safe to use at any field.

But the truly revolutionary aspect of RAP4 Field Paint is the price. With an MSRP of only $29.95, fields and stores will soon be selling full, fresh cases of RAP4 Field Paint for the most economical price ever.

RAP4 is working hard to keep your paint costs down, so you can play more, train harder, and have more fun. There is no substitute for experience…and nothing quite as fun as playing full-throttle paintball with your friends. Now, with two cases of RAP4 Field Paint costing less than one case of many other brands, you can shoot twice as much…or play twice as often…or put your extraordinary savings towards upgrades for your marker and softgoods.

However RAP4 Field Paint changes your training regime, it will be there in your hopper, in your pods, and flying down your barrel with reliable quality – every shot, every time.

RAP4 Field Paint is available in green shell with green fill, and white shell with white fill. If it’s not available at your field yet, order a case online at www.rap4.com

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RAP4 is recognized as a leader in compressed air-powered marking technology, with patented innovations for military and law enforcement tools and industry-leading paintball sport equipment. Headquartered in San Jose, California, RAP4 has distributors across America and around the world. Trained staff members are available by phone or in person for consultations, and to troubleshoot or train your personnel on use of their equipment. visit www.rap4lesslethal.com