STI International, Inc. – SkinnErgram #121

STI International, Inc. – SkinnErgram #121
By Dave Skinner

STI Sporting Rifle
STI Sporting Rifle
STI International Guns
STI International Guns

Georgetown, TX – -( A very late and very short Sgram for a change!

While the final design required much debate and discussion here at the factory, the “STI 20th Anniversary” pistol turned out BEAUTIFULLY! Back in SkinnErgram #120 we warned you that they would go fast and they sure did- all of the limited run of 200 sold out by the second day of SHOT. All gone!

As mentioned in the last SkinnErgram, the new 2010 catalogs are available. With the number of last minute additions to our product line some of the new guns have silhouette shots instead of actual pictures. The second printing will have complete pictures but if you just can’t wait, new pictures of all the new products are available on our spiffy new website for immediate viewing.

On the subject of our website: Our webmaster, Kevin Solito, passed of a heart attack at 54, thus the marvelous new site does not yet contain some of the features that the old one did. Conspicuous by their absence are the “Guestbook” and “Shopping Cart”. Our new webmaster is playing “catch up” and, hopefully, we’ll have them back soon. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kevin’s family.

Orders from SHOT, from the dealer shows, and from IWA have driven our lead times out to about seventeen to nineteen (17-19) weeks, earliest, for in house products at this point. Most of our “partnered” product is in better shape but those lead times are beginning to stretch, too. (All but Texicans are in stock!) I’ll remind you again its’ first come, first served in the delivery line. Having said that, I need to tell you that, so far in 2010, we have shipped or booked 101% as many full (in house) firearms as we built, total, in 2009. We have already increased pistol production by 25% this year. By Aprils’ end we’re on track to be up 50%. No decision yet on further increases. If you don’t have your stocking orders in now, you may be inventory-less for several months. It’s starting to look like maybe- after 20 years- the word is getting around about us! Our thanks to you all- we couldn’t have done any of it without you!

Speaking of partnered product, our sporting rifle has really been garnering some attention this year. Based on your input, we’ve added a whole slew of new (no cost) options and have sold so many that we’ve been able to reduce the price. At various shows we’ve heard several people refer to it as one of the best deals out there, so swing by the website and take a look for yourself. We’ll also be selling sub assemblies for the sporting rifle including matched upper/lowers, gas blocks, hand guards and quad rails.

Also partnered product: The Spartan in 9mm is now available and selling very, very well.

Additional new parts to go on the price list: 1911/2011 barrel links in sizes 5, 6, & 7, five inch (5”) recoil springs in 8 & 9 pounds, and we brought back the single stack grips for the 2011.

All of the R&D and tooling costs for the aluminum grips have now been recouped. Price reduction on the new price list.

Notes for our foreign partners: Please make sure that you have the 10-22 rifles and .22 top end conversion kits on your permits.

Warm thanks to Karl Prommersberger and his fine staff for making our IWA show another huge success. Thanks, too, to the government of Thailand and all of our Thai customers for their stocking orders.

I’ve had a request from the folks in the back that I mention, again, the importance of verifying your order acknowledgments in a timely fashion. Once the order gets put into the system it’s a whole lot harder to make any changes without both disrupting the flow of product and increasing the chance of error. Please help us to help you!

Just as matter of social interest, the Motor City Madman, Uncle Ted Nugent, picked up on the “Perfect 10” at the SHOT Show, placed one on order, and then came to the plant to pick it up personally. Gentleman that he is, he had lunch with us and entertained the troops for a couple hours. Don’t be surprised if the pistol appears on one of his shows.

Sell a bunch. Have fun. Do good. Not necessarily in that order!

Dave Skinner

About STI:
STI International is a leading firearms manufacturer and the pioneer of the modular frame system for the 1911. A favorite of both top competitors and custom gunsmiths, STI pistols are widely regarded as the gold standard in the sport of Practical Shooting. Visit: