Tagged Out TV with Host Kevin Schmidt

Tagged Out TV with Host Kevin Schmidt
Catch up with The Sportsman Channel & Kevin Schmidt on whats going on with Tagged Out TV.

Tagged Out TV with Host Kevin Schmidt
Tagged Out TV with Host Kevin Schmidt
Sportsman Channel
Sportsman Channel

New Berlin, WI – -(AmmoLand.com)- From Texas to the northern plains, across the Rockies, and into Canada, Kevin Schmidt takes you along on his hunting adventures across North America! See his strategies for success unfold as he draws on his forty plus years of experience in the wilderness. Join Kevin, his family and friends each week as they attempt to tag out!

Q: Who was your hunting/fishing mentor?

A: The hunting and fishing heritage in our family is several generations deep. Our family farm was teaming with game in my boyhood years. Cousins, uncles, and shirttail relation all came home to the farm on the week-ends to hunt and fish with my father…and mentor.

Q: How did you get started in the hunting /fishing industry?
A: As a teen I began guiding, first fishing and then hunting. Out of a strong desire to put some on the wall I became a taxidermist, and then a farmer. We started a game bird hatchery and began raising whitetails for personal study. Lastly, I started filming hunts for VHS and DVD production to the most recent production with Sportsman Channel.

Q: What’s the biggest mishap that has happened while filming an episode?
A: My daughter, Renee, spent an hour on the truck roof one time filming several bull moose. The moose moved on and so did we. As we accelerated on across Utah, a loud crash off the side of the truck revealed a camera and battery pack bouncing down the highway at 65 mph, in pieces.

Q: Tell us your favorite hunting/fish joke.
A: As jokes go I really don’t have a favorite but this is one I remember. A young hunter borrowed a dog from his uncle to go hunt ducks. The young hunter dropped a couple ducks that morning and each time he sent the dog out to retrieve the dog would swim past the ducks to the next swamp. The dog would return several minutes later vigorously shaking and retrieving a stick. When the young hunter returned the dog to his uncle and told of his disobedience the uncle responded…”you dummy. The dog was trying to tell ya there was more ducks over there than you could shake a stick at!!”

Q: What were the worst conditions you ever fished/ hunted under? How did it affect the outcome of the trip?
A: We arrived in North Dakota’s Badlands facing ten foot drifts and temps of minus 25. Only three days remained of the season and we couldn’t get close to a blind that would allow us to withstand the elements. Daytime was spent maintaining access to only one of the many blinds on the ranch. Lady luck smiled and let me arrow a nice muley buck on the last evening.

Q: What are people always surprised to find out about you?
A: Most people are surprised to learn that I once had a real job! I am a mechanical engineer by education and built two successful engineering and manufacturing businesses in the water and wastewater treatment industry. I was fortunate to get out on top at age 45 and again begin chasing my boyhood dream of making a living hunting and fishing.