“The Bear Whisperer” – Nature Productions New Outdoor Show

“The Bear Whisperer” – Nature Productions New Outdoor Show

The Bear Whisperer
The Bear Whisperer

Fairfield ME –-(AmmoLand.com)- Nature Productions has teamed up with one of the most recognizable names in the bear hunting world — Blaine Anthony — who will host a reality show slated to premiere on The Sportsman Channel in January 2011, “The Bear Whisperer”.

The series follows one of outdoor televisions authority on bears, Blaine Anthony. In the series, Blaine will be traveling North America to visit bear hot spots and meeting with other whisperers, shadowed by field producer Jason Lamerou. Viewers will discover that bears are not the cute cuddly animal currently portrayed on big network television, but they are in fact dangerous and the ultimate predator.

“I am thrilled to bring a show specifically about bears to the outdoor industry. I am excited to share education, facts and of course hunting and hunting techniques to outdoor television. I know I may not be the most knowledgeable person on bears, but what makes this show great is I will be surrounding myself with the best within the bear industry from Biologists, experts and guides from around the world” said Blaine Anthony host of The Bear Whisperer.

The buzz about this show has grown out of control. Hunters have a thirst for bear hunting and know when they tune into the show it will be about one thing, bears. The staff of The Bear Whisperer has been filming for 6 years, and the creation of the show started back in 2008.

“The show has taken so long because we wanted to be sure we were 100% bears and the viewers will tune in and watch what they expect to see when tuning into a show with “bear” in the title. We have captured 3 bear attacks, bear hunting and even hanging out with bears in the wild and all that can not be done by filming for just a couple years” said Blaine.

You can see the trailer for the new show at www.bearwhisperertv.com .

The series is executive produced by Blaine Anthony for Nature Productions.

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    1. son you just discribed my neighbor with what you said these people think that they are all fuzzy and qute they dont hear about all the destruction they do or the maulings they do but i guess thats okay until it happens to one of them dont get it twisted either im not saying kill them all but give a certain amount of tages out to controle population i live on a farm in the poconos 850 acres its nothing for me or my family to see 7or8 bears a week well keep the faith and keep writing dont let them win

    2. Boy… did you ever notice how it is the "save the cute fuzzy animal lovers" that spew the meanest most hateful vitriol toward others?

      I guess it is because as hunters we take the high road and also are the ONLY ones doing any real conservation.

      Where the uneducated animal rights people have nothing but their hate of people to stand on.

      They don't do anything for wild animals:

      they don't contribute money
      they don't restore or help grow animal populations
      they don't restore land or preserve land
      they do help manage or balance animal populations

      They do:

      bitch and complain and show their ignorance
      pass useless laws to control people
      suck off money from individuals for groups like HSUS that spend less than 1% on animals
      encourage invasive environment destroying species through programs like TNR
      work everyday to outlaw your ability to even own a dog

      Hunters should pat themselves on the back as they are fighting the good fight and don't be discouraged but haters like Sufisue.

    3. Yeah Hermann! You have sure got that right! Thank goodness the stupid american bear hunters are a dying breed, probably from eating too much fatty bear meat, and all the other garbage they eat, and from using all terrain vehicles, hunting dogs and all kinds of other things that do the work for them so they are too fat to really hunt anything. This show has absolutely nothing to do with 'bear whisperers' or hunting. Its a promotion of guns and stupidity.

    4. Hello,

      i com from Switzerland and had mutch interessting to hear more from a natural bear whisperer, yes i will go personaly looking self the natur of the bears and other big animals.

      Sorry for me pur english but in the essence, i`m 110% shure:What i see, only shocking!! Please say me, that not all American are like this one. A maximum of stupid, with out eny brain. Made for pur helpless looser mens. No one is perfect, we all make errors, me inclusive, but this one is the maximum about a big no go!!!. What is with your great leader Nation? Nothing more then a shadow from yesterday. Your army need people how are fine with guns! But in Afganistan or Irak it is real danger. to kill a bear with a good gun is absolutly no challenge, its for looser…

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