STI International, Inc. – SkinnErgram #122

STI International, Inc. – SkinnErgram #122
By Dave Skinner

STI 2010 Gun Catalog
STI 2010 Gun Catalog
STI International Guns
STI International Guns

Georgetown, TX – -( WE ARE BEHIND! No question about it but, as promised, production is on track to be up 50%.

No decision yet on further increases but we’re sure having to look at our hole card long and hard. WE did bring in another BIG D**N grinder and another 4-axis CNC machine this month. Probably more to come. Should be moving into another 8,000 square feet of floor space in July.

One more time: If you don’t have your stocking orders in now, you may be inventory-less for several months.

The new catalog with new format and new pictures is out to the printer. (We had over 2,000 requests for catalogs last week, alone.) Again, new pictures are on the website if you just can’t wait. Down Load Catalog.

The “Shopping Cart” is almost back up and ready to use. Guestbook will follow. Our multi-talented substitute webmaster is playing “catch up” marvelously and, hopefully, we’ll have them back up soon.

Fun Fact: In 2005, we built 2,976 guns TOTAL. So far in 2010, we’ve built or sold 3,409 SHORT guns, i.e., Commander Length or less! Fully 2,223 of them 3″ length.

At various shows we’ve heard several people refer to our .223/5.56 sporting rifle as one of the best deals out there. We’re now also selling sub assemblies including matched upper/lowers, gas blocks, hand guards and quad rails. Brownells has picked up most of our rifle parts now, so you can order from them, too.

The demand for Spartans in 9mm, and G.I.’s in .45ACP caught us by surprise. We simply had not provided enough kits for the Spartans nor requested enough kits for the G.I. Both factories are working hard to remedy that situation. Lead times for the Ranger III have been affected for lack of a single (unique) part. It’s coming.

BIG mistake in last Sgram: New products SHOULD have read: 1911/2011 barrel links in sizes 6, 7, & 8. (Not 5, 6, & 7)

New item for the price list: Pre-cut, fully adhesive grip tape for our aluminum grip. Ask your contact for pricing. The price reduction on the aluminum grips themselves makes these an easy purchase.

Another new item for the price list: Recoil Masters in a “+P” format. Enough shooters requested stiffer springing in their 5″ .45’s that we’ve made them standard in those models and are making them available to those who just want to “tweak” a little more. These function the same as the originals, just a little quicker. These are for 5″ pistols ONLY!

An item that won’t make the price list: 10 round, .357SIG magazines. While we make an excellent high capacity .357SIG mag, there is just not enough demand for the 10 round to justify the tooling cost.

Item to come OFF the price list: .22LR Top Ends. Backlog too big, partner too slow.

Your Sales Contacts here (you know; the folks you chew on when you think your gun didn’t arrive as ordered) have asked me to re-emphasize to you that the “Tactical” series NO LONGER COMES WITH A MAG WELL INSTALLED! The magwell was discontinued as a standard attachment over a year ago at the request of the law enforcement and military community. The price was reduced accordingly at that time. It is still an option and you can still get it, you just have to ask for it at order entry time.

Have fun. Do good. Sell a bunch. Preferably in that order for the time being!
David L Skinner
CEO, STI International Inc.

About STI:
STI International is a leading firearms manufacturer and the pioneer of the modular frame system for the 1911. A favorite of both top competitors and custom gunsmiths, STI pistols are widely regarded as the gold standard in the sport of Practical Shooting. Visit: