Advantage Hunting’s Hunter Blind

Advantage Hunting’s Hunter Blind

Advantage Hunting LLC
Advantage Hunting LLC

Raleigh, NC – -( Nothing can ruin a hunt more quickly than bad weather or spooked game. Advantage Hunting’s Hunter Blind is designed to protect against both.

Built for one or two gun or crossbow hunters, the Hunter Blind by Advantage Hunting provides comfort and protection from the elements during your days afield increasing your likelihood of success.

Building a homemade plywood blind that requires maintenance, is difficult to relocate and costs virtually the same as the Hunter Blind makes no sense. The rigid two-piece polyethylene 4′ Hunter Blind has all of the features you want and more.

Advantage Hunting's Hunter Blind
Advantage Hunting's Hunter Blind

The Hunter Blind assembles in approximately 30 minutes. All holes are predrilled and it includes a two-piece “clam shell” exterior, plywood floor, six Plexiglas window panels, window and door hinges, a hardware package and instructions.

The large outside hinged door allows easy access in or out of the blind. A convenient trap door is designed to work with Advantage Hunting’s 6′ Hunter TD Platform.


  • Size: 16 Square Feet, 4′-0″ Wide x 4′-0″ Deep x 6′-0″ Tall
  • Weight: 70 Pounds
  • Capacity: 500 Pounds
  • Door Size: Outside Hinged Door 32″ Wide x 25″ Tall
  • Windows: Six (6) Hinged Plexiglas Windows
  • Through-Bolt Design w/ Interlocking Halves
  • Heavy-Duty Polyethylene Black Shell and Interior
  • Plywood Floor

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