BAREBOW! – Love of Wildlife, Nature and Bow Hunting

BAREBOW! – Love of Wildlife, Nature and Bow Hunting Captured in Exquisite Coffee Table Book
By Fred Riehl

“Mr. Dunn’s story telling will strike a cord with hunters everywhere. Anyone who has spent long hours in the woods will immediately relate to Dennis’s description of his triumphs in the wilds. For me, BAREBOW brought back sweet memories of my own successes as a hunter. I highly recommend this beautiful and massive book.” – Fredy Riehl, AMMOLAND SHOOTING SPORTS NEWS

BAREBOW! An Archer’s Fair-Chase Taking of North America’s Big Game 29
BAREBOW! An Archer’s Fair-Chase Taking of North America’s Big Game 29
BAREBOW! at Lambson Wildlife Art
BAREBOW! at Lambson Wildlife Art

Seattle, WA –-( Dennis Dunn, a man who has spent much of his life traipsing through uncharted wilderness, has created what some will say is a literary monument to share his love of the mountains, valleys, waterfalls, free-roaming animals, and companions he has enjoyed during his 40 years of hunting with a bow.

His creation, titled BAREBOW! is a nine-pound, 10 x 15 x 2 inch coffee table book, filled with 30 breathtaking full-page color paintings of wildlife in natural landscapes by noted artist Hayden Lambson, 37 wildlife pencil drawings by his artist son, Dallen Lambson, and 60 photos. The illustrations are interspersed among 104 personal stories of his adventures while bowhunting.

Dennis Dunn is a dedicated bowhunter and conservationist. He produced this book with the goal of sharing his explorations and experiences as well as educating people about the heritage and purposes of hunting.

Barebow hunting is one of the most challenging outdoor pursuits and Dunn holds many hunting records. He was the first archer to take all 29 species of legally huntable big game in North America by barebow, meaning without the aid of sights or other aiming devices.

Each of the 29 chapters in BAREBOW! focuses on a specific species and describes the behavior and habitat of each. There are misadventures and humor as well, and numerous animal sightings where he chose to use his camera rather than his bow.

On May 1, 2010, the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association gave BAREBOW! its First Place Award in the Book Category of their annual Excellence in Craft Competition.

BAREBOW! An Archer’s Fair-Chase Taking of North America’s Big Game 29
By Dennis Dunn
List $95.00
ISBN 978-1-933245-13-3
Published by Documentary Media, LLC
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What People Are Saying

“Dunn’s appreciation for the rigors of the chase, for the country and the animals themselves, comes through on every page. This book brims with emotion. Besides celebrating trophies, it focuses on the adventure to be found in the wild. It’s a book you’ll show to people who don’t hunt, especially to people who can’t understand why others do.” – Wayne Van Zwoll, PETERSEN’S HUNTING

“This is a book to be read and pondered by anyone who treasures fine writing, holds a deep appreciation for wild places and the animals that inhabit them, or who seeks a full understanding of the special link between predator and prey that bowhunting provides.” – Jim Casada, SPORTING CLASSICS

“Dennis captures America’s wilds like Jack London with the wit and humor of Mark Twain in more than 100 campfire tales. His words transported me into the wilderness of America such that I felt like I, too, had crawled on my belly up onto the back edge of an Alaska mesa to witness the majesty in a band of Dall’s Sheep.” – Liz Madison, THE WOMEN’S OUTDOOR WIRE

“Certainly most non-hunters who are lovers of fine books, fine art and fine storytelling will enjoy this volume immensely! And, for all hunters—firearm or bow—it is definitely a must-read!” – Robert E. Speegle, M.D.

“Readers will experience the drama, suspense, humor, and spirituality that define hunting and wilderness exploration.” – Elizabeth M. Madison, Conservationist

“This book is chock-full of insights into ourselves—as human beings drawn to nature and to the hunt. The gifted and well-qualified author captures the complex, hard-to-describe spiritual connection man has with the natural world in all its beauty and diversity. BAREBOW! offers a rare window: not only to better understand oneself, but also to enjoy the never-ending wonders of nature.” – John J. Jackson, III, Chairman, Conservation Force

BAREBOW! An Archer’s Fair-Chase Taking of North America’s Big Game
BAREBOW! An Archer’s Fair-Chase Taking of North America’s Big Game

About the Author
Dennis Dunn graduated cum laude from Harvard University with a major in Romance Languages and earned a Master’s Degree in French Literature from the University of Washington. Now retired, he has been a French teacher, a political party leader, and a securities broker. He is a life-member of many outdoor-oriented organizations and, in addition to hunting, has a passion for fishing, mineral collecting, skiing, opera, and his wife Karen. Visit: