Crooked Horn Trail Light – a Hunter’s Best Hands-Free Lighting Option

Crooked Horn Trail Light – a Hunter's Best Hands-Free Lighting Option

Crooked Horn Outfitters
Crooked Horn Outfitters

Tehachapi, CA –-( Crooked Horn has invented a new breakthrough lighting system that will no doubt become standard issue among outdoorsmen.

By locking the new Trail Light onto your favorite backpack, bino-system or hunting vest you have light right at your fingertips whenever you need it.

The Trail Light is positioned on your body's torso where there is the least amount of movement, similar to headlights on your car. The Trail Light broadcasts and projects the light away from your eyes onto the ground so you can hike swiftly and confidently without stumbling in the darkness.

After a light is shined in your eyes, it can take from five to 30 minutes before your night vision returns. Thanks to the Trail Light's anti-glare shield, light is directed downward away from your eyes, protecting your night vision.

The Trail Light is perfect for skinning a deer, looking at a map, hiking in or out of your favorite hunting spot or doing anything else that requires both hands. Best of all, it provides you with a safe way to climb a treestand in the dark.

When you use a headlamp to climb into your stand, you have to move your head up and down to see your hands and feet while climbing. When the light reflects off the tree in front of you, it bounces back into your eyes killing your night vision. The Trail Light allows you to direct one light up and one down so you can see your hands and feet at the same time and you can climb up the tree quickly using your peripheral vision.

Maximize your production in the dark by improving your night vision and broadening your depth of field and peripheral vision with the Trail Light.

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