Game Management Solutions Announces New Connectivity with DNA Solutions

Game Management Solutions Announces New Connectivity with DNA Solutions

Game Management Solutions
Game Management Solutions

WACO, Texas –-( The industry leader in game management software, GMS, has unveiled its all-new ‘DNA Connection’ software module that allows GMS users to digitally submit documentation into the North American Deer Registry.

The new module is the latest innovation by GMS to facilitate and service the deer industry by creating a more efficient means of delivering and processing DNA samples with DNA Solutions, an Oklahoma-based company that provides genotyping services to North American whitetail deer breeders and wildlife enforcement agencies.

The DNA Connection software allows GMS users to now digitally transmit DNA request forms directly to DNA Solutions. The software automatically assigns a number to the submission and the user simply tags the physical DNA sample with that number. The system eliminates manually completing the documentation and supports accuracy in recording the data at DNA Solutions.

“We are committed to helping the deer industry move forward with innovative technology. The new software streamlines the DNA submission process, saves time and helps to minimize human error in documentation,” says Mike
Owens, president of GMS.

“GMS is the most complete, yet ‘easy to use’ game management software on the market today, and we appreciate the opportunity to work with DNA Solutions to offer this new program to deer farmers.”

Owens explains that hundreds of deer farmers use the GMS Pro product across the United States and Mexico, and the new DNA Connection feature will make the process of submitting DNA samples more efficient. The GMS software is an innovative tool that has completely revolutionized the wildlife management industry.

GMS was recently endorsed by Dr. James C. Kroll, renowned author, instructor and expert on whitetail deer.

“My research team and I manage thousands of deer on several properties to better enhance, protect and conserve the management of whitetail deer. Regardless of the size of the deer breeding facility, properly managing your deer is critical for your success ,and GMS software is the tool I recommend,” he says.

GMS software is considered by most industry experts to be the most complete, yet ‘easy to use’ game management software on the market today. GMS helps hunting operations and land owners manage properties whose focus is on quality deer and game management (including deer farmers/breeders), organize and maintain all of the pertinent information needed to manage a successful ranch.

Innovative and comprehensive, the GMS program allows users to begin quality deer management, track all aspects of a hunting property, develop plans to help maximize herd health, quantify herd ratios, compositions and age structures, develop a wildlife management plan, schedule hunts, record information in the field via Pocket PC technology and much more.

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