Gun Rights with the Texas Governor and U.S. Congressman on Gun Talk Radio

Gun Rights with the Texas Governor and U.S. Congressman on Gun Talk Radio

FNH SCAR 16s Carbine Black
FNH SCAR 16s Carbine Black
Gun Talk Radio
Gun Talk Radio

Natchitoches, La – -( Texas Governor Rick Perry talks about guns, freedom, and fending off the coyote which threatened him and his daughter's dog, when he joins Tom Gresham for a conversation this Sunday, May 23rd on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk (R) Radio, the only nationally-syndicated radio talk show about guns and the shooting sports airing 2-5PM Eastern.

“It's great to have Governor Perry on the program,” said host Tom Gresham.

“You have to love it when the governor of a major state goes running without his security detail because he carries his own security in the form of a legal firearm. It's a good thing he had that pistol, and he knew how to use it. Governor Perry is a strong proponent of the Second Amendment and the individual rights of gun ownership.”

U.S. Congressman Brad Ellsworth of Indiana makes his first appearance on Gun Talk Radio to discuss the amendment he introduced to the National Defense Authorization Bill. This amendment would prohibit the U.S. military from destroying brass cartridge cases after the ammunition has been shot on U.S. bases. This “once fired” brass (read more on the destruction on brass) often is sold for scrap currently, which results in less revenue for the Department of Defense.

It also eliminates millions of rounds of fired cases which can be reloaded and sold through legal channels — something that can help with the ammo shortages law enforcement agencies as well as recreational and competitive shooters have experienced over the last few years.

“As a gun owner myself and a former sheriff,” said Rep. Ellsworth, “I know that these cases are mostly used for marksmanship training and competition and law enforcement agencies. Authorizing the military to re-sell these casing is a win-win for hunters and marksman and the Defense Department.”

Also on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk this Sunday will be Alan Thompson, President and co-founder of a new, Texas-based firearms company, Baserri Shotguns. Thompson has a passion for unique shotguns, and he and co-founder Wayne Rodrigue toured Europe before finding the right manufacturer to build top-quality over/under shotguns with American styling, but with the old-world quality of an Italian gun maker.

FNH USA Marketing Director for Combat Rifle and Technical Support, Gabe Bailey will also be stopping by Gun Talk Radio this Sunday. He will discuss the SCAR weapon system.

“The decision to field the SCAR weapon system is the exclamation point we have been waiting for,” noted Bailey.

“The SCAR weapon system and its architecture go beyond improving the current weapons in use by SOF units. It provides new benefits and advantages that will enhance mission capability, flexibility, and success like no other weapon system available today.”

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio is in its 15th year of national syndication and runs on 94 stations, plus SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio. All Gun Talk shows are available as a podcast through Apple iTunes or at More information is available at

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