US Manufactured Gun Stock Sets INSTOCK at Ironwood Designs

US Manufactured Gun Stock Sets INSTOCK at Ironwood Designs

Ironwood Designs Military Gun Stocks
Ironwood Designs Military Gun Stocks

San Jose, CA –-( Ironwood Designs is happy to announce our new “in Stock” products pages. Over the past couple of months, we have been putting together tons of pre-boxed, on the shelf, ready to ship stock sets. Included are some of our most popular sets, and numerous limited offer combo sets. Our primary goal is to reduce delivery times, and to keep more of our best seller sets, in stock, on a regular basis.

Why we are doing this? Our business has been increasing steadily for the past 3 years, as well as our product offerings. The results are that our delivery times and production flow have slowed down. We are finally creating a break between our standard, and custom orders, to better manage their production flow. More parts in stock, and defined delivery times is the idea.

Ironwood Designs is not a huge industrial entity, nor is it a war time sized stock production facility. We are a small custom production house, that produces a huge amount of many different stock variants. Our reproduction stocks cover over 12 different countries of origin, spanning over 30 years of various military rifle variants and models.

In addition, we offer several different wood options, hybrid and interchangeable parts, as well as several custom options, for many of those parts. It is a monumental task at times, but, we embrace it, because we love what we do. In fact, stock production is all that we do. We make everything in house, from scratch. no imports, no re-selling surplus. Everything is done here in the USA, to the closest specs possible.

Our new “In Stock” section will enhance your stock selection process, and better inform you to make the choice that suits you best. We have added tons of new Tech Page features, and will be adding more in the following weeks. Because our e-mail and phone inquiries have been overwhelming, we have been updating and improving our site, to answer all of the questions we hear on a daily basis. We will never be a faceless organization, but, we need our site to do some of the heavy lifting, so we can stay in the shop, turning out new product. We humbly request that you let the site guide you through your purchase experience, as it is much better equipped to do so at this time.

Ironwood Designs Military Gun Stocks
Ironwood Designs Military Gun Stocks
Iron Wood Designs

For over 15 years, Ironwood Designs has driven the military gun stock market, specializing in custom production stock parts for some of the world’s most prolific and significant military small arms. We offer the most comprehensive line of modern military stock parts for the AK-47, FN FAL & AR15. Our commitment continues with the quest to increase the availability of hard to find, out of production stock parts. Our customers range from the individual shooter collector, to the largest military small arms importers & manufacturers in the USA. Visit:

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Dan Schwager

Bought a FAL forearm and a M4 stock set, GREAT job great customer service. Had a problem with the forearm of the M4 sent them the upper so they could find out why it wouldn’t fit turn around was 10 days great service.


I have an NHM-91 with the thumbhole stock. I would like to change it to the clubfoot style if possible.

What would the cost be to do this?

Kevin tozier

I am interested in AR-15 A2 stock grip and forend I need price and availability my name is Kevin thank you for you can call me at 203-537-1375

Leon Trotter

I have an old Saiga , Would like to reconfegure it in to a PSL looking wepon I really like your stocks and was wondering if you made a stock that would worh for tis wepon Note this is the sporter model Saiga the reason I am doing the change is just for fun . If and when you have time to get back to me please do so I can send pictures of this gun if needed Thanks
Leon Trotter…

sam clayton

do you have a wood stock set for CAI VZ2008 ?

Benny Gebing

I’m interested in your Ruger 22rf version of the Walther WA2000.Do you still build these?


Want a blonde wood set for my saiga AK 47. Please send me prices and choices list.

Bob Anderson

I also would like to order a red wood set for my mak90 but how do you go about that? user coments are from 2010–11–&12


I want to order the wooden stock set for my mak 90,but it says butt plate not included..where do you get the butt plate at that will fit?


Ironwood Designs currently specializes in AK-47 and it's variants, AR-15, and FAL complete wood sets. Custom work is available for other wood stock needs.

Charles Kemp

Do you carry a wooden stock for the 1853 Pattern Two Enfield rifle? What type of wood? What is cost plus shipping to VA?


Charlie Kemp,

fairfax, VA