Urban Shooter Update – May 14nd 2010

Urban Shooter Update – May 14nd 2010
This week on the Urban Shooter Podcast (USP)

Knoxx Recoil Reduction Stock Review
Knoxx Recoil Reduction Stock Review
Urban Shooter Podcast
Urban Shooter Podcast

Upper Marlboro, MD –-(AmmoLand.com) Hey AmmoLand.com listeners, this week on The Urban Shooter Podcast, episode 165, I hope to share a few smiles as I recover from my paintball wounds.

Playing with older players should have been easy except they all were gun bloggers that included a lawman and two retired Navy SEALS. I got bruises on my bruises.

This week, I got a chance to trap shoot with a friend that has been shooting and hunting longer than I have been alive. I also got the chance to interview him for this show. It’s not earth shaking just the opportunity to talk to an elder and do what I love to do. I live to give you the “warm and fuzzy.”

The author of “Zombie Strike” is back with a new story and provides an introduction to this week’s installment. Since I am feeling so good, I was reminded of my childhood when my step-dad would play his James Brown records. It made me want to sing one of his songs. Sing it with me when it comes up on the audio. That is why I sing. It’s a group thing. Share my smile with me. I live by this quote:

Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you’ve never been hurt and live like it’s heaven on Earth.”— Mark Twain

I do a review of the Knoxx Recoil Reduction stock by Blackhawk!. I really like it and think it is a must have for urban shooters with shotguns. It makes the recoil manageable for the whole household. This is a big deal if you only have one shotgun in the house. You might want to check it out from www.Blackhawk.com I am now a part of http://windowstoliberty.com internet radio lineup. Check me out there too.

Until next week, I hope you get a chance to laugh out loud at least once.

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