Bad News For Brady Gun Grabbers

Bad News For Brady Gun Grabbers

Gun Talk Radio
Gun Talk Radio

Natchitoches, La – -( The Brady Campaign — which used to be called Handgun Control, Inc. — has claimed for some time that it had a half-million members.

Not all that impressive compared to the NRA, which has almost four million. But, 500,000 is a lot of people.

If it's true. But, it looks as though it's not.

Now that they are on hard financial times (donations are way down), the Brady Campaign has offered its member list out for rent.

(Wait, when you join, doesn't it say that the Brady Bunch will not sell or rent your name???)

Brady Campaign
Brady Campaign

In order to offer the list to companies, the Brady Campaign must, of course, tell how many names are on it. After all, the companies which rent the list will count them, right?

So, it finally come out that the member list is not 500,000 stalwarts who want to “control” guns. It's not even 250,000. It's about 50,000, or only ten percent of what they have been claiming.

I guess guns aren't the only thing they have trouble telling the truth about.

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Donald R Hohman
Donald R Hohman

AS always the BRADY BUNCH have the ingrained ability to lie about anything to advance a lost cause. Sarah and her trained bear should fold their tent and slink away into the night. Donald R Hohman CWO USA (Ret) POW LIFE MEMBER NRA