California Assembly Approves Long Gun Registration Bill

California Assembly Approves Long Gun Registration Bill

California Foolishly Follows Canada Down the Path with an Expensive and Invasive Long Gun Registry Bill.
California Foolishly Follows Canada Down the Path with an Expensive and Invasive Long Gun Registry Bill.
California Outdoor Heritage Alliance
California Outdoor Heritage Alliance

Sacramento, CA –-( After a lengthy debate which featured passionate opposition from Assembly Members Bill Berryhill and Jim Nielsen and quotes from the California Outdoor Heritage Alliance’s opposition letter, AB 1810 passed off of the Assembly Floor this afternoon by a vote of 43-28. The measure now moves to the Senate.

Under the provisions of AB 1810 (Feuer), those who purchase or transfer a shotgun or rifle will be required to register that firearm by submitting their name, address, place of birth, phone number and occupation to the California Department of Justice.

The California Outdoor Heritage Alliance (COHA) will continue to fight this intrusive and unnecessary piece of Legislation as it heads to the Senate.

COHA would like to thank all of those who submitted a letter of opposition to their Assembly Member in anticipation of today’s floor vote. Watch for future Field Wires for your opportunity to assist COHA in defeating this bill in the Senate.

The California Outdoor Heritage Alliance (COHA) is a partnership of conservation organizations, outdoor industry, other related interests and individuals who support science-based wildlife management and the preservation of our hunting rights in California. COHA is a 501(c)4 Political Advocacy organization dedicated solely to influencing legislative, regulatory and administrative policy decisions which promote wildlife conservation and our outdoor heritage. For more information about COHA, visit

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Camp Pendleton Marin

Just more proof that the nuts have taken over the asylum. As soon as my current tour is finished, I'm happily returning to Camp Lejeune. CA really is the land of fruits, nuts, and very many illegal aliens.


don't punich the good folk of california.. yes, there ARE a few, I know some. Why should THEY be made to suffer? How long will California slumber before enough wake up and turn out the bigots who have sent them all down into the pit? Gun control has done NOTHING for that state other than make it one of the highest crime-rate states anywhere. And they want to spend MORE money "defeating" a "problem" that does not exist? WAKE UP, California…. throw out the wretches who suck you dry and keep you hostage. Find out the voting record of EVERY… Read more »

Marfang Sekula

I just thought of a better idea, all NRA members and anyone doing business with California that owns a gun, boycott them. Don't do business with tem. If they can do it to Arizona, let the favor be returned! Tit for tat, quid pro quo! I will do no business with anyone or any company from california.

Marfang Sekula

I can't help but laugh at your stupidity. You are broke with a capitol B. No money, nada, zippo, zilch! And you enact a potential law with the resulting fiscal costs of a million or more per year. Duh! If your citizenry has half a brain they would all disobey forcing you into locking them all up and at what cost? Just to have the powerto do something. California is a lost cause. I say give it back to mexico and then you might be able to qualify for foreign aid. You keep it, I will never go there as… Read more »

W.W. Buster hummel



Another step by the morons who want to criminalize our constitutional rights while embracing illegal aliens. The Democrats who voted for this bill and the people who support them are so out of step its incredible. Please do whatever you can to get your friends and neighbors to vote the California Democrats ( along with their illegal gardeners) out of power.


Well, it looks like Callyfornia 'is' a little bit slow! A 'gun' registry.. of all things… Canada wasted 2 BILLION DOLLARS on a gun registry that is now in the process of being repealed. When your broke, like this state is, I'm sure a gun registry (which by the way has NEVER worked to reduce crime ANYWHERE in the wold) is a prudent distribution of funds. Just ask any of those government bureaucratic friends who will make a fortune supplying services to this burgeoning white elephant.