Chris Smith – Anti Gun Congressmen Up for Re-election

Chris Smith – Anti Gun Congressmen Up for Re-election

National Association for Gun Rights
National Association for Gun Rights

New Jersey –-( Attention New Jersey readers. As a gun rights supporter, I have some good news…and some bad news.

In a year with so many attacks on your Second Amendment rights, I hate to give you bad news, but I feel you deserve to hear the truth.

Congressman, Chris Smith of New Jersey, has voted rabidly anti-gun.

At virtually every opportunity, Congressman Chris Smith has voted with the gun control crowd. The truth is, Chris Smith is gun-banner Sarah Brady’s best friend. More on that in a minute.

This year’s elections are in full swing, and the gun-grabbers know if they can pick up just a few more seats in the U.S. Congress, they’ll finally have the votes needed to ram their anti-gun agenda into law!

We’re talking about the point of no return.

With all that’s at stake this election year, and with your June 8th Republican Primary fast approaching, it’s crucial that freedom-loving New Jersey citizens know exactly where their candidates stand on the Second Amendment.

That’s why the National Association for Gun Rights recently surveyed your candidates for U.S. Congress in New Jersey’s Fourth District.

And today, I must report some very disturbing news. One of the front runners in your upcoming Republican Primary — incumbent Chris Smith -– is supporting gun control.

Even more alarming is his horrible record of voting for gun control. He’s got a long history of votes on issues that are important to gun owners…

…And his record is one gun-banner Sarah Brady would be proud of.

In fact, in 1993, Congressman Chris Smith stood with the anti-gun crowd and VOTED FOR the dangerous, anti-gun “Brady Bill.”

But he didn’t stop there.

In 1998, he voted for anti-gun Chuck Schumer’s bill to criminalize self defense. And in 1999, Chris Smith voted to make private sales of firearms illegal. Then, in 2004, he sided with the District of Columbia by supporting America’s most heinous gun control laws.

Smith has voted with the gun control crowd for mandatory trigger locks, has opposed de-funding the anti-gun United Nations, and in 2001, Chris Smith even voted for firearms registration legislation.

Maybe the worst of all his sins, Chris Smith voted to ban an entire class of semi-automatic hunting and target firearms by supporting the Clinton Gun Ban.

But…I’ve run out of room. Frankly, I couldn’t possibly list all the times Congressman Chris Smith has voted against gun owners… I don’t have that much paper.

So, let’s be clear: there’s no question where Chris Smith stands on your right to keep and bear arms –- he’s against it, and he’s voted against it almost every chance he’s had!

That’s why it’s vital you send Chris Smith a message.

Demand that he publicly apologize for his support of gun control, and pledge that in the future, he will stand up to the gun-grabbers and cast his votes in support of the Second Amendment.

But, there is a silver lining to this black cloud.
You see, Republican Alan Bateman — the other candidate in your race — has returned his Candidate Survey in 100% support for your gun rights.

Republican Alan Bateman has pledged to stand up for the Second Amendment and fight the gun-grabbers every move tooth and nail. And he’s pledged to be a leader on gun issues

Really, in this primary race for your Congressional seat, there is only one pro-gun candidate, Alan Bateman, and then there’s Chris Smith, a certified anti-gun candidate, based on his record in Congress.

But there isn’t much time.

Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Thank Republican candidate Alan Bateman for pledging his 100% support for your right to keep and bear arms;
  • Give Congressman Chris Smith an earful. Demand that he apologize for his long, long history of supporting gun control, and that he change his anti-gun ways.

There’s no doubt about it, the upcoming Congressional elections will have a greater impact on our Second Amendment rights than any other election in our lifetime.

And with so much at stake, I’m really going above and beyond to make sure every person in New Jersey’s Fourth District who cares about the Second Amendment knows exactly where their candidates stand.

And I’m counting on good folks like you to help make that possible.

But most importantly, contact Congressman Chris Smith and tell him to come clean on his anti-gun voting record.

Demand that he publicly apologize for betraying the Second Amendment rights of New Jersey citizens, and promise that he will never support gun control again.

There’s not a moment to lose.

Please act today!

Dudley Brown
Executive Director

P.S. The front runner in your upcoming June 8th Republican Primary – Congressman Chris Smith — has a horribly anti-gun voting record. Frankly, he’s Sarah Brady’s dream Congressman.

It’s vital that you contact Chris Smith at once and demand that he apologize for his long and stomach-turning support of gun control and pledge that he will never do it again.

And while you’re at it, thank Republican candidate Alan Bateman for returning his Candidate Survey in 100% support for your right to keep and bear arms.

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James eklund

I have told him i will not contribute money to a gun control canadate and told him I will vote for a conservative independent canadate.

Joe Siano

Dudley, As expected, the Republican machine lined up behind Smith to crush the Bateman campaign. In addition to his pitiful Second Amendment record, Smith is a tax, spend and regulate Liberal. My name is Joe Siano. I remain in the race as the only advocate of the pro-gun, pro-life, Constitutional small government point of view. As a 3rd Party candidate, I am well aware that I am a long shot. Nonetheless, I do pledge my utmost time, energy and effort to confronting Smith on conservative issue and by sending a message to the Republican establishment that he is an unacceptable… Read more »


why bother to appeal to this Smith character? Simply place your votes for the pro-arms candidate. Smith can SAY whatever he thinks is politically expedient. How has he VOTED so far? That's how he'll vote again. That's certain. Dump him. He's done.