Microstamping A Grim Fairy Tale

Microstamping A Grim Fairy Tale
By Ralph J. Rubinek
GOA Public Relations
New York

Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

New York, NY – -(Ammoland.com)- Clearly New York City Mayor Bloomberg exhibits his unique brand of common sense when it comes to any reasonable objection to his gun ban front special interest group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns (“MAIG”).

A reliable source informed me that NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg commissioned a front company to file a patent application for microstamping firearms…, a procedure which cannot work. Hizzoner then gathered sponsors for his Assembly bill and its Senate Bill counterpart, S6005, on behalf of MAIG.

This bill, if passed, would require that any new firearm entering New York State have a microscopic imprint on the firing pin to identify the firearm’s purchaser. Once fired, the purchaser’s information would supposedly be imprinted onto the primer of the spent shell casing. This process doesn’t currently exist, and if the Senate bill does pass during this session, it would become law January 1, 2011.

The only thing this bill will accomplish is a defacto ban on any new firearms in New York State while enabling criminals who use illegal guns.

On Wednesday, June 15, 2010, Mayor Bloomberg exercised his “common sense” and condemned “those who voted ‘no’ on this ‘common sense measure of microstamping any new legally owned firearm’, of listening to the ‘special interests instead of the 100 mayors and 83 police chiefs and law enforcement organizations across New York State who supported it.”

What Bloomberg isn’t telling you is that S6005 would make legal guns suddenly illegal. Does this make “Common Sense”?

History tell us that banning guns is a murderous endeavor enacted and enforced by tyrannical government officials from WWII Germany to modern day South Africa. I personally know of South Africa, my cousin Micheal Rubinek was machine gunned to death there for no reason at all, strict gun control is law of the land there. Furthermore, our great nation was founded by fighting off a tyrannical government…with GUNS. Shall we bow to the crown of England once again?

I am a 28 year career law enforcement officer and Second Amendment advocate. My family miraculously survived Nazi occupation, medical experimentation, etc. in Eastern Europe during World War II by refusing to follow the gun ban and fighting for freedom until and after they escaped. My parents’ story, and those of the millions who perished in the Holocaust, illustrates that gun control is a tool of tyrants.

Let me make points regarding common sense:

  1. Common sense is acknowledging that there is no evidence that a procedure to microstamp a firearm even exists; this technology thus cannot be applied. Common sense is understanding that this law would create a defacto ban on all new legal firearms entering the State of New York.
  2. Mayor Bloomberg represents MAIG, a special interest group representing 100 elected officials with an agenda to curtail the gun rights of law abiding citizens. He absolutely does not represent millions of people who support constitutional rights-regarding possession of firearms or anything else- as they the Mayor would have New Yorkers believe. Common sense tells us the Mayor thinks he can buy his way to gun control as he bought a third term in Gracie Mansion.
  3. 83 “law enforcement” officials who are either appointed or ordered with salary to testify in uniform are hardly representative of thousands of rank and file police officers, active or retired, who are opposed to gun control in general, not allowed to testify in uniform, and positively against microstamping due to the procedure’s non existence and no applicable proof of effectiveness. Furthermore, S6005, which came before the New State Senate this week, made no exemptions for active or retired law enforcement! Mr. Bloomberg would essentially turn active, off duty and retired law enforcement officers into moving targets for criminals, disgruntled parolees, etc.

Is THIS common sense, Mr. Mayor?

Is it common sense to pass a law which would have a negative, and in many cases deadly, impact on millions of law-abiding gun owners while criminals would have no duty to microstamp their illegal firearms and continue to murder police officers and innocent citizens of New York State?

I question the Mayor’s common sense and that of the elected officials who went along with MAIG’s disgusting guise for keeping New Yorkers “safe”: televising the mother of a slain police officer begging to do anything to stop the carnage of New York’s Finest.

The implications of gun control, as proven by the disarmament and genocide of millions of Christians and Jews during WWII, a little over sixty years ago, is once again right before our very eyes.

The face of gun control is Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

IF YOU HAVE COMMON SENSE, YOU WILL VOTE Politicians who vote for this charade out.

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