GMS’s Mike Owens Named to TNT Outdoor Explosion Pro-Staff

GMS’s Mike Owens Named to TNT Outdoor Explosion Pro-Staff

Game Management Solutions
Game Management Solutions

WACO, Texas –-( The wildlife industry’s leading game management technology, GMS announces that its president, Mike Owens, has been named to the pro-staff of TNT Outdoor Explosion, a high-energy reality based outdoor show hosted by Todd Cast and Marty Fischer.

Owens is an avid hunter, and extremely knowledgeable on game management practices.

“I am extremely pleased to be part of the TNT Outdoor Explosion pro-staff,” says Owens.

“While our GMS software is innovative and revolutionizing the wildlife management industry, I feel that Todd and Marty are revolutionizing the way many people view outdoor television. Their commitment to making dream hunts come true for terminally ill children is helping many families live out their lives to the fullest despite very difficult circumstances.”

TNT Outdoor Explosion
TNT Outdoor Explosion

Owens is an avid outdoorsman who began hunting at the age of five with his father and grandfather. He has developed into a very skilled hunter and has hunted game all over the world, from trophy class game in Africa to Caribou in Alaska.

He has also been a pioneer in the game management industry with the GMS software, which is considered by most industry experts to be the most complete, yet ‘easy to use’ game management software on the market today.

Owens recently harvested his second bear during an interesting bow hunting trip in Saskatchewan and his story will be published in the Fall 2010 issue of the Points Journal, the official publication of the American Deer & Wildlife Alliance.

TNT Outdoor Explosion airs on the Pursuit Channel three times a week — Monday at 11:30 p.m., Thursday at 7:00 p.m.; and Sunday at 9 a.m. All times are EST. Along with the real-life experiences seen on TNT Outdoor Explosion, a portion of the show’s season is dedicated to hunts that feature terminally ill children and fulfilling their wishes. For more information, visit

GMS software helps hunting operations and land owners manage properties whose focus is on quality deer and game management (including deer farmers/breeders), organize and maintain all of the pertinent information needed to manage a successful ranch. Innovative and comprehensive, the GMS program allows users to begin quality deer management, track all aspects of a hunting property, develop plans to help maximize herd health, quantify herd ratios, compositions and age structures, develop a wildlife management plan, schedule hunts, record information in the field via Pocket PC technology and much more.

To learn more about GMS game management software, call 254.752.1608, email [email protected] or visit

Located in Waco, Texas, GMS offers technology for successful game management and is the No. 1 Game Management Solution in the Deer Industry. For more information on GMS, call 254.752.1608 or visit

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