NJ Bow Perimeter Bill Up for a Vote – Your Help is Needed

NJ Bow Perimeter Bill Up for a Vote – Your Help is Needed
The antis are out in force to defeat this your call are needed.

NJ Bow Perimeter Bill Up for a Vote - Your Help is Needed
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

TRENTON, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- As many of you know, the 150′ Bow Perimeter bill will be heard in the senate committee on Thursday.

This bill is good public policy and sound ecosystem management in that it helps to cull habituated deer. Better access to deer will not only provide food for families but will also help reduce car/deer accidents and improve the health of our forests and landscapes.

NJOA will have two representatives testifying on behalf of the bill. There will be other conservation organizations that will testify for the bill. Currently, there are more animal extremists (antis) than conservationists contacting committee members in an attempt to defeat the bill.

We are not asking that anyone take off from work to attend the committee hearing, we simply ask that you make a phone call to each committee member. Here’s what NJOA Legislative Liaison, Tom Connors, recommends:

A phone call is superior to an email. Five phone calls should take about three minutes. Here’s your script:

Good day. I’d like to leave a message for Senator XYZ. I’d like him/her to support Senate bill S1181, the bow perimeter bill, when it comes up for a committee vote on June 3rd.

You may possibly be asked for your name and phone number.

NOTE: You can decline to give them either and it will not affect the validity of your support of the legislation.

Say Thank You and move onto the next call.

  • Senator Bob Smith (732) 752-0770
  • Senator Robert Gordon (201) 703-9779
  • Senator Jennifer Beck (732) 933-1591
  • Senator Jim Beach (856) 429-1572
  • Senator Chris Bateman (908) 526-3600

Thanks to all of you for your support. A united group of +800,000 anglers, hunters and conservationists have proven they can make a difference!

Anthony P. Mauro, Sr.
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance: “We’ve got your back!”

JOIN NJOA: http://www.njoutdooralliance.org/support/njoa.html

NJOA – The mission of New Jersey Outdoor Alliance is to serve as a grassroots coalition of outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen dedicated to environmental stewardship. We will champion the intrinsic value of natural resource conservation – including fishing, hunting and trapping, among opinion leaders and policy makers. We will support legislation, and those sponsoring legislation, that provides lasting ecological and social enrichment through sustainable use of the earth’s resources. Visit: www.njoutdooralliance.org

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