NRA’s Darren LaSorte to Speak at Trophy Game Records Awards Banquet

NRA’s Darren LaSorte to Speak at Trophy Game Records Awards Banquet

Exotic Wildlife Association
Exotic Wildlife Association

INGRAM, Texas –-( The Exotic Wildlife Association has announced Darren LaSorte, manager of hunting policy for the National Rifle Association (NRA), will be the featured guest speaker at 32nd Annual Trophy Game Records of the World (TGR) Awards Banquet, hosted by the Exotic Wildlife Association (EWA).

Promoting conservation through commerce, the EWA event will be held on July 16, 2010, through July 17, 2010, at the Inn of the Hills Resort & Conference Center in Kerrville, Texas.

LaSorte, who will speak on the evening of July 17th, is the NRA Manager of Hunting Policy and he coordinates all NRA lobbying on hunting-related matters in all 50 states and Congress. Prior to this position, he successfully lobbied firearms issues in more than a dozen states over his seven years as a State Lobbyist based out of NRA's National Headquarters in Fairfax, Va. A native of Montana, LaSorte has lived and hunted throughout the country.

“Darren LaSorte is an inspiring defender of hunters’ rights and private property rights, and we are very pleased to have him as a guest speaker at the TGR Awards Banquet this year,” says Charly Seale, executive director for the Exotic Wildlife Association. “Darren fights daily against the radical, well-funded anti-hunting organizations and he works to protect and expand hunting opportunities throughout the country. His staunch advocacy for hunting rights has played an important role in supporting the exotic wildlife industry and helps make events such as our annual TGR Awards possible.”

The TGR Awards Banquet will attract hundreds of game ranchers, guides, outfitters, hunters, and exotic animal enthusiasts from around the country. The event will feature exhibitors from around the hunting and wildlife industries, fund-raising auctions, Big Buck Contest, tropaeology school, fun Texas Hold-Em poker tournament, and much more.

Since its inception more than 32 years ago, the Trophy Game Records of the World has received nearly 13,000 entries in the data base. The system is among the most fair and accurate scoring systems in the world today and it remains the only system that honors the game animal for the trophy it has produced. The TGR system is based on geometrically calculating the volume of the antler, horn or tusk and the measurements used in these calculations determine the most accurate possible score. In this system, each animal is measured on its own merits with no deductions for lack of symmetry, and is given full credit for the trophy status it has attained.

The EWA is a non-profit organization dedicated to leading wildlife conservation through commerce. As a part of its public education efforts, the EWA publishes a full-color bimonthly magazine, Exotic Wildlife, which updates EWA members on important news and issues impacting game management and private property rights, as well as an annual publication, Fair Safari. The EWA hosts an annual membership meeting and video animal auction in March and the annual Trophy Game Records of the World Banquet in July.

To learn more about the Exotic Wildlife Association or the Trophy Game Records of the World, call 830.367.7761 or visit

Headquartered in Ingram, Texas, the Exotic Wildlife Association is dedicated to encourage and to expand the conservation of indigenous and non-indigenous hoofstock animals, and to foster development of the alternative livestock market through agricultural diversity. For more information on EWA, call 830.367.7761 or visit

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