PETA Agrees Trap Neuter Release is Bad for Cats

PETA Agrees Trap Neuter Release is Bad for Cats
Rarely do we find ourselves agreeing with PETA of all people and we still have vast disagreements, but on rare occasions the mysteries of the cosmos align and common sense prevails.

TNR Feral Cats Rarely Die of Old Age: Another TNR Cat Road Kill
TNR Feral Cats Rarely Die of Old Age: Another TNR Cat Road Kill
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Norfolk, VA –-( We have long stated that Trap Neuter and Release (TNR) is cruel for animals and the plague of feral cats on the environment is devastating to the natural wildlife, especially game birds, small mammals and reptiles.

In a past feature article titled “TNR for Feral Cats is Horribly Cruel” we looked at primary problems of TNR.

  • Feral Cats Are an Invasive Species:
  • Feral Cats Spread Rabies:
  • Feral Cats in the Wild is Animal Cruelty:

Now PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, agrees and has posted a fact sheet on their website in support of removing feral cats fro the environment: “Feral Cats: Trapping Is the Kindest Solution

Some important information from the PETA fact sheet:

“An estimated 70 million feral cats… Although ferals are fearful of humans, they are still members of a domesticated species, and they are ill-equipped to survive on their own. Feral cats do not die of “old age.””

“feral cats can pose a threat to wildlife. In 2002, a colony of rare native Hawaiian sea birds was all but destroyed by feral cats: Over the span of two weeks, nearly 100 birds were killed. The American Bird Conservancy estimates that free-roaming cats kill millions of birds every year and that “for every bird they kill, they kill at least three other animals.”

“Because of the huge number of feral cats and the severe shortage of good homes, the difficulty of socialization, and the dangers lurking where most feral cats live, it may be necessary—and the most compassionate choice—to euthanize feral cats.”

“Please do not allow the prospect of euthanasia to deter you from trapping feral cats. If you leave them where they are, they will almost certainly die a painful death. A painless injection is far kinder than any fate that feral cats will meet if they are left to survive on their own.”

It is rare that we find ourselves in agreement with PETA, but on the subject of feral cats PETA is 100% correct.

Please do everything you can to prevent towns from buying into the failed idea of TNR. It is expensive, horribly cruel for the cats and leads to widespread destruction of the local wildlife, especial game bird populations.

TNR IS bad for Cats and even worse for the environment.

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    1. Someone one on my block is putting cat traps up I have 7 cats I love them as they were a part of my family they have there shots and have been neutered/spayed. They deserve to have fresh air and enjoy the earth just because some people out there are so about them selves they don’t think that animals desereve there freedom because they do. The smell of fresh air, flowers chasing bugs that sounds so viscous “do these poor babies deserve this?

        1. I do understand but dogs are a little different you can’t lease a cat have you tried I am a complete cat lover and will admit I’ve tried. You can make a great yard and contain a yard for a dog but there is no fence or blockage for a cat other than stuffing them in the house .u can walk a dog go places etc.. A cat not so much so let them chase the bugs , roll around in the dirt , try and be sweet they don’t hurt a single person.

    2. I have live in an area filled with people who feed cats . I am over run with rats and raccoons , I cannot keep my dog away from these feeders , They made threats against my dog.. to kill my dog….I hate these people …I have tried everything to prevent my dog from running down the street to this house.. They have called animal control on me because of it ..There must be some way I can fight back. My fence is secure , but on occasion people visit and it gets opened .. My dog can slip a choke chain and a harness…I am not happy with the law the protects these idiots

    3. Anyone who is pro trap “fix” and release of cats is for the depeletion and possible extinction of indigenous species. Anyone who is pro “t-n-r” wants cats to suffer a horrible death and the spread of disease. Duh…why don’t we start t-n-r programs for pitbulls…..why not neuter lifers in prison and set them free ???? there needs to be a line drawn with compassion….I see PETA finally has (((OMG))).

      1. Humans in prison is completely different than a cat and bull dogs ” still a little different cats do not hurt people or still etc…. There animals ” my cats are so smart. And so sweet but they can’t help that people out there feel that there threats we eat cow pig etc… So are we going to cause them to go extinct cats eat birds mice that’s what there supposed to eat as animals it’s part of a cycle

      2. I am a veterinary technician and have been working in the spay and neuter business for a long time. It’s what I wanted to do ever since I moved to the south and was made aware of the overpopulation problem with feral cats. It is personally offensive to read that being a supporter of TNR reduces me to an animal abusing, problem causing piece of crap. From living and working in different cities I have seen with my own eyes what specific problems exist and what solutions work based on what is actually going on, not presumably. When we talk about overpopulation in shelters – there actually are enough homes to go around for the domesticated and non aggressive animals that are surrendered or found lost as strays. With more education and outreach programs, as many I have been involved with are realizing and doing, more pets get adopted and are sterilized and vaccinated ready to go and the owners learn the importance of this. Killing in shelters for the sole reason of lack of space can be eradicated in time if we make the right decisions. When it comes to the feral cats, it’s a totally different ballgame. They are not domestic any longer, they are animals thriving in the wild. Trapping and killing is an approach that could be taken, but again impossible to fully get the job done due to a plethora of factors. It also seems sort of wasteful to just end a wild life because it is already there…I love TNR and have been a part of it from the medical side for years. We work with so.many amazing rescues, individuals, groups, and companies dedicated to making TNR a successful alternative to overpopulation and euthanization. The problem – feral cats are multiplying quickly, because that is what cats do. They are there because many people aren’t educated about spay and neuter or pet responsibility, resulting in the cats reverting to wild habits over time to form feral colonies. Feral cats may be consuming small mammals to survive, and I realize to some that is a problem, but out here that isn’t really a complaint. The issue is their numbers. By mapping out their locations and keeping track of numbers, we go out and trap trap trap. When they come in, we cover them and keep them in a quiet, dark room with feliway plug ins to reduce stress. Then we anesthetize and perform physic exams. Any feral in poor condition that the doctor deems unable to fend for itself or thrive in the wild we will euthanize, which is a surprisingly small number. Trapped young enough, many rescues will socialize and adopt kittens out. That is how I have my cat today. The rest, we spay or neuter, vaccinate with FVRCP, 3 year rabies, and give an ear tip. We also treat any wounds or parasites at the time as well as URIs. They are watched overnight until the anesthesia wears off and the incision has had some time to heal, and they are able to go back about to their lives. A sterilized, vaccinated cat poses no threat to anyone. Slowly, the colony becomes sterile and lives out their lives and at the end, are unable to create new additions. It just makes sense. With the grants available and donations, we are able to do all this without suffering and still able to run the rest of the business for the public. Why end a life that can be lived happily in the wild. All wild animals are at risk of death from uncontrollable causes, but not all die in brutal car crashes. Many are able to lay happily in the sun and cuddle together in the winter for warmth. We have made huge steps in our community with TNR and I stand by that.

    4. I believe PETA and AmmoLand have succumbed to the political correctness cadre. When political correct liberals don’t like guns, they don’t want anyone to have them and when conservative people don’t like guns, they don’t purchase them. When liberals don’t like newborn humans they prefer to abort them at any point during pregnancy. They never practice any kind of rational means to help prevent a problem through education, abstinence, or common sense. It’s always to kill the result of misinformed behavior. I wonder if there are any stats on the usefulness of outright capture and kill over TNR? But then why use stats when political correctness calls for killing all unwanted critters; human or mammal?

    5. Totally true. Cats are a domestic species and should be kept indoors or supervised while outside. We don’t just release feral dogs, or pigs, so why should we do it with cats?
      Native wildlife has not developed the mechanisms to live alongside non-native predator species. This causes an imbalance and can decimate local wildlife populations. Native predator-prey fluctuations are normal and maintain an ecological balance and biodiversity. No balance can exist between domestic cats (an exotic species) and native wildlife in the environment.
      Reabandonment of these cats through TNR is abuse and mis-treatment of the cats. It is even worse for the environment.
      We do not live in a “No Kill” world. Sorry, but the humane and responsible decision is to euthanize feral cats. Why not? I’m a veterinary technician and wildlife rehabilitator and I have to euthanize many wild animals and birds I receive who are maimed and suffering due to being caught by the roaming domestic cat.
      TNR needs to be banned.

    6. But lets not forget PETA doesn’t want the ownership of any animal! I have heard PETA people support releasing domesticated animals into the wild because in captivity they are “slaves”. PETA actually hates animals, especially pets, so I don’t understand why so many pet owners support them!

    7. Cats have been domesticated to assist humans against rodents for thousands of years. And to be companion animals to humans. And they have a loving, fun and intelligent energy.
      The abuse and mis-treatment of feral cats, and other cats, by human beings is just another example of humans being weak and pathetic, and really quite mean spirited.

      This needs to be said, even though not much will change.

    8. I own a cat, I also have a feral cat problem in our town. No one wants to seem to pay for all these plans. PETA kills 95% of all cats sent to its shelters, yes look it up, with 22 l.r. at 8 cents a round, I found the answer to your problem.

    9. Luke in letter #2 . For someone who is complaining about other peoples spelling, you spelled brainiac wrong. Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house

    10. While I don’t agree with TNR, I think its silly to bring up the fact that feral cats don’t die of old age, as wild animals rarely die of old age either, yet we don’t kill raccoons and possums to save them from their fate. Most don’t even live to be old enough to breed.

      Personally, I do not understand the logic behind TNR. We wouldn’t go and capture all the non-native reptiles in FL, neuter them (even if it was possible), then release them back in the wild to roam wherever they want.

      What about the cats at the pound? Why is it okay for shelters to euthanize millions of perfectly friendly cats a year, but not feral ones?

      If I found a stray chihuahua, neutered it, then dumped it somewhere I’d be fined. Why are cats different?

      If people want to do TNR, then the feral cats should be kept contained on private property, and cats in general should be expected to be confined to their owner’s property like dogs, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, horses, goats, snakes, iguanas, etc. are.

    11. Ammoland:
      There’s no feel good policies where TNR is concerned. Believe me it’s hard work but it — has — to — get — done. For over a century we have been trying, (and miserably failing), at exterminating every outdoor cat and as you can see extermination ain’t working my friend. Australia did it and they had the biggest outbreak in history of rodents. And now they are back at having feral cats but this time implementing TNR since they learned their lesson. So what do you suggest gets done instead? We know TNR works. It stops the breeding in it’s tracks, then cats die through natural attribution. I ask this in a curious serious way.

      See, TNR needs to be a community widespread effort for it to take care of all feral cats in a humane long term way once and for all, (with the threat of rodent infestation), but if there are lobby groups flashing their millions in Congress this will never get done.

      The world is so full of corruption, kickbacks, bribes and payoffs that it would blow anyone’s mind. It would be to much for any layman to comprehend. These so called studies of yours, or rather the American Bird “Conservancy” etc, lobby run organizations, PAY for their own “studies” to say what they need them to say…..or the funding is cut off. C’mon no one can be that naive. This truth in science you speak of are PAID studies funded by the ones who pay for those very same studies. It’s called big business my friend.

      Corruption is everywhere big business lurks it’s ugly head. Money talks. It’s in the FDA, Pharmaceutical industry, food industry,etc.

      So are you saying the cats we have at home as pets are invasive species? Because, ya know, feral cats are the same species as the cats who live in our home. Feral cats are not a new phenomenon, just a bit shy and scared since as kittens they didn’t have that human touch. That’s all, no big deal.

      As far as rabies goes, a single dose of a rabies vaccine, (which is part of TNR), provides multiple years of protection. What’s interesting is those wealthy bird “conservation” groups will never tell anyone that even if a tiny few number of feral cats had rabies, (which they don’t), it’s virtually impossible to get bitten by a feral cat because they run from humans, ya know because their scared. They never, ever, ever confront anybody. The last confirmed cat to human transmission of rabies occurred in 1975, ONE, and that was by a house cat. I’m laughing at the misinformation that’s out there about feral cats.

      So when you get a second please answer my two questions as I’m doing my best to see your side to this.

    12. Man is the most selfish animal that exists. First we brought feral cats on our ships 10,000 years ago to help keep the rodents out of our food. Now we don’t see a need for community feral cats so our mentality changes. Typical.

      H Kirkpatrick,
      Of course cats are making noise at night! That’s a mating behavior. They need to be spayed or neutered. There are humane ways to keep cats out of your precious gardens and lawns and off your shiny red cars. Alley Cat Allies will show you how on their website. With that said: TNR caregivers must do TNR correctly and be available in the area/neighborhood they are caring for the cats. I and my wife are and it goes smooth as butta. Started out with 15 cats and through natural attribution we are down to 4 cats. If more communities did TNR can you imagine the LOW numbers of feral and stray cats?

      Remember cats are rodent specialists and not bird specialists. We–humans– are the cause of the dwindling bird population with our selfish bird habitat destruction (wildlife in general). Don’t forget about the masses of chemicals and pesticides that we throw in the air, etc. Not saying cats never catch a bird but to blame them for the dwindling bird population is all propaganda of the multi million bird “conservation” groups who lobby Congress to spread propaganda like this crap of an “article.”

      Ammoland: Instead of pushing your propaganda why don’t you give thanks to the hard working volunteers who are out DOING SOMETHING to control the cat population with TNR, many times out of our own pockets which I am happy to do. We all have the same goal and that’s to lessen the number of community feral and stray cats. So stop with your propaganda.

      1. Were sorry you are uncomfortable reading the truth. We know there are a lot of “volunteers for TNR” and we are amazed that seemingly intelligent people can continue to put so much effort behind such an environmentally damaging program.

        The truth is science trumps feel good policy’s everyday…TNR has no basis in science.

    13. Cats as we know them were never “wild” and therefore have no true place in our environment as do raccoons for example. That is a false comparison. Moreover if I trap and kill a raccoon, will anyone complain? Cats are so predatory that they kill birds and other small animals even if they are not hungry. They defecate and dig in flower gardens and lawns, they make noise at night as well. What is truly annoying is that many owners of domestic cats do not seem to realize that they should have a collar and be tagged, so one will know which cats are domestic. In a perfect world all the feral cats would be captured and killed, or simply killed.

      H. K.

      1. That is a horrible crazy thing to say. Feral cats deserve to live. And by the way TNR does work. Your comments are idiotic.

    14. I have living in my yard a whole litter of 2nd generation feral kittens. The cost to spay them is way too high, and in the surrounding area no one wants to adopt them.

      Gina want some kittens? I think there are three left.

      p.s. I think the state should fine the bejesus out of irresponsible

      1. I don’t know where u live but u can try googling vets in ur area that s/n stray/ferel cats at a discount. Many vets participate in a program where once or twice a month they offer this service for around $20. Many rescue agencies will help u with this as they usually have an account with a local vet. It’s so worth the money 2 s/n even a few of them. U will be eliminating unnecessary suffering. Good luck 2 u.

    15. As a Feral colony caretaker, I don’t even know what to say to this…Not who I’d expect to be hearing this from. Trap, Neuter and Return is the best thing we can do for these poor babies.

    16. * Every comment misses the following VITAL point:
      If people don’t FEED feral cats, their population will not keep rising – rather it will fall.

      Feral cats, especially those not living near restaurants and dumpsters, cannot get enough food to A) bear large litters and B) raise lots of healthy young.

      Denying feral cats the supplemental food that bleeding hearts give them will do more to control their population than all the trapping in the world.

      FOOD is the key – don’t feed feral cats!

      1. Jim smith, so letting them starve 2 death is the answer? That’s a very cruel & ignorant attitude. I’m all for s/n when a ferel cat can be properly taken care of, otherwise it’s more humane 2 put them down. I’ve helped many ferel cats so i know how hard life can be 4 them on thier own. Society needs 2 be educated @ the realities of ferel cats & come 2gether 4 a humane, affordable solution 2 ease thier suffering.

    17. Hey Luke Thomas, If a free neuter/spay service is the solution why don’t YOU start one? Maybe because you are not at Vet? No facility to do it in? Both of those cost money. If feral cats breed faster than they can be trapped and killed, then they breed faster than they can be trapped and neutered as well, and the neutered one actually maintains the population rather than decreasing it. In reality TNK is cheaper than TNR. To reduce a population one must REDUCE the population. Whether you love or hate cats has no bearing on the costs.

    18. There is plenty of evidence supporting the effectiveness of TNR. Moreover, it’s ludicrous to say a feral cat is “domestic” and should, therefore, be exterminated while a raccoon is a “wild” animal. Domestic and wild are relative terms that don’t apply across the board. Some cats can live comfortably with human beings in a house and some cannot but the basic nature of the cat has not changed. If a cat lives in the wild for a generation, he/she may become more similar to a wild cat than a tiger that has been raised with human beings and has not lived in the wild.

      As for invasive species: the most invasive species is hands-down the human being. Humans have destroyed more wild animals, including birds, than any other animal & it is the human lifestyle that is primarily responsible for destruction of animal habitat. Humans don’t generally live with nature as do feral cats and other animals – they try to dominate nature and in so doing cause tremendous destruction. The best solution for all animals would be for humans to enclose themselves in some kind of fenced area or cage and to live exclusively in that area. The rest of the land should be left free for non-human animals. If humans tire of living in a fenced area, it should be acceptable for them to request “euthanasia” of themselves.

      As for AmmoLand, I suspect you dislike feral cats out of fear that they’ll compete with your unnecessary and cruel attempts to hunt birds & other creatures – don’t the facts indicate that hunters have caused the extermination of numerous bird species?

    19. Molly;

      Your logic is typical of TNR cool-aid drinkers.

      You say there is not enough man power to trap and kill but you have enough man power to repeatedly trap, care for, RELEASE and do it all over again…?

      Next you insist that cats are “Wild Animal”. Name one place in the world where Domesticated Cats are naturally found in the wild..? That is just stupid.

      What these feral cats are is an invasive species, just like Killer Bees or Rats and should be exterminated. Using your same logic all the Pythons and Iguanas loose in FL should be trapped, given a check up and a nice warm stay in a comfy kennel and released.

      The solution IS Trap and Kill, you are welcome to keep trapping and RELEASING cats back in to the environment but the tide is turning, common folks are waking up to the nightmare that is TNR and are starting to demand sound conservation logic to be applied to solve the problem.

      1. “power to repeatedly trap, care for, RELEASE and do it all over again…?” What do you mean do it all over again? You can spay/neuter more than once??? There are no more offspring, they die off, no more colony in a couple of years. Kind of like the shaker religion, they didn’t believe in marriage/sex, there are no more Shakers. Nice furniture though!

    20. I agree with posters so far, trap and kill does not work because no one can afford the time and money it costs to do it right. Trap-neuter-return has the SAME end result in mind as trap and kill, NO feral cats- but their power is in thousands of hours of volunteer time, DAILY surveillance on volunteer hours, and return of the cats to the environment they know and undertsand as the wild animals that they are, to live out their lives. No one in their right mind recommends rounding up all the raccoons in a neighborhood becuase they are rabies resevoirs and they must eke out their existence as wild animals foraging for food and being hit by cars. The only difference between a wild raccoon and a wild, feral cat is that people have cats as pets, and beleuve a cat is only happy or only deserves to live as a pet. Confronted with the reality that doing something is better than doing nothing, then taking advantage of thousands of unpaid volunteer hours to control the feral cat population through TNR is infinitely more useful than doing nothing at all, or throwing a few dozen hours at an immense problem. If you are not part of a solution, you are part of the problem. Let the volunteers who are willing to reduce feral cat populations humanely on their own time, do their work. Support it, don’t villify it. Because you, as a taxpayer, simply cannot afford a comprehensive EFFECTIVE trap and kill solution.

    21. Luke Thomas is absolutely right. Whether you like it or not there are more cats in the wild than workers to trap and kill. In the interim cats are breeding and kittens are being born to fill the coffers of the wild cat population. While tnr may not be the best alternative it is better than none and does help strays and ferals. Cats in a managed colony can live a very long time in the wild, I have a managed colony in which cats have lived for 8 years. Any cat roaming is at risk of death from traffic and wild life. Tnr helps cut down on cats roaming to find mates and cats who are fed generaly stay in the vicinity of their feeding station. You will never be able to trap and kill enough cats to make a significant dent in the wild population.

      As for rabies, cats are not the most common carrier; far more foxes, coyotes and raccoons carry this virus and pass it on. Cats in a colony that have been vaccinated are not a huge risk, and the rabies vaccine last far longer than the purported 1-3 years.

      While it is true that ferals kill wildlife the kill numbers are vastly over estimated. Lack of habitat and pesticides are probably the number one killer of birds and wildlife. Not to mention native species such as foxes and coyotes.

      Let’s get real and support programs that really work to make a difference. Sticking our heads in the sand like ostriches accomplishes nothing and the people who propose trap and kill have never done tnr so have no basis on which to base their ideas. Let’s work together to solve this problem Jeanne Lesko

    22. This comment goes to the alleged brainaics or semi-intelligent people at Ammoland:

      Do you need a dictionary to learn how to spell properly in your articles? This might give you a little more credibility. Please provide an address and I’d be glad to donate one. Learning how to use it to spread your line of crap is something however I cannot help with.

      I’ll give you just one hint – plague not plauge.


    23. Homeless cats always lose. But they aren’t going away. Most people don’t like the thought of killing cats so they just don’t collect them and take them to the pound (they are not adoptable), or just don’t want to bother with them. Frankly I would rather have sterile wandering cats than breeding wandering cats. Because either way they are not going away and cats breed a lot faster than animal control can kill them.

      You CANNOT propose legalizing shooting cats because the Counties AND State WILL get sued once someone’s pet is shot. I know if someone shot my cat (if it accidentally escapes) I will not hesitate to file litigation and bring multiple law suits against all parties involved.

      The solution is free spay/neutering services. I guarantee if you have free spay/neutering services people will bring in cats by the truckload. It costs animal control about $100 from impounding to killing a cat.

      I’ve tried for two years in a row to get low cost_free spay/neuter bills passed in Florida – there is an estimated 5 million stray and feral cats in Florida and they are breeding. This would have saved millions of cats, but the bills failed two years in a row. It would have been funded with animal cruelty animal ordinance surcharges so it would not have cost tax payers anything. Sad.

      1. Totally agree why not spend that extra money to help people who really love and care about there pets and don’t want to recluse them like prisoners because of mean people and In my opinion way to much weird extra time to have cats sent to the pound when they may be a pet or just a feral cat that is completely harmless if feral or a pet they are not trying to hurt anyone so why are people trapping and hurting them I had to pick my baby up today from the animal control and he’s clawed up on his face its sad that this is aloud when people are using it to be despiteful instead of the right reasons and honestly even feral cats ant that big of a threat use the water hose isn’t that easier than luring them in a trap with food and sending them to the animal control where they get took away from there home or if strays put away is that necessary

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