Practical Unarmed Combatives Volume 3

Practical Unarmed Combatives Volume 3
Low-Line Destructions and Secrets of the Silat Triangle.

Stay Safe Media
Stay Safe Media

Lafayette, CO –-( Stay Safe Media, LLLP is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its newest self-defense training DVD featuring renowned personal protection instructor Michael D. Janich.

Practical Unarmed Combatives Volume 3 is a continuation of the dynamic theme established in the first two volumes of the Practical Unarmed Combatives series. It focuses on Michael Janich’s unique expression of low-line tactics and provides the most logical, easy-to-understand instruction in the triangular footwork and off-balancing tactics of Indonesian pentjak silat ever captured on video.

Damithurt Silat is not an esoteric Asian martial art. Literally pronounced “Damn, it hurts a lot!” it is Michael Janich’s brutally practical and unapologetically irreverent system of modern self-defense. The result of more than 30 years of training, research, and analysis of the world’s most effective fighting arts, Janich’s curriculum does the homework for you—boiling empty-hand tactics down to the critical skills that you really need to survive a violent encounter.

Practical Unarmed Combatives Volume 1 lays the groundwork for your self-protection skills by teaching you a single combative sequence that can be used both preemptively and defensively to counter dozens of the most common street attacks. It also reveals the secret of “physiological potential,” a concept that allows you to harness the full power of every body motion and apply it as a spontaneous combative technique. You’ll also learn the dynamic power of “cycling,” devastating low-line knees and kicks, and sure-fire defensive tactics like the “shoulder stop” that take advantage of your body’s natural mechanics and intuitive responses to enable you to fight the way you were meant to fight.

If you’re looking for a truly practical guide to developing logical, functional unarmed fighting skill, this is it.

For academic study only. Color, approx. 1 Hour 11 Minutes
Widescreen Letterbox Format

This DVD is available exclusively from Stay Safe Media, toll free: 866-937-2339, phone: 303-913-8061, fax: 303-926-1501, e-mail: [email protected], web:

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