Vermont’s Biggest Animals Ever To Be Displayed

Vermont’s Biggest Animals Ever To Be Displayed

Vermont’s Biggest Animals Ever To Be Displayed
Vermont’s Biggest Animals Ever To Be Displayed
Outdoors Magazine
Outdoors Magazine

Vermont –-( The 2nd Annual Vermont Big Game Awards Show and Banquet, sponsored by Outdoors Magazine ( will be kicking off Saturday, June 26, at the Elks Club in Montpelier. Trophy Show hours are from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. The Awards Banquet begins at 4:30 p.m.

“Last year it was remarkable to be in a venue filled with tremendous animals that were all harvested in my native state,” said Kyle Scanlon, the editor of Outdoors Magazine.

“Let’s face it, Vermont is not known as a big-buck state, but to see all those heads together … well … it was just something I never thought I would ever see.”

By all reports the second show promises to be even better than the first with dozens of heads on display. Over the past year the VTBGTC has made some tremendous discoveries, and three different 180-inch whitetails all harvested in Vermont will be at the show. These heads have never been displayed anywhere publicly before.

Whitetail lovers will also enjoy seeing some of the best bucks from 2009, as well as a few potential Boone and Crockett heads harvested in the 1940s that will be scored at the show for the first time. In addition, several old favorites will be on hand including the Drew buck, which was just remounted by Bragg’s Taxidermy for the club.

A fine selection of Boone and Crockett moose heads will also be on hand, including Vermont’s current state record. In addition, several bear skulls and mounts will be displayed. The highlight of this category is the Clogston bear that was killed in Coventry, Vt. in 2009 and has set the new Vermont record in terms of skull score.

Those who have previously had a Vermont trophy scored are invited to bring it for display during the competition. Raffles and games will be available for attendees throughout the day.

Immediately following the show will be the awards banquet. A few tickets are still available. Call Curtis Smiley at (802) 849-2986. The cost is $25 per ticket.

Taxidermy on Display
The brand new Vermont Taxidermy Classic will be run as part of the VTBGTC Awards Show. In addition to a room full of Vermont trophy animals, some of the region’s premier taxidermists will be displaying their best work. For more information, visit

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