Archery Trade Organization Board Stands Behind Members-Only Show

Archery Trade Organization Board Stands Behind Members-Only Show

Archery Trade Organization
Archery Trade Organization

New Ulm, Minn. –-( At a recent Board meeting in Washington, DC, ATA Board members reviewed their decision to make the 2011 Trade Show a members-only event and chose to stay the course.

The 2011 Trade Show will be a members-only Show, but with provisions.

“The provisions made are rooted in the recognition that there are different degrees of value to each of the ATA member categories,” said Jay McAninch, ATA CEO/president. “That was central to the Board’s discussions and the outcome are varying dues created to acknowledge those ranging values.”

Examples of varying values include Show attendee groups such as the international members, who do not enjoy the same benefits as American attendees. The list of benefits provided by ATA to members residing in the United States includes over $1million per year of total grant and contract support provided to state and federal agencies to grow archery and bowhunting, input into shooting and hunting regulations, policies and actions for local, state and federal agencies, access to political and legislative leaders and a suite of business and professional services all in addition to the annual ATA Trade Show, the world’s largest archery and bowhunting business and networking event.

Another group, multi-channel -retailers also known as “box stores,” represent a significant group of buyers at the ATA Trade Show. Their dues are tied directly to badges and place a minimum benefit of $200 to gain entry to the Show. Exhibitors have emphasized the importance of this group’s attendance and buying value.

For the independent retailers or dealers who are not currently members, once they join the ATA, they will have the same access — just as long-time ATA members do —to deeply discounted hotel packages, restaurant discounts and eligibility in valuable programs such as the Big Buck Tags. Membership dues for this group are $120 annually and dues include four free badges to the Show. Independent retailers or dealers also receives an access code to book rooms at Retailer Headquarters where rooms range from $99 to $109 per night, are located one block from the convention center and include free parking and internet. A free or discounted breakfast will also be available.

“Our intent is to make sure the Trade Show values are obvious and available to every dealer who has been coming or who wants to attend the Show,” said McAninch. “ The dilemma we face is how to get the most pro shop dealers on the show floor who are solid archery and bowhunting retailers, while preventing the attendance of those who undercut the ATA’s pro shop dealers by operating as “basement bandits” and sell mostly to their friends. There is a dilemma with exhibitors as well, who want as many buyers on the show floor as possible, yet can’t afford to take orders from businesses that aren’t stable enough to make good on an order.”

Response to the announcement of a members-only Trade Show for 2011 was strong among member dealers and most felt the requirement was long overdue. Beginning with the 2011 ATA Trade Show, all exhibitors, retailers, dealers and attendees will be members and thus have a stake in the largest, most diverse archery and bowhunting show in the world. In addition, these same groups will work together to grow archery and bowhunting through the net proceeds of the Show.

For membership dues and Show details, click here. To join the ATA today, you can download membership applications here or call the ATA office toll free at (866) 266-2776, ext. 2.

If you have questions or concerns, please call Maria Lewis toll free at (866) 266-2776, extension 2 or she can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]