Attention All States: Prepare to be Sued Over Wolves

Attention All States: Prepare to be Sued Over Wolves
Animal rights groups learned that introducing wolves translates to major fundraising, & activists are now exploiting the Endangered Species Act.

Attention All States: Prepare to be Sued Over Wolves
Attention All States: Prepare to be Sued Over Wolves
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

MISSOULA, Mont. –-( MISSOULA, Mont –-( —With their latest petition to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, animal rights activists are preparing to sue for federally mandated release of wolves in every state, warn officials with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

David Allen, RMEF president and CEO, says animal rights groups have learned that introducing wolves translates to major fundraising, and activists have found a way to exploit the Endangered Species Act— as well as taxpayer-funded programs that cover lawyer fees —to push their agenda and build revenue through the courts.

“There are now about 100,000 gray wolves in the U.S. and Canada, and over the past few years in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, activists discovered that every wolf is also a cash cow,” said Allen. “If we don’t get some reform in federal laws very soon, we’re all going to be living in Jurassic Park. This is not about saving a lost species. It’s about money and special interest agendas.”

“Americans need to wake up,” he added, “because when you respond to those fundraising letters with photos of cute little wolf pups, you’re writing a check that our country’s rural and traditional lifestyles can’t cash. You’re eroding the fundamentals of America’s model for wildlife conservation.”

Allen said undermanaged wolf populations in the northern Rockies are compromising the health of other wildlife species—especially elk and other prey. In areas of Montana and Idaho where wolves share habitat with elk, calf survival rates now are too low to sustain herds for the future.

“How do animal rights groups who claim to defend wildlife justify elk calf survival rates below 10 percent? Clearly they have another agenda,” said Allen.

Participation in hunting and the funding it generates for conservation also are being negatively affected, as are local economies, livestock production and potentially even human safety.

Continuous lawsuits by activists have setback wolf control and management efforts, compounding problems and costs for states.

“Now imagine bringing these kinds of impacts to more populated states elsewhere in the U.S., and I think we’re looking at an unprecedented wildlife management disaster,” said Allen.

RMEF has helped to successfully restore elk populations in Kentucky, Tennessee, Wisconsin and other states where habitat is suitable and citizens support the effort. Elk restoration is being considered currently in Virginia and Missouri using these same criteria.

“There are two proven ways to restore a species,” said Allen. “Our way is offering to help with funding and expertise so long as the local public wants the species and the state can manage them. The other way is using lawsuits and loopholes to shove a project down people’s throats.”

Animal rights groups filed a petition July 20 complaining that wolves now inhabit just 5 percent of their former range in the U.S., and that wolf populations should be recovered in all significant portions of that range. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) responded by saying that it is reviewing “what is realistic and where the suitable habitat would be.” The agency’s review could be complete by late 2010 or early 2011.

“We urge USFWS to be very cautious in this evaluation and reject the rhetoric of the Center for Biological Diversity, Defenders of Wildlife, Earth Justice, Humane Society of the U.S. and other animal rights groups. Wolf re-introduction in the greater Yellowstone region was a classic example of ‘let’s get our foot in the door and then move the goal line,’ and should be warning enough. This is a fundraising strategy with anti-hunting, anti-ranching, anti-gun impacts, and the public needs to understand and see it for it is,” added Allen.

About the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation:
Snowy peaks, dark timber basins and grassy meadows. RMEF is leading an elk country initiative that has conserved or enhanced habitat on over 5.8 million acres—a land area equivalent to a swath three miles wide and stretching along the entire Continental Divide from Canada to Mexico. RMEF also works to open, secure and improve public access for hunting, fishing and other recreation. Get involved at or 800-CALL ELK.

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    1. What really gets me is the way this non-threatened non-endangered high maintenance killer is promoted….. "they only kill the old, sick & week" This gives the illusion the they kill in a compensatory manor. The truth is that they mostly kill a additive manor!!! They get away with saying this by grouping the healthy young, healthy seriously pregnant cows and does, and healthy bucks after the rut in the "Week" group!!! I encourage the readers to sit in on some of these wolf promotion seminars….. when it comes to what they eat embarrass any biologist that comes across compensatory! I've seen it done and the credibility of the biologist went to zero after a silver tongued gentleman explained to the crowd how the biologist tried to deceive them!

    2. This is not a site for wolf lovers, sorry I took a wrong turn. I will leave now before I am drawn and quartered.

    3. Folks need to realize that "wolf recovery areas" will include private property, farms, ranches and rural towns. We were fooled in Idaho, that the wolves were to be in the "wilderness" – yet here they are now in nearly every part of our state, even in the foothills of our capitol city. Wolves are fully recovered in Idaho.

      We have been observing wolves for a number of years in our neighborhood, and we see them becoming habituated to people. It is eerie to hear them howl from the school yard. It is scary to find wolf tracks following your tracks in the snow. It is unnerving to find wolf scat in your fenced yard. It is terrifying to have wolves chasing your pets!

      Get ready America, wolves are not the elusive "mystic" animals portrayed on TV and movies.

    4. I recently wrote the oregonian news paper a letter to the editor, not to make the same MISTAKES MT, ID, WY have made, our natural predator and wildlife populations and fade'n fast, in some areas moose are GONE, elk with 1 count it ONE calf for 75 cows from last years crop, when I wrote the letter to these unsuspecting folks that it was in kine to dropping Raptors from Jurasic park right smack dab in the middle of the back county that has a equal but hard ballance that was wavering in some areas as it was. just from the bears cats and bob cats, wolverines (which we have but are rare) then add a giant Apex, invasive, non-native specie, that each adult will kill an average of 2 elk a month with 1-2 more as surplus kills (sport kills) packs average 3 to 7 to 10 in established packs, there are quality notable state links that will tell you where the "known" packs are, numbers rtc. Black Bear Blog , in addition to state link sites, as well as private web sites devoted to expose the misdirection of Data, from special interest groups like the "offenders of Wildlife" who have twisted, lied, cheated and stole, your hard earned money, citing that the wolf is the poor victum and by these groups dooping the unsuspected unknowledgable public out of funds to keep there cushy jobs, no wolves….no jobs, so they will do what ever it takes to protect their jobs as fierce as the wolves the claim to want and protect. these people care nothing for any animals, from wolves to the elk, moose, deer,(mountain sheep) which oddly enough in Painted Rocks lake, where we HAD a very strong healthy herd, is almost gone from an unusual disease pnemonia… in regions animals through generations of being in one area, become resistant to there home diseases, now what could have brought a foriegn strain of pnemonia? wolves. Elk sheep deer etc, are creatures of habit, they pretty much stay in the area they are born in, through generations they become immune to the bugs in they're areas. Wolves are wide ranging vectors of disease, not only the ones they themselves carry, but they carry to other wildlife, disease as well, that these unsuspecting herds are not immune to. as food becomes non exsistant for the wolf it will travel to greener pastures, be it your cow or horse pasture, pets yard, or kids back yard, lurking out of sight waiting for a meal. Its just the nature of the beast, a wolf can travel over 100 land miles in a singal night, signaling the pack of a kill if it has one down, now our elk, moose deer have moved close into people for un-natural protection, elk calving at extremely low elevations in cow pastures, next for Forest service buildings, behind federal park housing, scoop and runs in Jasper park in canada in 08, where fed empoyees scoop up the new born elk, run like heck with mama hot on there heals, to a more less populated (habituated ) area, moose giving birth under a residential area "picture windows"…. In Jacksons hole WY, they have errected a fence to keep elk out thus keeps wolves out… whats wrong with this picture, the data is not only glaringly clear but in black and white too boot, the yellowstone herd once 16,000 strong now barely numbers 6,000…. when the main objective in yellowstone was to keep bison infected with bucilosis out of montanas bruc free state, it all back fired horribly, they quickly directed there favorite prey in elk, mainly young healthy elk… not the slow or diseased as these groups want you to believe… so people wake up, do your homework , these figures are REAL, not made up or twisted, or lied about… they are as real as the wolves eating up our wildlife by leaps and bounds, you just have to know where to look! take bits and pieces of each and make your own minds up. NON=NATIVE envasive species means just that. GET RID OF THEM NOW BEFORE IT'S TO LATE, recovery in our life time, aint gonna happen, people think the war is over the seas? it's been dropped into your back yard, the biggest mistake the feds have ever made in the history of the US!

      Paula Raines ( wolf Central)

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