Chicago Police Department Roster of “Unsafe Handguns”

Chicago Police Department Roster of “Unsafe Handguns”

Acme Disintegrating Pistol Banned in Chicago
Acme Disintegrating Pistol Banned in Chicago
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Chicago, IL –-( The City of Chicago released its roster of “unsafe handguns” that cannot be legally possessed in the City because they cannot be registered with the police as one part of obtaining a license to possess a gun, as required under the City’s new gun laws.

But the list is not limited to hand guns as the law is so vague it can be interpreted as to apply to all guns made by a manufacture.

Of comical interest is banning of the deadly Daisy BB Gun Line, probably because of it pure destructive power.

And don't forget Acme. Knowing who we are dealing with here they are probably referring to Acme Corporation from Looney Tunes? The coyote better watch out for Mayor Daley and his thugs now.

So besides a bunch of guns that have not been made in a 100 years what do you see on this list that is funny or raises your eyebrow?  Leave us some comments below.


The following handguns have been specifically disapproved by the Superintendent as unsafe handguns and therefore cannot be registered within the City of Chicago.

Where a model or type is not specifically referenced, all models from the listed manufacturer are deemed unsafe.

  • Acme
  • Acme Arms
  • Aetna
  • Aetna Arms
  • Afflerbach, William H.
  • Ajax Army
  • Alaska
  • Alday & Gabilondo
  • Alert
  • Alexia
  • Alexis
  • All Right Firearms Company
  • Allen
  • Allen, W. C.
  • Alsop, Charles H.
  • America
  • American Arms Co.
  • American Boy
  • American Bulldog
  • American Derringer Corp. — all spur trigger models, derringers, and pen guns
  • American Eagle
  • American Standard Tool Co.
  • Americus
  • AMES Sword Company
  • Andrews Ferry & Co.
  • ARES/ARES Defense Systems — all flashlight gun models
  • Aristocrat
  • Avenger
  • Babcock
  • Bacon Arms
  • Bacon Mfg. Co.
  • Baford Arms — all derringers
  • Ballard, C. H.
  • Bang-Up
  • Beemiller, Inc.
  • Big Bonanza
  • Billings
  • Bismarck
  • Bliss, Frank D.
  • Bloodhound
  • Blue Jacket
  • Blue Whistler
  • Bodeo
  • Bonanza
  • Bond Arms — all models without trigger guards
  • Boss
  • Boy's Choice
  • Brooklyn Arms
  • Brown Mfg. Co.
  • Bruff, Richard P.
  • Brutus
  • Bryco Arms
  • Buffalo Bill
  • Bull Dozer
  • Bulldog
  • Bulls Eye
  • C.S. Shatuck Arms Co.
  • Captain Jack
  • Catello Tribuzio — LAMPO model
  • Centennial
  • Challenge
  • Champion
  • Charles E. Billings — all knife guns or guns with knife attachments
  • Chase, Anson
  • Chicago Firearms Company — Chicago Protector and Protector models
  • Chichester
  • Chieftain
  • Christy, William J.
  • Clerke Products
  • Clipper
  • Cobra Ent.
  • Colt — all derringers
  • Cone, D. D.
  • Connecticut Arms & Mfg. Co.
  • Conqueror
  • Continental
  • Continental Arms Co.
  • Copeland, Frank
  • Covert Arms — all pen guns
  • Cowles & Smith
  • Cowles & Son
  • Creedmore
  • Crescent
  • Crescent Firearms Co. — all spur trigger models
  • Crispin, Silas
  • Crowell, George G.
  • Crown Jewel
  • CSG — all flashlight gun models
  • Cummings, O. S.
  • Czar
  • D. Debouxtay
  • Daily Arms Co.
  • Daisy
  • Daniel Werner — all knife guns or guns with knife attachments
  • Davis Ind.
  • Dead Shot
  • Defender
  • Defiance
  • Delhaxhe — Knuckleduster model
  • Deringer Rifle & Pistol Works
  • Dickinson, E. L. & J.
  • Dictator
  • Dreadnaught
  • Driscoll, J. B.
  • Eagle
  • Earlhood
  • Earthquake
  • Eclipse
  • Edward Boardman and Andrew Peavey — Little All Right models
  • Elector
  • Electric
  • Empire
  • Empress
  • Encore
  • Enterprise Gun Works
  • Ernst Schmidt & Co.
  • Esprin Brothers
  • Ethan Allen
  • Eureka
  • Evans, James E.
  • Evans, W. S.
  • Excelsior
  • Express
  • Favorite
  • Firearms Import Export (F.I.E.)
  • Fish, Daniel
  • Folsom Bros. & Co.
  • Forehand & Wadsworth — all spur and sheathed trigger models
  • Forehand Arms Co. — all spur and sheathed trigger models
  • Frank Copeland
  • Frank Wesson Arms
  • Freedom Arms — all sheathed trigger models
  • Frontier
  • Fryberg, Andrew
  • G.R.A.D. — all knife guns or guns with knife attachments
  • Garate Brothers
  • Garbi, Moretti, Y, CIA, (GMC)
  • Garrison
  • Gem
  • Genez, August G.
  • German Resel — all knife guns or guns with knife attachments
  • Governor
  • Great Western Gun Works
  • Gross Arms Co.
  • Guardian
  • Half-Breed
  • Hard Pan
  • Harrington & Richardson (H&R) — all spur, stud, and sheathed trigger models
  • Harrington and Richardson — all knife guns or guns with knife attachments
  • Hartford Arms Co.
  • Hartley and Graham — Squeezer and Protector models
  • Haskell Mfg., Inc.
  • Henrion, Dassy, & Heuschen, (HDH)
  • Hi-Point Firearms
  • HJS Arms, Inc.
  • Hood Firearms Co.
  • Hopkins & Allen — all sheathed trigger models
  • Horseman's — all knife guns or guns with knife attachments
  • Hungarian — Mini Max – 9 model
  • Hyde & Shattuck
  • Iberia Firearms, Inc.
  • Imperial Arms
  • International
  • Irving, William
  • Iver Johnson — all sheathed trigger and ‘knuckle’ attachment models
  • J. Ductworth — Protector model
  • J. P. Sauer and Sons of Suhl — Bar Pistol model
  • J. Stevens — all sheathed trigger models
  • J.H. Johnson
  • James Reid Revolvers — Friend, My Friend, Model #2 Knuckle-Duster, New Model Knuckle-Duster, and New Model
  • My Friend models
  • James Rodgers — all knife guns or guns with knife attachments
  • James Turbiaux — Le Protector model
  • Jennings, Inc.
  • Jewel
  • Jimenez Arms, Inc.
  • John Vittie — all pen gun models
  • Johnson Bye & Co.
  • Jose Aldazabal & Sons
  • Joseph Rodgers & Sons — all knife guns or guns with knife attachments
  • Jules Bertrand
  • Keno
  • Kittemaug
  • L. Dolne Invur — Apache Knuckleduster model
  • L.E. Polhemus Manufacturing Company — all knife guns or guns with knife attachments and all pen gun models
  • Le Francais — Gaulois model
  • Leader
  • Lee Arms Co.
  • Liberty
  • Lion
  • Little All Right Firearms Co.
  • Little Giant
  • Little John
  • Little Joker
  • Lombard, H.C. & Co.
  • Lorcin Engineering Co., Inc.
  • Louis Chobert
  • Louis Dolne — APACHE model
  • Lowell Arms Co.
  • Maltby-Curtis — all spur trigger models
  • Maltby-Henly
  • Manufrance — Gaulois and Mitrailleuse models
  • Marlin
  • Marquis of Lorne
  • Merrimack Arms
  • Merveilleux — Repeating Pistol model
  • Merwin & Bray
  • Minneapolis Firearms Company — Protector model
  • Mohegan
  • Monarch
  • Monitor
  • Moore’s Patent Firearms Company — all derringers
  • Morai
  • Morgan & Clapp
  • Mountain Eagle
  • Napoleon
  • National
  • National Arms Co.
  • Nero
  • New York Pistol Co.
  • Nonpareil
  • North American Arms, (NAA) Mini-Series — all spur trigger models
  • Norwich Arms Co.
  • Norwich Falls Pistol Co.
  • Norwich Pistol Co.
  • Old Hickory
  • Osgood Gun Works
  • Paragon
  • Parole
  • Patriot
  • Peavey — all knife guns or guns with knife attachments
  • Penetrator
  • Phoenix Arms
  • Pickert — all folding trigger models
  • Pinafore
  • Pioneer
  • Pittson Arms Co.
  • Pointer
  • Praga — all folding trigger models
  • Prarie King
  • Premier
  • Prescott — all sheathed trigger models
  • Princess
  • Protector
  • Queen
  • R. J. Braveman Corporation — all pen gun models
  • Ranger
  • Raven Arms
  • Reck
  • Regnum — Repeating Pistol model
  • Reid — all sheathed trigger models
  • Remington — all sheathed trigger models
  • Retolaza — all revolvers
  • Retriever
  • Rigby — Knuckleduster and Stricker models
  • Rob Roy
  • Robin Hood
  • Rocky Mountain Arms Corp — all Mini-Revolver spur trigger models
  • Rodier, Louis C.
  • Rohm/RG Industries
  • Rollin White — all spur trigger models
  • Rome Revolver & Novelty Works
  • Rouchouse — French Squeezer model
  • Royal
  • Royal Small Arms Factory
  • Rupertus
  • Ryan Mfg. Co.
  • S.P. Cottrell and Son — all flashlight gun models
  • Sailors — all knife guns or guns with knife attachments
  • Scott Arms Co.
  • Scout
  • Senator
  • Shatuck — UNIQUE model
  • Sig Sauer — Mosquito only
  • Smith & Wesson — all spur trigger models
  • Smith, Otis
  • Smoker
  • Sneider, Charles E.
  • Southerner
  • Spy
  • Stafford, T. J.
  • Stallard Arms
  • Standard Arms
  • Standard Tool Co.
  • Stans Gunsmithing — all pen gun models
  • Stinger Manufacturer Corporation — all pen gun models
  • Sundance Industries
  • Swamp Angel
  • Taylor, L. B.
  • Terrier
  • Terror
  • Terry, J. C.
  • Thomas J. Ryan
  • Tiger
  • Tower's Police Safety
  • Tramp's Terror
  • True Blue
  • Turner & Ross
  • Two Unwin & Rodgers — all knife guns or guns with knife attachments
  • Tycoon
  • U.M.C. Arms Co.
  • U.S. Arms Co.
  • Uhlinger, W.L.& Co.
  • Uhlinger, William P.
  • Union
  • Union Jack
  • Union Revolver
  • Unique
  • United States Small Arms Company — all knife guns or guns with knife attachments
  • Unwin & Rodgers of Sheffield — all knife guns or guns with knife attachments
  • Veiled Prophets
  • Veteran
  • Veto
  • Victor
  • Victoria
  • Waffen-Glaser — all pen gun models
  • Walther — P22 only
  • Webber Pistol — Squeezer model
  • Wesson & Harrington
  • Wesson Frank — Large Frame Superposed pistol
  • Wesson, Frank
  • Western Arms Co.
  • White Jacket
  • White Star
  • Whitney Arms Co.
  • Wide Awake
  • Wilhelm Decker
  • William and John Rigby — Striking Weapon Pistol model
  • William Irving
  • William W. Marston — all knife guns or guns with knife attachments
  • Winfield Arms Co. — all spur trigger models
  • XL
  • Xpert
  • You Bet
  • 100 thoughts on “Chicago Police Department Roster of “Unsafe Handguns”

    1. Did the city of Chicago really test all of these and determined them to be unsafe, or is the list arbitrary?

      What were the testing procedures, what were the standards, who did the testing, and were the guns submitted by the companies themselves? Were they all new examples of current models that are even available for sale?

      If not, these companies might have a case for discrimination by the city of Chicago.

    2. I totally agree with the ban on the notorious “Boy’s Choice” line of firearm. Many of them were manufactured to fire the deadly 1 mm “Booger” round and clearly have no sporting purpose.

    3. Rick is absolutely right! The “Booger” round has no sporting purpose, and is useless for self-defense unless your attacker is a 12 year old girl who is easily repulsed.

    4. Walther P22? What is unsafe about that one? It has at least four safeties, and won’t fire with the mag removed… unless they consider that “unsafe.”

      Walther P22

    5. I fail to see what is unsafe about the Sig Mosquito. Mine is only dangerous if I through it at you because it is so picky about the ammo you use that it hardly ever works.

    6. Remember that this is Chicago, so many companies on the list do not have contact information to send the extortion letter to.

    7. >>> “did the city of Chicago really test all of these and determined them to be unsafe, or is the list arbitrary?” <<<

      What planet are you from?

      Let me explain. This is the radical (MARXIST) left doing what they want to do because nobody can, or will stop them from doing it. Happens all the time.

      No, they didn't bother testing them. Yes, they will produce an "expert" or 3 at any hearing on the matter and no they won't tell the truth either.

      Regarding the application of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, they don't mean a damn thing, and will be gotten rid of at the first opportunity, if they can't redefine the meanings contain therein, to mean exactly the opposite, of what the founders intended.

      There is no accountability, except that provided within the document, for just such occasions as the government ignoring, the rights contained therein.

      The government doesn't like, or want the second amendment (or most of the rest of them) around anymore because they have other ideas about how things ought to be, and who should be in charge. Elections are about to become optional or meaningless because they can't win without cheating and your vote won't mean squat, when we get all these new "comprehensive" citizens.

      The latter, (who's in charge) isn't you and the former, (how things ought to be) isn't conceived by virtue of the founders, or any form of constitutional though that isn't contrived to obtain it.

      In short they lie and will continue to do so, until they get what they want, and they will be protected from political harm, by their media/propaganda and indoctrination capabilities for as long as it takes. They mean to have this their way, and will do and say anything to get it, and that really is all you need to know about this.

      The question is if they will be allowed to proceed.

      There is absolutely no one on our side. No one who will not sell us and these document out, at the first opportunity. If they are to be saved. and the country as well, it will be up to us to do it. There is no one else.

      Maybe you'll want to gas up and leave before there isn't any gas left or you can't afford it.

    8. Good grief!!! This is just FUNNY as HELL!!! Looks to me like you-guys did NOT allow ANY SAFE guns.Also seems to me, you-all just want FULL CONTROL. Well …I DON’T THINK SO.

    9. It’s comforting to know that the criminals in Chicago may only use high quality, reliable, powerful handguns. What a relief! I feel so much safer now!

    10. I wonder just how long it will take for the people of CHicago and the remainder of the State of Illinois to wake up and toss those criminal miscreants running their city and state?

      WHy do not the state legislators put their foot down and pass a state preemption law that will put Daley and his goonsquads in their rightful place? It would be SO simple…. and effective. It would be the instant end of Daley’s grandstanding and tyranny. And save the taxpayers of Chicago and Cook County a TON of tax money. How long does this charade continue before the people of Illinois shake their lawmakers awake and TELL them to deal with that upstart lakeside village run by idiots?

    11. The people need to rise up and let these idiots know who runs this country we all do.Dont vote the idiot in next time.Hope the state legislators put them in there place.

    12. While I oppose the list completely, there is no reason Kel-Tecs should have been on it. Although they are not expensive, they are well-made, fine for personal defense and carry a lifetime warranty.

    13. What did you expect from far-leftist Emperor “DICK” Daley II and his cronies?

      Walther P-22? Sig Mosquito? Ok, so those CAN be picky about ammo, but unsafe arms? Unsafe for who? Only the Career Criminal that gets an @zz-Whooping from Mr. & Mrs. Private Citizen because his gun didn’t fire.

      Maybe Chicago will suffer the fate that most of us wish on The Peoples Socialist Republik of Kalifornia…an earthquke will cause Chikago to break off from ILL-inois and slide into the lake….

    14. That list is not too bad. At least I can still carry my milkshake straw that shoots quarter inch sized pre chewed paper projectiles that stick to the ceiling. By the way, Mc Donald’s straws shoot a three eighths inch projectile. (Way more dangerous because of the higher caliber).

    15. We all know the usual diatribe concerning gun control. Both the pro’s and the cons. I have but one question that will ultimately settle the entire issue once and for all. Our birthright is to be armed. The One who created us bestowed that right upon us. What human being has more power than The Creator? What Force gave any human being, or collective of human beings, the inherent right to dictate to others their ability to live their lives as they see fit without interference from others sworn to uphold and protect that ability to do so? The problem with limiting a right is where does it stop? Logic dictates that cultures evolve. Note the change in venue concerning firearms ownership over the past decade. The adage that when injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty. Simple. We, as a People, need to understand that strength lies in numbers, and in numbers, we can simply start ignoring the unjust firearms laws imposed upon our society. What will the opponents do? Attack us? Rule of law is a necessity. But an unjust law has no moral standing in a system of laws. Period.

    16. The list does not include addresses of each establishment.
      Maybe most of these are locale unreliable suppliers the city has used in the past. I think the city will be in trouble when their police and local officials (judges with handguns) won’t be able to purchase or repair their weapons.

    17. Quite the interesting list. I find it quie ironic that they, (Chicago) would not allow S&W, Remington, UMC handguns. THEY ARE THE FOUNDATION OF THE NATION! From when the Supreme Court ruling was handed down, there is no way or means that legitimate and unbiased testing could be done/completed, even to this current date. They do not have the means, funding or facilities to even come close to testing all of the above firearms. To what end does a law abiding citizen of Chicago have to go to obtain a handgun legally. You can only give so much blood before you run dry, and that will satisfy the Chicago PD-maybe? Thank God I live in Colorado, and can conduct my business legally without Chicago restrictions being imposed.

    18. Comrade Ivan, you may want to correct this should you revisit this page. “How could they leave off the famed Russian atomic rifle? It had a range of 100 yards and killed everything in a mile radius. For some reason volunteer shooters were hard to find.”

      Did you mean 1000 yards. Still at 1000 yards radius, you are far short of being a mile radius.

    19. This is certainly cause to remind people of the real importance of an armed populace. Placing arms in the hands of only the government creates an unholy, improper and quite frightening imbalance of power. An armed population is a people prepared to draw the line, and an important counter-balance to a government out of control.

    20. What a joke! While I didn’t recognize most of the names listed (either they are out of business, or so small as to not be widely known) listing such companies as Freedom Arms, maker of the .454 Casual, Smith & Wesson, Harrison and Richardson, Walther, and Sig Sauer shows how arbitrary this list is. I guarantee you that they did NOT test all of these guns.

      One day the people of this country are going to say enough, and take their country back. I say we start today!

    21. I can’t believe some of the names on this list….

      Marlin? Are they saying that Marlin doesn’t make a single safe weapon? Surely they are kidding?

      Walther P22? Hi-Point? Sig Mosquito? This list sounds like someone’s list of weapons they dislike. Not a scientific list based on serious study.

      Perhaps they are trying to “punish” Marlin somehow.

    22. This list needs to be challenged. (Yes I understand it is Chicago)
      If they are allowed to do such a thing it should be a specific firearm, or line if an unsafe trait is shared. For them to list a manufacturer they should have to list the specific reasons.
      They clearly just started listing crap, or found one and put the company on there.

      Not my problem yet. I would never live in Chicago and try not to even drive through if possible. Feel sorry for those of you there though.

    23. Don’t respect it; will continue to carry in Chicago; I have carried in Chicago since 1959, and had possession in my automobile. Yeah–they may ticket me some day, but I will quickly replace the one they confiscate. Fines? I can afford them. Jail time? Forget it; they can’t get me that far moved up on the docket to reach me in my lifetime! It IS Chicago, after all. Another consideration–Street officers aren’t all that concerned about the law, as any successful combatting of a felony by a firearm makes their job easier. Worse comes to worse, “pay the fine to the arresting officer”‘ and be on your way! As a matter of fact, wish some of you would join me in declaring, “You can make all the laws you want–I’m not about to obey this one!”

    24. What Daley and his croneys need is for a thousand Chicagoans to march on City Hall with those “toys” that have in their closets and eject them from office. If they get injured in the process — oh well! That’s the only thing they’ll understand and it’s exactly why they fight so hard to prevent individual gun ownership.

    25. thank God i live in georgia,we have a shoot first law. (shoot first then ask who are you and what are you doing in my yard) any gun is better than no gun.

    26. Liberals, plain and simple. They want to take over and control every aspect of a citizens life. They want this country to be like the ones in Europe. Where the citizens can’t protect themselves from crime and or their own government. The founding fathers knew what a government without limits can and do to its subjects when their subjects can not protect itself. They become slaves to their new masters, and their masters are the government.

    27. This list was produced so fast, that I find it utterly reprehensible that the City of Chicago would deign to think us all idiots. Thankfully, I do not, and will NEVER, live in Chicago….

      Firstly, their speed at making NEW rules to the SCOTUS ruling was an obvious rewriting of the old ones to sound and look new. As well, Even if they had tested each and every one of the firearms presented on this list, there would be public record of the tests — none to be found anywhere…interesting.

      Secondly, As I eluded above, the NEW rules are nothing more than a revamping of the old ones. Read them closely, you can see the original wording in there.

      Thirdly, if the day comes, when ANY of those Liberals are staring down the barrel of a .45, two things are going to happen…

      1. They WILL shit their britches!!
      2. They WILL regret their decisions!!

      NOW, what everyone that does own a gun in Chicago SHOULD DO is this….

      1 – 4’x8′ sheet of plywood,
      2 – 6′ – 2×4’s
      1 – Gallon of White Paint
      1 – Quart of Black Paint
      1 – 1″ Paintbrush

      Construct your sign, and paint it white. Next, Install your sign ON YOUR PROPERTY. Then, using the black paint, and a 1″ brush, paint this onto your sign…


      I promise to not use my guns to stop you from robbing my neighbor’s house. I also PROMISE to USE MY GUNS if you even THINK about coming into my house!!

      Thank You, The Homeowner”

      As long as the sign is on your property, your neighbors can bitch all they want — and NOTHING can be done to make you remove the sign!!

    28. I wonder if these idiots realize that laws like this only encourage law abiding people to move OUT of their city…. and encourage criminals to move INTO the city to prey on the disarmed citizens. After all, criminals tend not to give a crap if they’re breaking a gun law while they’re killing and robbing people.

    29. WTH? How am I supposed to know if my Smith & Wesson 4046 has a spur trigger? It has the kind when I squeeze it the round goes bang. Idiots.

    30. So Remington and Hi-Point are magically on this patently absurd unsafe list but Glock is not? Soo only perfectly safe American made guns which create American jobs are unsafe? Who performed these suspect mysterious and likely bogus tests? Nice going Chicago! The exact opposite of the rest of the world. They place hostile trade practices against us so we might as well place them upon ourselves too.

    31. Could we please start a list of police officers that are ‘unsafe’ for the good citizens of Chicago? Does enough memory exist in the computer world to store this list?

    32. Boycott Chicago! Refuse to visit this city for any reason! The truth is, it does not matter what brands are or are not on this list! What matters is the City of Chicago has spit on the Constitution and the second ammendment:

      A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

      If the people of Chicago can’t or are unwilling to rise up and take back their city, they are as guilty as those who spit on their rights! So I ask the rest of the country to stop doing buisness with Chicago based companies and tell them why! Stop going there to see the sights, or get pizza, or a hot dog, don’t even stop there to take a piss! If the people are backed into a corner enough, caused by the actions of the corrupt system they allow, maybe the rest of the nation can force them to act. If you live in Chicago, take action, move out of the city, or take it back! STOP BEING COWARDS!!!! Absolute power corrupts, don’t let the communists in Chicago have that power, because they may not just spit on you next time! It may be worse!

    33. Well I guess I’m good to go with my Barrett .50 caliber. I did not see Barrett listed and I can tell you that would have NO sporting use at all. Why not just buy the same type of weapon that the LEO’s carry? Are those unsafe as well?

      Barrett .50 caliber

    34. daly is out , their is one as mayer of chi. that is far worse, rhom emmanual,he is going to make daly look like a boyscout leader

    35. Funny, but in the great city of Chicago, makers of quality firearms for many years have called it home. Chicago arms is listed in this garbage list as well. Any self respecting arms manufacturer still located there should pack up and move to a more gun friendly state, and see how Chicago does without their tax base revenue!

    36. How much do you want to bet that chicago uses Glocks, HK, or Smith and wession for thier duty weapons the mfgs that make money from the City goverment.
      I don’t think the city tested everything I think they collected rumors of gun problems.

    37. Based on typical Chicago politics, this is could easily be a list of manufactures that didn’t pay someone on the city payroll to exclude their company.

    38. Are water pistols and paintball guns ok? Oh yeah, the Star trek Phaser is not on the list! Someone is not doing a very good job! Actually, I own 2 High Points, one 40 cal. hand gun and a Carbine rifle. Have never had a problem with either after to many rounds to track. Maybe they need to outlaw drugs instead. Obviously they are still available.


    40. leave one of the governers family get rob or rape or a home invation them they may wake up and see there is the reason to keep guns in the honest person hands all the time they worry about the good guys having guns why dont they make laws on the criminal more stiffer and punish them hard i have my carry and consealed license my wife ask me why i need guns i told her as long as we have neighbors we need to keep a gun not all neighbors are bad but you never know what they are doing behind close doors

    41. OK.. This seals it for me.. I am about to embark on my new career.. I figure home invasions will be much safer for me in Chicago now as opposed to down here in The Heart of Dixie. Maybe I should send a nice Thank You basket to City Hall for making my new job that much easier for me… God bless you Mayor Daley and the Chicago Police Department, I look forward to doing business in my soon to be new home town…

    42. I stumbled across this site via a link from Hi-Point’s website. Sorry to bring an old thread to the surface, but I feel compelled to comment.

      MOST (not all) of the firearms on this list are inexpensive, and are more easily affordable to those with low incomes.

      Chicago seeks to keep firearms out of the hands of the poor and the working class because that group of people is the most dangerous to the gov’t and the powerful elite. The politicians, the elite, the Banksters, etc. are the same people who have been slowly but diligently working to destroy the middle class.

      THAT is the reason these weapons are on the list; Chicago is afraid of an armed uprising by people who would otherwise not be able to afford a firearm.

    43. Thank god for the Louisiana Castle Doctrine. I am allowed to own any damn thing I want up to a fully automatic weapon and explosives (bombs etc). I wish everybody would model the gun laws in Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia. If everybody carried there would be no gun crime. If you think I’m wrong just look at New Orleans a few years ago when Louisiana made your car an extension of your home and car jackings went down in New Orleans substantially.

    44. we being from old new england having started the american revolution
      will never give up a firearm peacefully only after all barells and ammo are gone and after we throw the wasted carcas of the gun at the agressors will we surender our unalienable right to own a high point or ruger or smith and wesson thank u chicago stay vigilant cause we nknow that we cant fix stupid or mayor daley 1 2 3 4 or how ever many u be …..

    45. Being from Wisconsin that doesnt surprise me coming from a bunch of flatlanders. A few years ago in Milw. the city tried to ban transportation of firearms through Milw. county (legally cased or not, on the interstate also). The people stood up to them and the Feds. said no way. What happened to the people of illinios????? TO THE CHICAGO POLICE DEPT……………………………………………………………………………………………REALLY????? You tested all of these? Or did you confiscate them from criminals who obtained them illegally? Is that how you got the list? REALLY?? The only unsafe guns are ones that malfunction (fix it) or in the hands of “idiots” (hard to fix that) Put blame where blame is due.

    46. Seems more like a case of economic racisim in the making. Most of these guns due to the initial cost, are more apt to be owned by the less fortunate in our society. Does the color of a person need to be the determining factor in firearm ownership?

      I’m happy I live in the south, we outgrew these problems a long time ago. This decision allows only those of the “Selected Class” the opportunity to partake in the American experience, the rest of you shall remain as subjects, not freemen as the Constitution prescribes.

    47. Hey Chicago political machine,

      Let me put it in the most precise terms as possible as no one has written this yet……..F*** YOU!!!!
      RJ Smith

    48. Typical elitist libs. If you can’t keep arms away from everyone, you better keep them away from the common man. The majority of the arms on the list are reliable and AFFORDABLE. That is what scares the corrupt politicians.

    49. Saiga isn’t on the list either. So my pistol gripped tactical railed withred dot, laser and drum mag is ok?
      Oh, I forgot, the Latin Kings and the Gangster Disciples got it declared “Safe.”

      No, this is worse than the People’s Rpublic of California!
      Californi’as gun laws are conradictory, goofy and very stupid in a more consistant way than this!

    50. Why did everybody fail to notice that these are mostly hand gun manufacturers? Also, yea they are trying to keep the affordable ones banned. I am glad I don’t live in the city. I pack heat everywhere I go except court or the bank and these idiots won’t tell me any different. Bad guys beware: I shoot first then ask questions!

    51. Read the list. They are trying to get around the antique ‘no permits required’ laws. They got most but not all antiques.
      No one should list the ones they missed (I own many on the list and many they left off and I’m not going to help them expand their list by telling what they missed. They will figure it out soon enough once fools bring those variants in for ‘registration’).
      This will fail if challenged by the NRA lawyers in court as it is a clear attempt to render Federal law impotent.

    52. I live in New Jersey which is stricter that the average state, but what the Flock? These guys must of had a party in the police evidence room and put all the drugs up their noses when they made this law up. Smith & Wesson makes high quality guns, except for the spur trigger model guns? Come on these people don’t have brains, they are insane.
      If I were a name on the list I’d contact as many of the others as I could and bring a class action suit against the city to either provide evidence of why they are unsafe, or repeal the law. The right to bear arms includes which weapon you prefer.
      Beware… if it happened there it could be coming to your town…

    53. Having lived in N.J. for 50 years and dealt with their insane pistol purchase permits, it will occur faster than you think Roger. Moved to Minnesota last May after state police told local p.d. to find reason to deny pistol purchase permits for my wife and I. Move out and turn off the lights and bring the flag.

    54. whoever wrote this is a fag. i just got back from a shooting tourney. there are some good guns on this list. chicago was the only word i needed to see.

    55. —Tramps Terror! Yellow Jacket!, Dreadnaught! These are all late nineteenth century “Suicide Specials”. The vast majority of manufacturers on this list have been out of business for more than a century. Most of these were low priced, low quality, mass produced junk. Others, like Harrington and Richardson were quite well made and very popular. Even the junky ones are now being collected, and offer an insight to the manufacturing and social history of America.
      —Whoever compiled this list wanted to make it as long and exhaustive as possible, so they dredged up a list of antique weapons made by mostly defunct companies. Some of these old timers may actually show up at crime scenes from time to time, and that is a tribute to actually how well made some of them were. It certainly wouldn’t do for Chicago to release a list with just a couple of dozen manufacturers on it now would it?

    56. That is a crazy list, I have owned several guns from a few of the manufactors on the list, those guns were totally safe. Banning a sig is extremely nuts: I was a police officer for over 15 yrs: I did not feel that a fire arm from sig sauger , h&r (Harrington & Richardson) Iver Johnson to be too dangerous. All guns are as dangerous as the owner is.

    57. Chicago is just another commie city i drive way around when im going somewhere and they are in line with where im going>>i have had several guns on this list with no problems>>>What makes these people think they know so much>>>they cant even control their own city>>>

    58. I did not see my current favorite weapons on the list, but no matter. I drove through Chicago last fall with my trunk full of guns and ammo, on my way to a new job on the East Coast. I had no idea I was possibly breaking their unconstitutional law. Probably a good thing I did not get stopped for anything on my way through. From now on, I will avoid that city like the plague, whether I’m carrying or not. I recommend all others do likewise, as a matter of personal safety.

    59. Did anyone notice they banned the ‘America’? I think I know why. Liberal and progressive politicians hate that word and everything it stands for, while pretending to love it.

    60. It looks to be any gun under $500.00 is restricted or considered unsafe. They want it hard for good people to afford firearms but bad people will use the unsafe guns against good people because good people can’t afford guns. What a load of crap, some day people of Chicago should rise up and tell the real crooks (city leaders) that you’re not going to put up with there shit anymore!

    61. I have been pitching this idea to gun owners, wish the NRA would sign up to this idea. Pressure the gun industry to suspend all sales and service to government agencies in anti gun ownership cities like Chicago. No ammo, no repairs, no part and no sales of guns to the city of Chicago. Wonder what Commissar Rahm Emanuel would do ?

    62. I collect old guns and they must have raided a museum to get these guns to test. Some of the ones listed are quite expensive, if you can even find them. I wonder if they would sell any of them to me?

    63. Dear Sir or Madame
      I will never live in Chicago. This ” Unsafe Handguns” list, Show that you can not cure stupid.

    64. They missed a critical weapon, a pencil (or other communications device) under the control or influence of a liberal. Such items have a lenghty history of stupid statements and absurd regulations, not to mention open attacks on freedom.


    65. I’ve reprinted the “preamble” to the Chicago Municipal Firearms Ordinance below. Make sure you’ve taken your blood pressure medicine before you read it. Get the whole thing here:

      WHEREAS, A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that in the United States there were 30,896 deaths from firearms in 2006, making firearms one of the top ten causes of death in the country; and

      WHEREAS, Annually, more than 100,000 people ,in our nation are shot or killed with a firearm, with more than 3,000 of these victims being children or teenagers; and

      WHEREAS, The United States is one of the few remaining developed nations that places only a minimal restrictions on the sale or possession of firearms; and

      WHEREAS, Firearm-related injuries and deaths are the cause of significant social and economic costs to the City and our communities and have a severe impact on our criminal justice and health care systems; and

      WHEREAS, In 2009, in the City there were 1,815 aggravated batteries with a firearm, of which 83 were shootings inside a residence, and there were 379 murders with a firearm, of which 34 were murders Involving a firearm inside a home; and

      WHEREAS, Between the beginning of this year and June, 15, 2010, there were 742 aggravated batteries with a firearm, of which 36 took place inside a residence, and 152 murders with a firearm, of which 19 were inside a residence; and

      WHEREAS, Given the dangerous and deadly nature of handguns, in 1982 the City of Chicago enacted a ban on registering handguns as a method to protect public safety and the health and welfare of its residents; and

      WHEREAS, In 2008, the Supreme Court of the United States decided the case of District of Columbia v. Heller, which held that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in the militia; and

      WHEREAS, After the Heller decision, the City’s handgun re~,istration ban was challenged in the case of McDonald v the City of Chicago; and

      WHEREAS, On June 28,2010, the Supreme Court issued its opinion in the McDonald case and ruled that the Second Amendment’s right to possess a handgun for self-defense in the home also applied to the states; and

      WHEREAS, Although the State of Illinois has already enacted several laws to regulate the sale and possession of firearms, these laws are not sufficient to protect the City from the unique and heightened risk of firearm violence, especially handgun violence, endemic in densely populated urban areas, and

      WHEREAS, In order to provide for the ongoing protection of the public welfare and safety, it is essential for the City Council of the City of Chicago to promptly pass an ordinance that provides for reasonable regulation of firearms in compliance with the rulings of the United States Supreme Court, but still is effective in protecting the public from the potentially deadly consequences of gun violence in our City; and

    66. if its an unexpensive gun its deemed un safe typical liberal thinking also lol they have marlin and hi point on here find me one of those that arent safe lol this list is for the idiots that register their firearms …… no one on chicago has been registering them since this passsed

    67. Funny Chicago story, or at least I can get a laugh out of it now. Some years back I “fit the description” of a guy who had just committed a hit and run–the guy literally ran, leaving his car. I’m the right height, right shirt color, wrong name though cops couldn’t know that. So I get grabbed right after walking into a Walgreens on a mission from The Wife.
      Two young cops, good guys, they figure out right away that I’m not acting the part but one of them spots something out of place: Oho! My old Charter Arms Bulldog! Cuffed, taken in, after preliminary cop paperwork I’m ushered into high ranking cop office. I was getting along with the patrol cops and a plain clothes guy so the senior cop wants to know if I’m related to someone (it’s a chicago thing). I’m rattling off every name I know hoping that eight years of parochial school might finally pay off. They don’t make rank without having a nose for bull so he asks if I could get out right then who’d come and pick me up. In other words, do I know anyone who might turn out to be inconvenient for him later?
      When I tell him The Wife he knows he’s got me, gives me twenty seconds on how much trouble I’m in, then the questions: how much did you have on you when they brought you in? How much can your wife bring now, not a half hour from now, now? I tell him $130 something from me, don’t know about the wife, probably a couple hundred around the house. He says it’s not enough, ten seconds more of how much trouble I’m in. Now we’re in a negotiation, we even start bargaining over getting my revolver back the next day for more cash. Hes really tempted, i can tell, but it would be stupid to make appointments.
      The Wife freaks out on the phone, I tell her to bring everything she can hoping my gold plated cop will believe me and she won’t.
      But she did, hit up everyone she can in twenty minutes, all neighbors, and comes in with over $1400 . Oops. He woulda been happy with $400. Since The Bulldog was obviously not recorded, I wonder if anyone in the neighborhood of N Halsted might have one for sale–it’s not on the list, after all.

    68. Interesting. They could have saved some money…oh I forgot, that doesn’t interest them, by posting which guns are legal. Although I rarely believe in conspiracies, everyone should do a search (Google or search engine of your choice) on FEMA camps. I will warn you that looking at some of the results will make it difficult to sleep at night. Seems as though “they” will be well prepared for any civilian insurrection when the people get tired of being stepped on. I truly endorse folks doing some research on this as we have all seen how FEMA operates following Katrina. Have a great weekend guys, keep the powder dry!

    69. Daisy, yep they’ve been banned since way back in the 50’s (morons), long before actual Firearms. But all Marlin’s are ‘dangerous ?!? All Hi-Points? .. why .. because the kooks at Columbine used one. But U.S. Arms Co? That is insane. U.S. Arms make some of the finest Single Action ‘Cowboy Action Shooting’ guns around and some go for $1,200! Also, I can’t find it now but one company listed makes Custom Hunting Riles (Bolt Action) that sell for about 5,000! What is so ‘dangerous’ about those? Nothing! Unless you’re an Elk, Moose or Grizzly Bear. [Sure glad we fled that insane city in ’75 – with my Colt Det Spl .38 snubby. Which I (cough) promise (cough) that I won’t carry like I did in the olden days if I have to go back there for any reason. Honest, Mayor Rahm. ‘Honest’ ;-)]

    70. What’s telling about Chicago, and for that matter the whole state of Illinois is that they DO understand the true meaning of the 2nd Amendment; i.e.

      Illinois has a law that bans its residents from freely associating with one another as part of a citizen militia. Illinois would presume to proscribe who their residents may associate with, if they commit the thought-crime of associating for the purpose of organizing against tyranny. Mind you, I’m not talking about a criminal conspiracy to overthrow Illinois government – there are already laws on the books against that. Here’s an example of a statute that proscribes the right to freedom of association and the right to peaceably assemble, for the purpose of preventing the exchange of ideas, the sharing of information and the acquisition of skills. Illinois bans militias because the militia movement in America represents the PURPOSE of the 2nd Amendment (not duck hunting): to resist tyranny in government by force of arms when all peaceful means of doing so have been exhausted.

      That would scare any statist power addict. Hitler banned guns, and so did Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, and so on, because of the threat to their hegemony that guns represent.

      The adage still holds true that gun control isn’t about guns, it’s about control; and in the case of Chicago they want helpless subjects that will plead with the government to ‘save them’… in other words, make them dependent on government for their safety because dependence on government means bigger, more intrusive and all-powerful government.

      I don’t travel through Illinois for ANYTHING… If I needed to go to Milwaukee, I’d sooner travel up through Lower Peninsula Michigan and down from the Upper Peninsula to get there than shortcut by coming north through Chicago. In many respects, Illinois (like California or New York City) is so dissimilar to the kind of free state that our Founding Fathers intended every state to be, that I have an extremely hard time thinking of Illinois as being a part of my America.

      Of course, I live in a state where open carry has been possible for years. A state where ‘castle’ laws are accepted throughout our land without controversy or opposition, save for a couple of Democrat-controlled jurisdictions. The Democrats here have no cogent argument for their position, they just hate guns, and probably for the same reasons that Democrats at the federal level hate guns (it bars them from imposing their brand of absolute tyranny). But moreover, Indiana has just recently enshrined in law our right to resist by force of arms any criminal assault ‘under color of law’. As a result, police here do not abuse their power to conduct searches through no-knock warrantless raids.

      As relative freedom goes, Indiana has it – and Illinois doesn’t. It explains why so many Illinoisans are moving to Indiana; where you can own any gun you want, carry it most anywhere you please, and you can do so without having to register yourself as a gun owner.

      That’s right: Illinois is a land where even gun registration (which is a prerequisite for disarmament) isn’t enough. There, they cut directly to the chase and require the registration of the gun owners themselves!! No wasting time trying to compile lists of addresses to raid, from hundreds of thousands of purchase records. There, the state may not know which criminals are illegally armed, but they certainly know exactly who all the law-abiding gun owners are!

      Chicago tries to be a “New-York-On-The-Lake”, even to the recent hosting of globalist conferences and NATO summits. Because of this, Chicago was essentially subjected to martial law and all freedoms were greatly curtailed during the NATO summit. The city even warned its residents that a lockdown may be instituted without warning, and certain neighborhoods were told that they may be mass-relocated to a relocation camp in the event of an emergency.

      During the NATO summit, it was confirmed through alternative media (but not the lamestream MSM) that English-speaking Russian troops were partnered with local police throughout the areas of the city surrounding the NATO summit meeting sites. Russian troops on US soil carrying out patrol duties. It rather smacks of the 1987 movie ‘Amerika’, right down to the location: Chicago was the capital of the midwest ‘administrative region’.

      Again, I’ll say “ALL guns are dangerous” – to those who fear having guns turned against them for their despotism.

      America is turning into a police state, so you’d better get your guns ready and buy all the ammo you can. For more info, visit and

    71. Kel-Tek is absent from the list because they make a fine weapon for a reasonable price. I own 2 Kel-Teks and both have had many, many rounds thru them with NO malfunctions unless it was my own re-laoded ammo. I carry my P3A as a backup or when I am wearing clothing that precludes another type/style firearm.

      KelTec P3A Pistol


    73. I have a Hi Point JCP 40 handgun. I love it. The city of Chicago can kiss my ass. They cant even properly take care of their road system. My Hi Point gives the City of Chicago two middle fingers up. 🙂

      Hi Point JCP 40 handgun

    74. I find this list hilarious. 95+% of listed guns Have not been made in 85-100 years or more, and most of those were only suitable as paperweights or fishing sinkers when new. I’m surprised they even came up with some of these names. Must have used a Bannermans book as a reference.

    75. When I saw Marlin,Hi-Point Firearms,and the Sig-Sauer Mosquito.I knew that the City of Chicago had made a mistake and the list was wrong.I’m happy I don’t live there though the people I have met from Chicago have been really cool.Its not their fault Chicago has some messed up gun laws.

    76. They put Marlin.That means all firearms by Marlin.They put the Sig-Sauer Mosquito.It has the same features as a P226.Its just slightly smaller and fires .22 lr.I own the reverse two tone,and its just finicky about the ammo you feed it.Feed it CCI Mini-Mags and it will fire perfect all day.Hi-Point Firearms.These people are not of sound mind and body.My Mosquito gives you the bird Chicago Super Duper Intendant.

    77. Well now this got me started. I have always thought I was an expert gun owner. After viewing the list of unsafe guns I must admit I have never heard of most of them.

      Now about Ill. It is the ONLY state where there is no provision for citizens to carry a concealed firearm.

      It is interesting that Senator Barack Obama comes from Ill. In regard to what Obama will do to get elected look and see how he was able to beat Jack Ryan for his Senate seat.Ryan was married to actress Jeri Ryan
      ( AKA 7 of Nine in ST Voyager) They went through a nasty divorce, that was sealed by the court. OBAMA had the records opened causing Ryan to lose the election.

      What do you think that liar in the White House will do to be reelected? What will he do to get rid of our firearms?

      I really hope on November 6 he is voted out of office in disgrace.

    78. I grew up in S. Central WI, and we’re used to the Chicago cops’ corruption and political games. That still didn’t stop me from running wholesale illegal drugs outta there in ’69 and the early ’70’s. What ticked me off was having to pay the local beat cop (bag man) his share of change for NOT doing his job. For this, we were literally escorted out of the city after we made our buys, and never had a problem in Illinois.
      So, when you want to know how the people in ILL put up with it, they’re all USED TO IT. And everybody knows some ward-heeler (whoops, I meant “community organizer”) who’ll spring you just for promising to vote for THE MACHINE.
      I no longer use or traffic in drugs, having seen the light, but that only makes me more eager to stay out of Chicago and its’ pestilential state.

    79. All guns are unsafe……when used unsafely. Same with showers or cotton balls. If a knucklehead uses his/her gun unsafely then a case can be made against them. Has any firearm actually ever been charged with an unsafe act?

      Yeah, some are absolute POS. So was the Ford Grenada and AMC Matador. The market took care of those, as it will the crappy guns.

      But what I’m really wondering is…..has this list caused any decrease in violent crime in Chicago?

    80. Hard to know where to begin with this. First off, I purchased a Walther P22 to educate and train my daughter gun safety and shooting accuracy. I chose this weapon due to its reliability, accuracy, simplicity and its easy handeling. I chose this weapon because it is well made and has many options for ensuring safety when in use. Hell, it’s legal in California, What more do you want.
      Mostly I told my daughter that with practice comes muscle memory, accuracy, confidence. Proper training will aid in awareness of her surroundings. Training will aid in usuing the proper judgment to know when to be at the ready and not hesitate to take protective action when necessary. My daughter has demonstrated accurate shooting skills with this weapon and enjoys shooting it a great deal. She will keep on with the training and I will continue to take classes from different instructorsy
      I also told her that if she doesnt want to practise, wants to keep an unload weapon locked in a box or if she doesn’t want to take on the responsibility of gun ownership I will also buy her a baseball and a bat. I Told her that She can throw a baseball more accurately then you can with an empty gun. You can finish up your work with the bat.

      So the questions for the folks in Chicago is what is the defininition of an un safe firearm and what testing protocol was used to make this determination.

    81. What is important here, is the ‘criteria’ that are used for creating this list. And I quote, from Chicago’s municipal code,
      “Unsafe handgun” means any handgun that is listed on the superintendent’s roster of unsafe handguns because, in the determination of the superintendent, the handgun is unsafe due to its size, ability to be concealed, detectability, quality of manufacturing, quality of materials, ballistic accuracy, weight, reliability, caliber, or other factors which makes the design or operation of the handgun otherwise inappropriate for lawful use.
      That’s right, “unsafe” just doesn’t mean poorly manufactured, it includes ‘inaccurate’ (anything with a short barrel), ‘caliber’ (notice all the .22’s on the list), ‘concealabity’ (notice all the small guns) ‘detectability’ (same thing), or any other reason they don’t think it can be used lawfully. Which could be anything. Just like the rest of Chicago laws, if you might be able to do something bad with it, you’re not allowed to own it.

    82. Wow, glad I’m not there. Most of my guns would be illegal. Marlin??? MARLIN??? My little 22 rifle is illegal?? These people are really sick.

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