Connecticut Citizens Defense League Endorses Martha Dean For Attorney General

Connecticut Citizens Defense League Endorses Martha Dean For Attorney General

Connecticut Citizens Defense League
Connecticut Citizens Defense League

(Avon, CT) – Today, Republican-endorsed candidate for Attorney General MARTHA DEAN received the unanimous endorsement of the Executive Board of the CONNECTICUT CITIZENS DEFENSE LEAGUE (CCDL).

Formed in the spring of 2009, the CCDL is a non-partisan, grassroots organization devoted to advocating rights affirmed by the Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Connecticut. Its membership is especially dedicated to protecting gun rights of Connecticut’s citizens through public enlightenment, as well as legislative action.

Even though they have been in operation for less than two years, they boast a membership of approximately 900 members statewide.

Dean said, “I am pleased to receive the CCDL’s support of my candidacy for Attorney General. Their focus on protecting fundamental civil liberties and their grassroots base make them a significant new organization in this state. The CCDL’s impressive growth over the last year and a half indicates the importance of constitutional issues to a large number of Connecticut citizens.”

Scott Wilson, President of the CCDL said, “I am confident that Martha Dean will be a different Attorney General than that which we have had for half of my life. Martha believes in the Constitution, both Federal and State. She has vowed to uphold them, as well as the laws of our state. She will not use the Office of Attorney General for political purposes.”

Dean added, “My campaign for Attorney General is truly a grassroots effort. I cherish the support of grassroots organizations that are focused on protecting the constitutional rights of Connecticut’s citizens.”

Wilson concluded, “I know that, in the past, various residents of Connecticut have inquired of the current Attorney General’s Office for information, direction or even interpretation of state statutes. Many of these inquiries have gone unanswered. I am confident that with Martha Dean as our next Attorney General, questions will get answered and our rights protected.”

Besides Mr. Wilson of New London, the Executive Board of the CCDL is comprised of: LEONARD BENEDETTO of Stratford, CT; VIRGINIA BENEDETTO of Stratford, CT; KEVIN BORGNIS of Manchester, CT; JEREMY NEWMAN of Ledyard, CT; NICK HOLIAN of Naugatuck, CT; CHERYL LEMOS of Stratford, CT; CHRIS LEMOS of Stratford, CT; STEVE LOBAN of Naugatuck, CT; BENNETT PRESCOTT of New Britain, CT; STEPHANIE CYPHER of Plymouth, CT; PHILLIP CYPHER of Plymouth, CT; ROBERT CHAMBERS of Stratford, CT; and, MARCIE TWOMEY of New Milford, CT.

Bennett Prescott
Public Relations Coordinator
Connecticut Citizens Defense League
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Cell: (518) 488-7190