Corbon Glaser Ammunition Receives Manufacturer Of The Year Award

Corbon Glaser Ammunition Awarded Manufacturer of the Year
Corbon Glaser Ammunition is honored by the Black Hills Community Economic Development by being chosen to receive their Manufacturer of the Year award.

Corbon Ammo
Corbon Ammo

Sturgis, SD –-( Corbon Glaser Ammunition was chosen to receive this honor due to its commitment to quality and excellence in manufacturing, located in the small community of Sturgis South Dakota.

The decision was unanimous by the board and selected from several other manufacturers within the surrounding communities of the Black Hills. Lt Governor Daugaard addressed the dinner and proceedings.

Corbon Glaser Ammunition started manufacturing 28 years ago in Detroit Michigan, then moved to Sturgis in 1995 in search of a strong business climate and top-grade workforce.

The Sturgis area has created a reputation for becoming the new Firearms and Ammunition Cluster in the mid-west, due to its attractive Economic Development climate.

Corbon Glaser Ammunition
Corbon Glaser Ammunition

Corbon Glaser Ammunition manufactures proven, high quality ammunition. We offer a wide variety of ammunition that appeals to law enforcement agencies, specialty military units, private citizens and hunters. Peter and Elaine Pi, and their two sons Pete and Dane, are primary owners and operators.  We are proud to be an American Family Owned Corporation. For information on our product line, call 1.800.626.7266 or visit

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bob bedore
bob bedore
7 years ago

looking for rat shot for 380