DISCLOSE Act stalled – Your Grass Roots Efforts Are Working

DISCLOSE Act stalled – Your Grass Roots Efforts Are Working

National Association for Gun Rights
National Association for Gun Rights

Colorado –-(Ammoland.com)- The anti-free speech DISCLOSE Act stalled in the Senate yesterday, thanks to your phone calls and emails.

Don’t let some punk Senate staffer tell you differently; your phone calls and e-mails are making a difference.

Keep them up! Because of pressure from you and thousands of other members of the National Association for Gun Rights, anti-gun Democrats were unable to muster the votes necessary to begin the final debate on the DISCLOSE Act.

But, the battle is far from over.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid continues to play the despicable Beltway games he’s famous for.

At the last minute, Reid voted against cloture. That means he can bring it up for a vote at any time.

And insider sources tell me Harry Reid and his allies plan to bring it up again in September to use as a campaign issue in the elections.

Reid and his anti-gun allies will say you and I are just a special interest group flush with corporate cash.

They’ll say they want to “shine light” on our “dealings” in order to restrain our “undue” influence on politics.

You and I cannot let them succeed in these dirty tricks.

Reid and arch gun-hater Chuck Schummer will be twisting arms and cajoling those Senators sitting on the fence in a final attempt to pass the DISCLOSE Act before the election.

You and I both saw what happened during the health care debate — you can be sure the same kind of underhanded, backroom deals will happen here.

By hook or by crook, the instant they’ve got enough votes Reid will bring it up for another vote.

So you and I must be ready.

With their reelections on the line, you can be certain the so-called “moderates” from both parties are seeing which way the electoral wins are blowing.

If you and I can keep up the pressure, we’ll kill this bill again. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you what’s at stake.

The DISCLOSE Act was written to silence YOU……and the National Association for Gun Rights.

The truth is this legislation was written to silence any group that talks about the voting records of politicians — from the National Association for Gun Rights to your local state group or gun club.

The DISCLOSE Act should really be called the “Incumbent Protection Act.”

To make matters worse, while you and I are silenced, liberal special interests and labor unions are exempt from the outrageous provisions of this bill.

You and I might expect this sort of election year payoff for labor unions and liberal special interest groups, but gun owners have been shocked to learn that the “pro-freedom” NRA has also negotiated a special exemption.

That’s right, because they agreed to sit on the sidelines in this fight, President Obama and Majority Leader Harry Reid granted the NRA a special exemption to the onerous restrictions that will be put on the rest of us.

While we’ve successfully slowed momentum behind the DISCLOSE Act, Harry Reid is waiting for the right moment to bring the DISCLOSE Act up for another vote.

You can rest assured that I will be on top of this legislation and will alert you as soon as they bring it up for a vote.

As for now, here’s what you can do to help keep the heat on the Senate:

* Even if you’ve already called this week, please contact your Senators and tell them you’ll oppose this legislation no matter what is added to it. And tell them that as a member of the National Association for Gun Rights you’re carefully watching the DISCLOSE Act and consider any vote for the bill a vote against gun rights.

The only way to stop the DISCLOSE Act is to continue to put pressure of your Senators.

Your help has been indispensable, but our work isn’t finished.

Thank you for your continued dedication and I’ll keep you informed of where this fight goes from here.
For liberty,
Dudley Brown
Executive Director
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