Firearms Training Courses – Tactical Shotgun

Firearms Training Courses – Tactical Shotgun

Wilson Scattergun Technologies Standard Model Shotgun
Action Target

Provo, Utah –-( Action Target is dedicated to offering you the best possible training equipment and courses available.

We are diligent in our efforts to constantly update the classes we offer to meet the dynamic needs of law enforcement.

Our training materials and practical application instruction changes when new laws are enacted and when case law reveals a need. We have a variety of courses available, which incorporate the tools officers use daily, such as our Tactical Shotgun.

The shotgun is the most effective close quarter self-defense tool available to armed professionals. Whether pump action or semi auto, no other firearm has the versatility and potential power of the shotgun. Learn how to fire it without pain and suffering, and how to extend its capability from contact distance to its maximum effective range, including less than lethal options.

Topics Covered:

  • * Multiple uses of the shotgun
  • * Semiautomatic vs. pump action
  • * Assembly and disassembly of the police shotgun, both semiautomatic and pump
  • * Nomenclature and maintenance
  • * Proper fitting
  • * Function check and cycle of operation
  • * Choke options, advantages / disadvantages
  • * Additional accessories and optional equipment
  • * Ammunition
  • * Less than lethal options
  • * Sling techniques
  • * Administrative loading and unloading
  • * Tactical reloading
  • * Stoppage clearing
  • * Transition techniques
  • * Unique shooting techniques
  • * Multiple threat, multiple shot applications
  • * Shooting while moving
  • * Engaging moving threats
  • * Ground fighting
  • * Quarter shooting
  • * Final evaluation

Student Requirements and/or Prerequisites:

  • * Proof of current law enforcement, military or private security status
  • * Proof of agency instructor status
  • * Hard shell ear protection that meets OSHA Noise Reduction Rating 29 (double hearing protection, plugs and muffs, recommended)
  • * Eye protection that is shatter resistant and wrap around
  • * All equipment required for course

Action Target Academy courses can be filled by your agency’s officers exclusively, or you can serve as a host agency where additional officers from surrounding areas come and attend the course at your facility. As the host agency, you will get free slots in whichever course you decide to sponsor.

For more information contact the Action Target Training/Education Division 801-377-8033 or Email [email protected]