Nature Productions Announces 2010 Winner Of Hunting For The Dream

Nature Productions Announces 2010 Winner Of Hunting For The Dream

Nature Productions Announces 2010 Winner Of Hunting For The Dream
Nature Productions Announces 2010 Winner Of Hunting For The Dream
Nature Productions
Nature Productions

Fairfield ME –-( Nature Productions has announced the winner of the 2010 hunting show competition Hunting for the Dream.

After the popular series aired on both Fox Sports and The Sportsman Channel in 2010, the votes were tallied and Team Covert came out on top. It was a well-fought battle and all 6 teams turned in their own style of hunting that was aired, but when the smoke cleared it was Team Covert who came out on top.

“I am thrilled to announce that Dave Skinner and his crew came out on top for our freshman season of Hunting for the Dream. It was a learning experience for everyone involved and every team we had maintained professionalism and gave it their all. The viewer response was incredible and I am looking forward to see how Team Covert does with their own show in the second quarter of 2011” said Blaine Anthony producer of Hunting for the Dream.

“We really enjoyed putting together our footage for “Hunting for the Dream” and were shocked and honored to be the winners. We've got some great ideas and big plans for next year, keep an Eye out for “2Close 4Comfort T.V.” featuring Team Covert! “ says Dave Skinner from Team Covert

Nature Productions is also honored to team up with Al Johnson a retired NFL center who was drafted in the 2nd round by Bill Parcells for the Dallas Cowboys.

“After the Snap” has been a worldwide hunting video and product company who’s popularity has grown and is now ready for the move to national television. “I have been talking about getting into the television market for a while now. After meeting Blaine from Nature Productions and talking for a while, I like the idea of helping new up and coming shows get their feet wet. Needless to say I am as excited to see the first episode hit national TV as much as when I was waiting to see myself on the cover of Sports Illustrated.” Said Al Johnson.

The buzz about this show has been great to say the least. The 2011 season is already to go and will air on The Sportsman Channel in January. The teams for the 2011 season should be as good as ever and are as follows. Team HuntX3, Team Bushwhack, High Velocity Outdoors, Bama Shooters, Northwest Hunting Addicts, and Team Eclipse.

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  • The series is executive produced by Blaine Anthony for Nature Productions.

NATURE PRODUCTIONS Formed in 2004, Nature productions is a full service production company that deals in every aspect outdoor television from airtime to editing. Nature productions is a multi-award production company. Airtime, Production, management and closed captioning is their specialty.

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