Nighthawk Custom Offers Defensive Duo, GUNS Magazine Offers AR-15

Nighthawk Custom Offers Defensive Duo, GUNS Magazine Offers AR-15

Guns Magazine September Issue 2010
Guns Magazine September Issue 2010
FMG Publications
FMG Publications

San Diego, Calif. –-( Like the lever-action rifle, the pump shotgun and 1911 autopistol are uniquely American. And, in true American fashion, there’s always room for more success stories.

Nighthawk Custom is such a story. Nighthawk Custom began making custom 1911-style pistols in 2003, and in a remarkably short time established itself as one of the premier names in this highly competitive field. Success in that endeavor led to expansion into manufacturing and distributing custom rifles, shotguns, gun leather and knives.

Armed with their latest firearms, GUNS Magazine contributing editor Dave Anderson put Nighthawk Custom’s Tactical 870 Pump Shotgun and T3 .45 ACP 1911 pistol to the test in the pages of the September issue, hitting stands July 19. The duo faced more than one critic at the magazine.

“Sometimes, simply because a gun design is a classic, doesn’t mean it can’t manage to perform an important role today,” said Roy Huntington, Publisher of FMG’s consumer magazines and editor of American Handgunner.

“Nighthawk keeps updating these classic designs to keep pace with changing modern technology.”

Through his in-depth evaluation, Anderson believes Nighthawk Custom truly hit the defensive nail on the head.

“If I were carried back in time to the year 1911 and wanted three guns for personal-defense, I would feel very well armed with a 1911 .45 auto, a Winchester 1897 shotgun, and a Winchester 94 or Savage 99 .30-30 rifle,” Anderson writes.

“And today? You can still make mine a 1911-style .45 and a 12-gauge pump shotgun, and I’d be very happy indeed with the Nighthawk T3 pistol and 870 Tactical shogun.”

One lucky reader will also be very happy with GUNS Magazine’s September giveaway package.

“I like to think we’re a bit out of control with our giveaway packages,” laughed Roy Huntington.

“They keep getting bigger, better and more interesting. This month’s GUNS package is a real head-turner, with the American Spirit Arms AR-15 rifle, Countersniper Scope, TOPS CQT-Magnum knife and more!”

September’s giveaway is valued at $2,600 and is up for grabs by visiting and following the “You Can Win” link. While you are there, purchase your copy of the September issue of GUNS Magazine.

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10 years ago

Will you please tell me where I can buy a extra large magazine for a 22L semi auto rifle? I would like to have one custom made if necessary. Please recommend a best buy on a semi-auto 22L rifle militaray style gun