Pig Man TV Goes ‘Hog Wild’ with Ten All-Original Hunting Episodes

Award Winning Pig Man: The Series Goes ‘Hog Wild’ During 3rd Quarter with Ten All-Original Episodes

Pig Man TV
Pig Man TV

Groesbeck, TX –-(AmmoLand.com)- Fresh off a 2010 Telly Award for outstanding outdoor television production, Pig Man: The Series returns in late July to finish out it’s rookie season with 10 brand new episodes starring one of the most energetic and exciting on air personalities, Brian “Pig Man” Quaca.

With a stellar lineup of jaw-dropping footage, Pig Man reveals to viewers a softer side of himself during the second half of the season as he teams up with Will Jimeno for a hog hunt at his ranch in Texas followed by a hunt for Eastern Wild Turkeys in Will’s home state of New Jersey. Jimeno is one of the 2 surviving Port Authority Officers from the World Trade Center attack on September 11 where his entrapment and rescue were portrayed in the 2006 Oliver Stone film ‘World Trade Center’. During this film, Jimeno (played by Michael Peña) and fellow Port Authority Officer, Sgt. John McLoughlin (played by Nicholas Cage), lay beneath the rubble of the twin towers fighting for their lives as rescue workers search tirelessly in the wake of the disaster.

“It’s been a real honor to not only hunt alongside, but to also strike up a friendship with a true American Hero. I mean the guy never thought twice about going in to help people and not only risked his own life, but almost lost it. It just doesn’t get any more unselfish than that.”

Other featured hunts within the new episodes airing on the Sportsman Channel include some amazing footage of Pig Man in New Zealand hunting ‘kiwi-style’. After acting on a recommendation by friend and accomplished hunter Rick Valdez, Pig travels to New Zealand to join up with professional guide Ian Lowe.

With dramatic footage that includes being flown in via helicopter to a remote camp not accessible by vehicle, Pig Man runs into some uniquely aggressive breeds of wild cattle and hogs. When a War back in the 1860s prompted tribal men to take their weapons into battle leaving the women undefended and incapable of controlling their farm animals, the small villages were forced to migrate into bigger towns leaving these once domesticated species to run wild and adapt to their environment.

“We saw some pigs from the air coming in so we stayed a couple days hunting hogs and wild cattle. I thought, you know, I’m from Texas. I raise cattle. Man, I ain’t shooting a cow, but we get over there, and these things were insane like a cape buffalo with their nose down trying to run over you. They were actually the wildest things I’ve ever hunted.”

While on the ground in this remote camp, Pig Man and his guide request permission to hunt a specific valley from a local landowner. After granting the crew permission, the landowner details a huge hog with a bluish tint that had been terrorizing his farmland for weeks and at one point, even claims that the hog was responsible for killing his lambs. During the New Zealand Hog episode, viewers will witness Pig Man take down this local legend as he posts the pending #1 South Pacific Hog in the SCI record books. Javelinas and Whitetail in Mexico, a few classic Hog hunts at Pig’s ranch in Texas, and footage from the Marranos Muertos Hog Dog Contest held at Los Cazadores Ranch are just a few examples of what viewers can look forward to during the final 10 episodes. With special guests such as Leupold CEO and President, Tom Fruechtel and his son Joe, as well as Mossy Oak’s “Shed” Dustin Whitacre, Quaca is always surrounded by an exciting array of characters who share the same passion for hunting and the outdoors as he does.

“I really feel confident that we’ve given viewers just the right balance of exotic hunt locations as well as some hunts that the common folk can relate to as if they were right in their own back yards.” says Quaca.

These very efforts of Quacamolé Multimedia, in conjunction with Rack Focus Multimedia, seem to have found a recipe for success. The hard work and effort put forth during the first 10 episodes of the year have not only earned them a Telly Award, but have also landed Pig Man in the Sports Section of USA Today with an article entitled “’Pig Man’ says boars are wild, never boring.” As viewers tune in on the Sportsman Channel to witness a rising star making a beeline for the top, Pig Man stays humble and true to his roots.

“You know, I’d be crazy to let a little publicity go to my head. I’m still the same ol’ Pig Man who used to chase hogs down back country roads. Only now when I chase them down these same roads, I have the best equipment that money can buy and a TV crew following me every step of the way. Camera or no camera, the pigs are gonna have to get real low; I mean lower than they ever have if they want to keep up with the Pig Man.”

And there is no doubt that Pig Man carries only the best in gear. With Leupold, “America’s Optics Authority”, as his title sponsor, Pig Man is always carrying the most elite optics within the outdoor industry which includes the new Vendetta bow-mounted rangefinder, as well as a special edition “Pig Man” reticle design in his scopes set to be released this fall. Leupold, Hornady, Hoyt, Howa, Magnum Research, Ripcord Arrow Rest, Rack One, Escort Shotguns, Engel Coolers, Silver Scent, Mountaineer Sports, Lumenok, and Winner’s Choice Custom Bowstrings; they are an all-star cast of companies worthy of any hunter’s respect as the most reliable, best quality manufacturer in each of their respective commodities.

“If your dream consisted of a wish-list containing the best hunting and outdoor equipment money could buy, exotic hunts around the world, and the best network for hunting, fishing, and shooting, I’m extremely confident that at some point during your dream, when you looked in the mirror, you would see Pig Man’s face. That’s how fortunate I feel everyday to be backed by the industry leaders in technology, quality, and affordability. It’s as simple as that.”

About Quacamolé Multimedia
Quacamolé Multimedia is a privately-owned production house based out of Groesbeck, TX. With President and Executive Producer, Brian “Pig Man” Quaca, at its helm, Quacamolé Multimedia has emerged as a serious player when it comes to striking the entertainment nerve amongst the 82 million Americans who hunt, fish, and shoot. In conjunction with Rack Focus Multimedia, Quacamolé Multimedia scored their first Telly Award for outstanding outdoor television programming in 2010 after only 6 months of being on the air. With a unique approach to near-reality production, they continue to progress with hopes of becoming a mainstream stake in outdoor television production and revolutionizing the outdoor filming industry as we know it.